Mir not the first to threaten to kill in The Octagon


Despite the frenzy and uproar surrounding Frank Mir’s Recent Comments, it seems those offended have somewhat of a selective memory when it comes to threats in the Octagon. Several other UFC fighters have promised to kill or murder their opponents, such as BJ Penn, Kenny Florian, Chuck Liddell, and even Dana White and Brock Lesnar aren’t innocent. While what they said might not be quite as bad as what Frank Mir said, or in some cases worse. they are worth considering, before we completely condemn Frank Mir.

“I’m gonna murder him, I count the days and the nights before I get to do that.” – Brock Lesnar said before his second fight with Frank Mir.

“Georges, I’m going to go to the death. I’m going to try to kill you and I’m not joking about this.” – BJ Penn before his UFC 94 fight with GSP 

“You know what would happen to Herschel Walker over here? It would be the first death in MMA” – Dana White regarding Herschel Walker

“He is going to have to kill me, and I will have to kill him to beat him out there, and that’s what we’ll do to each other.” – Cain Valasquez on his UFC 110 fight with Big Nog,just a week before Frank Mir’s comments.

“I’m gonna try to kill him.” – Chuck Liddell on his future fight with Tito Ortiz

“I consider you a master, and it’s time to kill that master.” – Kenny Florian on his UFC 101 bout with BJ Penn

While these quotes may or may not be as bad as Mir’s  “I want him to be the first person that dies to Octagon-related injuries” comments, They are still well worth considering before condemning Frank.

  • Those are some interesting quotes, makes Mir comments look normal

  • ALI

    the problem is that he want to kill him even he has an upcoming math with shane. maybe hese having some wetdreams on brock these days!!!

  • Good post Dance bro.
    Too many hypocrites to even count now days.
    Media sucks and so does Donna Whipe!

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those quotes. That’s why we have freedom of speech! People need to stop being hipocritical pussies! They’re just words dammit.

  • i cant wait till the first mma death, these kids are joking about it like its nothing serious.

  • couldnt agree more, i posted this so people will hopefully stop treating Mir like hes killed a bus full of kids


    idk why frank is being hated on…gosh ppl play favoritism

  • nice post danc u make a good point

  • Hope this makes the main page and goes elsewhere also, people need to see this post everywhere.

  • Its the fact that Brock just came out from deadly sickness. The guy was facing death in hospital for weeks, and then you come out and threaten death in a series manner? its different than the other kill threats…you can feel the intention behind it. The rest of threat kills looked like they are joking about it, EXCEPT BJ penn.

  • Oh please. And when you’re playing a video game against someone and say you’re going to kill them, or rape them, that means you’re really going to murder them and have sex with their corpse. Right…

    It’s a lot different than saying “I hope he breaks his neck and dies, I hope he’s the first death in MMA”. Anyone who can’t see the difference should have [RETARD] legally stamped across their driver’s license.

  • What gets me is the extent to which Mir is so bitter and twisted about his last meeting with Brock that there’s something that sounded very personal and real about what he said, more than just words. I’ve never felt that about any other similar comments. The words kill and die are generally used very loosely but sometimes not. Having said that, I couldn’t see Frank’s face nor hear him when he said it, but it’s not hard to imagine.
    The thing is, if he faces Brock again what does he think the Beserker’s gonna do to him? Pummel him a bit until the ref stops it? Or try and kill Mir on account of feeling his own life threatened? It may have Mir’s own self-prophecy.

  • I don’t think Lesnar would do anything like that. He’s got a big-mouth when it comes to people who are disrespectful (Frank), but he’s not an animal. He’s just had too much training about how to pump your name up in retard-wrestling, it’s carried over.

    I think he’s fixed that though. I didn’t see anything but respect offered to Randy. He’s only going to smash Frank worse than before. Whereas Frank might have improved slightly, Lesnar was a clean slate, he still has tons of room to improve.

    He needs to work on his head-movement, that’s about it.
    (he’s got a super-chin though, Frank elbowed him directly on the jaw and it didn’t bother him, then kneed him in the face, and Brock didn’t notice it)

  • What strikes out for me is Dana White’s quote…..wishing for death for a fighter in ANOTHER organization. All the other quotes are from fighters to FIGHTERS….if anyone should get reprimanded it should have been Dana White.

  • Mir’s comments were much more literal. And he is a paid commentator. Apples and oranges.

  • I think Mir’s words stand out more with the history between him & Brock & how Mir is so obsessed with him.

  • Obviously you are not a fighter, otherwise you would think diferently…

  • I’m pretty sure it’s just because Mir is an asshole, and people like to hate him.

  • It’s the hair…

  • well everyone else said it as a figure of speech as in they will murder them by winning .. but frank mir actually WANTS brock to be the first death in mma LITERALLY! 😮

  • That explains the hate for Mike Swick when he had Frank Mir’s hairdo.

  • None of those fighters meant actually killing their opponent, with the exception of Chuck Liddell, he has murderous eyes, and maybe BJ Penn cause he said he’s not joking.

  • didn’t notice it so much that his legs wobbled and shot straight for a takedown???? hmmmm watch the fight again douche!!!

  • yet another ****tard, go read a book, go back to school, friggin idiots these days can’t even interpret a statement properly… dana said IF he fought in the UFC it’d be the first death, he never WISHEd anything, hes implying that he is no where near the level of UFC fighters, hence it’d be a virtual suicide gettin in there with them,, WOWZERS, i wont wish all you idiots of the world dead, but, i will wish that youre reproductive organs are damaged and you cannot have kids, because we need far less stupid people in the world

  • facing death for weeks…
    are you ****ing serious, facing death for weeks, to being ready to fight in a few months.. must have been ultra dangerous time for him.. i mean, being on his deathbed and all, never being able to cement his legacy as top p4p ever.. the ****ing guy was sick for christ sake, people live from much worse, and die from much less.. so lets not have a pity party for ooby booby boo brock lesnar ok? and dont even get me started on his comments bout canada, cause he’s just another dumbass american talkin out his ass as always.. GO MIR o CARWIN, whoever, just beat that fagbag pro wrestler PLEASE so he can go curl up in his ex hooker wife infront of his fireplace while eating moose meat.. hopefully mad moose meat and the ****er gets listerosis then he can have a dramatic story to tell everyone

  • dude listen to the whole interview. he only even says it so demonstrate how he would not hold back what he means, to appease the masses, once again, see another recent post of mine, so sick of tards, the guy had to apologize cause most people didnt understand.. he didnt MEAN he wants him to die, he meant, if he wanted him to die he’d come out n say it, not ‘well i really respect him as an athlete and competitor”… those COOKIE CUTTER RESPONSES he referred to.. he just gave a dramatic version of whats on his mind, to show, that he’ll say anything thats on his mind… im sure he wants to beat the livin piss out of him, give him a concussion and a steel plate in the arm or leg, end his mma career even, but im positive, he doenst ACTUALLY wanna kill him, and if you cannot see that, please remove the nuts, no children for u, come back 1 year!

  • moron alert, moron alert!

    brock has a chin? where do you get that from? randy jolted him and he isnt exactly the biggest power puncher, he took the knee from mir no problem??? loll he went for that take down, and did about 10seconds of lay n pray because it DID infact hurt him.. I BET within not long, brock eats his first real shot in the octagon and goes cryin home to mommy, i mean, sable, close enough

  • one more thing then i leave this thread alone…

    most of the fanboys on this site dont know the history of Mir, and what he’s overcome, they count some of his loses and quantify his abilities according to those, not taking into consideration that now FINALLY, after a few yrs, the real Mir is back.. and thats a dangerous guy, he learned his lesson with brock last time, it wont happen that way again, i have the most respect for nog and mir for their battling to get back on top, or just to be able to function normally be it walking, talking.. both suffered serious traumas, more so nog, but mir shouldnt have been able to walk, let alone fight, let alone fight well, let alone be the HW champ which he will be again shortly…

  • The one what Dana said is not a threat

  • And your grammar is just perfect and makes you the smartest person in here.

    So in your world…Dana White is god, and cannot be held accountable for any quotes or statements. He can say stuff like : “You know what would happen to Herschel Walker over here? It would be the first death in MMA” and not at all hoping that stuff won’t so he can be proven to be wrong….Go back sucking on Dana’s d*** he’s missing you already

  • If you kill someone frankie by accident it will be premeditated because you planned it. “Who said fighters are smart”

  • frank is still a d-bag

  • sorry , you’ll have to re-iterate that terrible comment, because it hardly makes sense, and what, should i feel pathetic for having grammar and an education? if you’re referring to the few words missing g’s and what not, i’m not writing a thesis, so i opted for the way it would sound coming out of my mouth.. anywho, clearly, you didnt understand.. there’s a difference between WISHING someone dead, and saying they’d get ‘killed in the ufc’.. THAT, my slow pal, is the point… He didn’t wish anything on him, just over exaggerating the truth, as Mir did to start this whole hooplah

  • But its great when YOU call someone a “****tard” yet think of yourself as actually perfect….ignorance my friend is your best friend.

  • No one should be saying stuff like this even its to promote or to hype themselves…even if its just a way of intimidation. This sport had to build itself away from banned ages of the earlier UFCs…Talks of death between fighters hold back its growth. And yes even the president of one company shouldn’t be talking smack about another fighter (Herschel) of another company – that has not done or said anything to him (Dana)

  • You’re even too quick for sarcasm…must be all that schoolin’ and edumacations.

  • Oh sh*t son!

  • “Are you talking to me?” Yeah drama queen, I know he doesn’t actually want to kill him, I was pointing out how bad it sounded. Anyone who really likes Mir is more likely to give him the benefit of the doubt, even I do and I just think he’s a great fighter, mouth and demenour aside.
    The bottom line is, right at the time organisations and any fans want to make this sport world wide in spite of ignorant people trying to stop it, we don’t want to justify their nonsense. That kind of comment could be enough for a government to decide against MMA. Get big in more countries and we’re gonna get more n more exciting and unique fighters and if that means some people have to hold back on such comments then so be it. It’s small sacrifice for the greater good.
    I don’t think my balls come into question in this discussion.

  • hey dumbass your grammar isn’t all the great either. if your too ****ing stupid to realize what dana ment maybe you should just lock yourself in a ****ing closet and never come out. like emperor said dana didnt wish death on herschel he was saying he would get owned.

  • I guess he’s apologizing for no reason then. You should write him a letter and tell him he’s got nothing to apologize for, if he was just trying to make a point.

  • Nice post, Not everything said sould be taken litterally!
    For example – I’m gonna F**K you up!!!
    I’m gonna wope the floor with you!!
    I’m gonna run straight through him!!
    Somethings are said metorphoricly, people!

    I hope Mir does kill him – metorphoricly speaking.

  • Should read ” wipe the floor with him”

  • Comon all this crap is marketing…

  • Yes. I will learn grammar lesson from your after you can distinguish the difference between “your” and “you’re”…and by the way I was not the one tooting about calling someone who he doesn’t know – a ****tard and telling someone to go back to school. Great, thanks for the angry typing….I am shaking in my boots, you Starwars geek fan you.

  • the difference between your and you’re, are you kidding me??
    lollll i probably posess 10x the vocabulary you do, you’re criticizing a simple typo? i dont proofread my internet posts i just post em, like i said, this isn’t a thesis, or i’d pay more attention. But thanks, i had no idea the difference between your you’re, lets try it in a sentence..

    your brain is tiny
    you’re a loser piece of shit

    i think i got it down, get back to me next week, we’ll cover there,they’re, and their, those are tricky one’s.

  • it’s called damage control, you think he’d be better off trying to explain his way out, or just say sorry for sayin it?

  • wow sigmund freud here, analyzing me via internet mma website posts, you should charge for that or somethin, you got skillz

  • the best one yet

  • are we reading the same quote here?? dana wasnt “wishing” for his death u ding dong… hes simply implying that if herschel came over to the ufc, he would die… meaning that he is not a legitmate fighter, and that the level of competition in SF is nothing compared to that of the UFC.

  • tito ortiz said he would murder mark coleman after his loss at ufc109