MMA Rankings



1. Anderson Silva

2. Georges St-Pierre

3. Jose Aldo

4. Fedor Emelianenko

5. Mauricio Rua

6. Frankie Edgar

7. B.J. Penn

8. Lyoto Machida

9. Jake Shields

10. Brock Lesnar

Women’s pound-for-pound

1. Cristiane Santos

2. Megumi Fujii

3. Sarah Kaufman

4. Tara Larosa

5. Rosi Sexton

6. Yuka Tsuji

7. Marloes Coenen

8. Erin Toughill

9. Roxanne Modafferi

10. Aisling Daly


1. Brock Lesnar

2. Cain Velasquez

3. Shane Carwin

4. Fabricio Werdum

5. Fedor Emelianenko

6. Junior dos Santos

7. Frank Mir

8. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

9. Alistair Overeem

10. Brett Rogers

Light heavyweight

1. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

2. Rashad Evans

3. Lyoto Machida

4. Quinton Jackson

5. Anderson Silva

6. Forrest Griffin

7. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

8. Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal

9. Gegard Mousasi

10. Ryan Bader


1. Anderson Silva

2. Chael Sonnen

3. Vitor Belfort

4. Nathan Marquardt

5. Demian Maia

6. Robbie Lawler

7. Michael Bisping

8. Alan Belcher

9. Chris Leben

10. Yushin Okami


1. Georges St. Pierre

2. Josh Koscheck

3. Jon Fitch

4. Jake Shields

5. Nick Diaz

6. Thiago Alves

7. Dan Hardy

8. Paul Daley

9. Martin Kampmann

10. Paulo Thiago


1. Frankie Edgar

2. B.J. Penn

3. Kenny Florian

4. Gray Maynard

5. Gilbert Melendez

6. Ben Henderson

7. Shinya Aoki

8. Eddie Alvarez

9. Tatsuya Kawajiri

10. Evan Dunham


1. Jose Aldo

2. Manny Gamburyan

3. Mike Brown

4. Urijah Faber

5. Hatsu Hioki

6. Bibiano Fernandes

7. Marlon Sandro

8. Michihiro Omigawa

9. Masanori Kanehara

10. Josh Grispi


1. Dominick Cruz

2. Brian Bowles

3. Joseph Benavidez

4. Miguel Torres

5. Scott Jorgensen

6. Takeya Mizugaki

7. Damacio Page

8. Masakatsu Ueda

9. Rani Yahya

10. Wagnney Fabiano

  • Their over-all records should be the decider in “rankings” if you ask me. Penn under Edgar? Diaz under Alves? Mousasi under Lawal? Fedor under anybody? WTF, so if you somehow get a title shot with no pro record and happen to win, you are now the best in the division or P4P? NO!!!

  • Edgar beat Penn, Lawal beat Mousasi, and I guess Diaz should be # 5

  • Wait a second.

    Diaz is 5 and Alves is 6

    You owe me a apology

  • a ufc bot created this

  • These your rankings Raf?

  • wow, Fitch under Kosckeck? Lesnar top 10 p4p? Aldo and Penn may not win against GSP but are definateley better per pound fighters. Not sure why Rampage is above Forrest either. These are silly and for marketing purposes only.

  • Ya it’s hard to be a top p4p fighter when you’re big enough to eat Jose Aldo for dinner while still having room for Dominick Cruz as dessert.

  • It got changed but I still don’t believe that only your last fight determines your place in world rankings, it should be your average.

  • until they come up with a rankings score system, these are pointless

  • haahahahaha that was a good one!
    Lesnar in the p4p list hahaha

  • OK

  • I see peoples rankings and compare them with my rankings and these are the results

  • OK just wanted some clarification.

  • JDS should be higher

  • I’m still far from convinced that Brock Lesnar is the Top MMA Heavy Weight champion. He has a single digit MMA record and really continues to have his belt only because of the inexperience of Shane Carwin. I would back my words with a bet that when Alistar Overeem gets Brock hurt that he will give him a beating worse than the beating that Brett Rogers took. There will be no opponent gassing and feeling like the punches got weaker gift for Brock. The punches will not become weaker and the only way out for him will be to tap from strikes or go to sleep.

    I’m really pumped for the day that Alistar gets his hands on the fighters some of you guys have ranked above him who have far less experience and skill than his does. There is just too much of a UFC bias going on with that ranking. UFC marketing muscle doesn’t win fights… skill and experience does.

  • Fedor is the 4th ranked P4P? And the 5th ranked HW?…

  • Yeah, it’s a little screwy.

  • You’re not convinced about what? He has the belt, has defended the belt against the best competition in the world. He is the HW champion, it’s not a matter of opinion.

  • So far i think ELO system is by far the best system to rank fighters.

  • He has the UFC Heavy Weight belt ston3pony. That doesn’t necessarily make him the top Heavy Weight champion in the World. The UFC may now be the biggest promotion but that doesn’t mean it has ALL of the top fighters in the World in its roster.

    Brock Lesnar is a disputed World Champion until he fights Overeem, Fedor, Barnett and Big Foot Silva (let alone clean out his division in the UFC). The MMA math has been done to death on this topic on all sides, but simply put, fighting Mir, Carwin, Couture and some Korean Can is simply not enough to be undisputed.

    Sometimes… I ponder what would have happened if Brock had fought Hong Man Choi (before his tumor surgery and if he have been cleared to fight in the US) and the K1 fighting giant had kicked his ass. It’s hard to out-wrestle someone who has more than a 100 pounds over you and has the strength to lift Fedor like a baby with one arm while being arm barred (the first attempt guys… look at the photos of it). My bet is that Choi would have laid a striking beating on Brock pretty hard and that he would never have ended up in the UFC!

  • personally i think melendez should be higher than 5, probably 3 or 4 at least but other than that its not bad

  • not sure how you can anderson silva ranked in LHW… but not shields in MW…and shane carwin is proberly around 5th right now behind fedor and werdum…and josh barnett would beat brett rogers

  • and will someone start to recognise brad pickett at BW the guy id dynamite and will beat scott jorgensen!!!

  • For a moment there I thought this was “official” rankings. The Thread should be “My MMA Rankings” and not “MMA Rankings”…

  • shitty list

  • machida beats rashad, just cuz hes number #1 contender doesnt make him #2 i still believe lyoto is second to shogun

  • The list is not that bad, and no matter what list comes out or who made it there will always be someone saying it is not accurate.

  • Hong Man Choi? Okay… You fooled me, good one. Thought you were being serious.

    Lesnar is fighting the best competition, in the best organization, he won the belt and defended it and avenged his one loss. Lesnar is the champion, everything else is speculation. Academic speculation, since neither Fedor nor Overeem will probably ever fight the top contenders in the UFC.

    But, I would like to see the fighters you mention step up in competition.

  • Their top-25 is a joke buddy.

  • I dont agree with most of these rankings, its almost like it was made randomly. JDS should be higher along with Overeem, Penn should be ahead of Edgar even tho Edgar is champ, and the whole welterweight div is all messed up.

  • Doesn’t matter. Their the least biased. I rather look at their rankings instead of getting fed the bs.

    Also, I have been trying to look for another unbiased mma ranking site. Anyone wants to provide links?

  • I feel like Mega Megu just got violently ass raped until she couldn’t move anymore in these rankings. Just give a gander at her record then compare it to santos…

  • Sheilds is going to welterwight and anderson silva beat forest griffin

  • Well first,
    In the top 3 is Aldo, GSP and, Silva who fight the best in the world 3 times a year. Fedor hasnt really fought the best. And in HW top 3 is Brock, Shane, and Cain who I think is the top 3 best HW because they are in the UFC

  • if they cant win against gsp then they couldnt be better pound for pound. pound for pound is that they would win whatever weightclass

  • These are the most unbiased ranking system there is. It’s the same system they use for Chess and many more. I can’t think of a better system for an individual sport other than ELO.

  • No, it is not.

  • I want to say Anderson Silva is the best p4p, but i honestly think that if he and fedor met at a catchweight(which is possible) Fedor would win for sure. But I don’t know if that makes him the best p4p, that concept still eludes me.

  • In my opinion I think Anderson should fight GSP beacuse I want to see if GSP can take Anderson down

  • Junior Dos Santos is lower than Werdum and he beat im bad?

  • Yes and no. I think p4p was invented because of Sugar Ray Robinson. They guy was just out of this world. It’s just a phrase to use for fighters that seem to be on another level. That phrase applies to Anderson, GSP, Fedor, BJPenn, Sakuraba, and a few other fighters. Those guys can never fight each other, due to weight classes, and age difference’s, rule changes etc. So truly we’ll never have “THE” p4p king, but the names will keep floating because of the reasons stated above.

  • Hey ston3pony… i agree that we could debate all day until the fights happen. 🙂

    As for Hong Man Choi… i’ll say this… he is a true giant who due to his size, weight and strength would not be someone that could easily be out wrestled… even by a Brock Lesnar who gives up a foot in height and about 100lbs to Choi. Even a Sambo champion like Fedor wasn’t able to control him or take him down. Once again, Fedor looked like a baby on his massive arm. As for Hong Man’s striking… before his tumor surgery… he did win fights against some of the best in K1 like Semy Schultz. The guy was no joke. He was a giant who actually could fight and use his size very very well.

    Cheers ston3pony!

  • Ahhh shutup. You shouldnt have to fight a load of “who the hell is this?” fighters to buff your record. Damn i thought we’d finally gotten rid of you morons and here another one is.

  • Yea and you’re probably some idiot who was calling overeem a roid abusing fake before he beat rogers…shutup. He’s not bad, but he’s really not amazing either and after he lost you’d just have to find some other guy to hype up

  • Hong man choi?? You mean the guy who fought fedor with his 1-0 record win against a comedian?? Some peoples kids..fedor nuthugger till you die.

  • You don’t even know what pound for pound means but here you are arguing about it. Durr if size is everything why was martial arts invented? So what if he’s fighting bigger opponents? None of them are all that good, his biggest challenge was crocop 5 years ago.

    Pound for pound means that at any weight, your skillset would be too much for your opponent to handle. In other words, on an EVEN playing field, that fighter would be insanely hard to beat.

    Therefore, since silva has actually GONE from weights like 163, to 170, to 185, 205 and has even talked about fighting heavyweights, he’s top p4p. Gsp and brock should honestly be tied imo. Fedor has the best skillset of any HEAVYWEIGHT, but heavyweights are known for their power more than their skill, and he doesn’t fight the best in that division anyways.

    Machida belongs in top 5 atleast. At any weight, a fighter who can’t be hit would be nearly impossible to beat.

  • You do realize that going down weight is harder than going up, so truly you can’t apply p4p for heavy weights because of their size, they would be so exhausted from dropping weight that they’ll gas in 3 minutes. Imagine Brock going down to 205, i don’t think so. Fedor, a possibility, but i doubt he’s ever dropped weight in his life, and i can’t blame him. P4p is useless, it’s a just another hype method used by coaching, media and promoters. Oh you don’t have to hit a fighter to win in mma.

  • No, going down in weight isn’t harder than going up. If it’s sooo damn easy to gain workable muscle and retain your speed BJ could just gain 30 lbs out of nowhere and then drop to welterweight to beat down gsp. but guess what that’s not going to happen.

    Besides if anderson silva walks around at 230 or 215(which is it? everyone always has a different number) and drops to middleweight or less your argument still falls flat on it’s face.

  • Madness is soooo right here.

  • It depends on your body and how weight loss/gain affects your body. BJ has the ability to jump up and down, good, obviously it hasn’t worked because he got beat up by GSP, he quit. He is great at Lightweight, and so he should stay there, he’s body maintains his speed,power and cardio. Dropping fast amounts of weight is never good in a short period of time or gaining it. Thats why boxers usually slowly go up weight class, and rarely drop back down, it’s gradual progression as the body matures and they begin to naturally add muscle.

    It also depends on your natural body weight. If you are around 200 you have a lot more flex in your ability to jump from one division to another.

  • Back up. So Shields is top 10 p4p but fourth in welterweight?