The Gym Wars: 10 Times Fighters Went Too Far In Training


Wanderlei Silva Sparring With Fabricio Werdum

Let’s begin with a demonstration of the fine line between ‘hard sparring’ and all-out fighting in the gym, courtesy of the man who would later become the UFC’s heavyweight champion, Fabricio Werdum, and one of the sport’s most violent competitors, Wanderlei Silva.

Both men eat some big shots in these aggressive, toe-to-toe exchanges, though despite being the larger man it’s Werdum in particular who comes off worst as Silva throws everything but the kitchen sink at him.

This footage was taken several years ago and it’s worth noting that Werdum’s striking has shown marked improvement since then under the watchful eye of revered coach Rafael Cordeiro (not the last time we’ll be speaking of him in this series) who also oversaw Silva’s career back in the Chute Boxe days.

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