Mike Pierce Diagnosed With Severe MCL Sprain From Palhares Heel Hook


Mike Pierce’s loss to Rousimar Palhares at least week’s UFN 29 has been in the news in a big way lately, but for absolutely all the wrong reasons. Pierce was seen tapping out repeatedly to an early Palhares heel hook, screaming in pain as the referee rushed in to physically pull ‘Toquinho’ away from the hold.

The transgression resulted in Palhares’ release and life-long ban from the UFC. It has also drawn a ton of heat, criticism, and response surrounding the troubled Palhares, who’s been known to tweak leglocks far too often. And it appears to getting worse.

Today, news comes from MMA Junkie that Pierce suffered a sprained MCL in his left knee as a result of the hold. Pierce is also awaiting the results of an MRI on his left ankle. Thankfully, the injury most likely won’t require surgery as of right now. Pierce was handed down a 180-day medical suspension following the unfortunate fight, but he will most likely to be able to return sooner with a doctor’s clearance.

It’s been a rough last week for Pierce, who had a ton of insult added to injury (literally). Despite the wrongdoing of Palhares, he showed that a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu wiz could take him out rather easily. Pierce was never the most favored fighter of the UFC brass, and even though he was a victim at UFN 29, he ultimately lost. It’s probably going to be a move back down to the Facebook cards for Pierce.

Here’s to hoping that his injuries heal up quickly and effectively.

Outer Photo: Jason Silva for USA TODAY Sports

  • Our member here "Brasil" is going to see this and be all "Not this crap again" lol Oh well, at least we now what happened after the fact.

    • and yes, I agree Peirce will have a road to go to get back on main cards.

  • OMG OMG he sprained his little knee….Palhares is such a monster.

    • I've been doing BJJ for 3 years now and everybody who pratices this sport knows Palhares has a mental problem. He clearly should have let go that heel hook after the first tap. The heel hook is one of the easiest submission to know when your opponent if about to tap, so either Palhares is a beginner (lol) or he's constantly trying too hard for no reason, which leads to injuries like this.

      Anthony Pettis let the armbar go against Henderson. Imagine if Palhares would've been in Pettis' place… bye bye bendo's arm.

      Plus, it's not the first time something like that happens with him. Second or third time in the UFC and it also happened in ADCC and more more BJJ/grappling competitions.

      He's the type of guy nobody want to roll with in the gym because he doesn't care about his partner. He probably doesn't even see the difference between partner and opponent.

    • Wow, you just redefined "DUMB" with that comment. Please don't ever write again on this page. You are such a disgrace for this beautiful country your name represents.

    • Ivy

      I'd kick your Brazillian *** right now if I could.

      • He is not brasilien – he is a citizon of the country of idiots.

        • Thats it, its on!!! PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And why Rampage was not punished for giving two punches in Wand, when Wand was already knocked out? Why Nick Diaz was not punished for punching on GSP after the judge stopped the fight (twice)? You're right, when it is with a Brazilian, he turns into a monster!!

      • Especially if he is built like the Hulk 😉

      • Its not about countries, like a lot of people would like to make it. These guys are fighters. Stuff like this happens. If they didn't want to get hurt or take a chance of it, they wouldn't get in the ring. I believe everyone is making such a big deal about this because the guy who got cut was Brazilian. Its BS. He got cut because he made it apparent that he liked to really hurt people. Mir didn't get cut when he held the leg lock against Lesnar ……. They were both Americans.

      • André, Rampage was not punished because the fight wasn't officially stopped.

        On the other hand, Palhares held a submission too long after the fight was officially over.

    • Brasil, you used to have clever an sharp comments some time ago, does not even seem that you are the same person anymore, what happened to you man….you are a disgrace lately.

  • Could it have been avoided? Most likely.

  • In 1982 Jimmy Mann was the tough guy on my hometown Winnipeg Jets hockey team. He left the bench when Paul Gardner broke his hockey stick over the face of Doug Smail. Smail was just back from a broken jaw. Mann went after Gardner and sucker punched him breaking his jaw. What happened next was very unusual. Mann was charged with assault because the event was deemed to have occurred outside of normal play (plead guilty – suspended sentence). Now hockey is a violent sport with a lot of fights but this was rare.

    So let me spur the debate: Suppose Pierce sued Palhares for continuing to pull on the heel hook after the ref tried to stop him and he should have been able to predict a high risk of injury. Suppose he can't fight for 9 months. Does Pierce win in an American court? How much damages?

    • lol, in American court it depends who had more money to but the better lawyer.

      • Or Who had the best Mason Lawyer & Mason Judge. Or whether or not the state had a vested income in the court's decision.

    • Michael, I just don't think that would fly as an argument in court.

      A reasonable defense for Palhares would be a "heat of the moment" one. He's focused, in the zone, oblivious to the crowd or even his opponent and is unaware of that the ref is calling him off. This would be a very easy argument to make in front of a judge or jury.

      Further, he was merely continuing what he was already doing in the fight. As such, it should be construed as after the bell activity; same thing happens in every sport. He did not stop, as Paul Daley did post-fight and stand up, and go over to his opponent and punch him in the face.

      In terms of the damage, if he only misses one fight, then I don't see how he could be awarded anything great than what his normal payouts would be for one fight and as calculated on his average earnings.

      That's my two cents for whatever its worth.

  • Soiwannabeanass just made me rethink my life….think I will stop posting here to make you happy…hahahahahahaha not.

  • And JdnextchampIAGREE did not watch the same ADCC I did…the guy requested to restart the fight with Palhares locked in on a heel hook…..and Palhares is the retard…yeah right….also if you are training BJJ for 3 years you are at best a blue belt….you should know that heel hooks are prohibited in BJJ even at the black belt (gi or no gi) the only place it is allowed is ADCC…so stfu you know nothing.

    • Well rewatch Palhares' ADCC matches, please.Yes the guy requested to restart but still, Palhares held the heel hook for too long.

      Yes, I have trained BJJ for 3 years. Yes I'm "only" a blue belt. Yes I know those rules. BUT YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT HEEL HOOKS ARE STILL DONE IN TRAINING, moron. And yes I know they are allowed in ADCC. You're putting words in my mouth that I don't even mean, or that I've never said.

      Now who knows nothing?

  • And Ivy…..yes…if you could, only if you could……

    • Being neutral here, why is everything about nationality with Brazillians?
      Plenty of guys have been cut from the UFC in the USA and I dont get upset, it's part of the game.

      • It is an interesting phenomenon, Stewie. I often wonder the same thing, myself.

  • remember this
    Mike Pierce is a professional MMA fighter…. 180 day medical suspension means no fight for 180 days that's nearly 6 months away from the fight game, lets say another 2 months to get back to fighting fitness and another 2 months to get a fight that's 10 months away from the profession JUST because this idiot held on too long.. I would HATE to see Toquinho get a choke. Toquinho deserve to be banned for life. This is a sports everyone in the sports to support their family.

    • Cookie, although a suspension means a fighter cannot compete, it doesn't mean he can't train. So, depending on how much rehab is required or how bad the sprain is in terms of healing time, he could be back in the guy pretty quickly.

      However, I ran the numbers on Pierce and his average time between fights in the UFC is less than every four months; 3.76. I was shocked to be honest, but there it is. So, any time missed beyond 4 months would be the cost of the injury, in terms of fights missed or income and opportunity lost.

  • Guys…this is not about nationality…..this is about double standards…..only if you are a minority you know how hard it is to swim against the current all the time to find a spot in the sun….not easy….I don't think if a caucasian MMA idol/fan favorite American did the same he would be cut…..the problem is that Toco is an idol in Brasil….not in the US.

    • Actually white men in the USA ARE the minority, so I have to respectfully tell you to STFU. Thankyou have a nice day.

  • Imagine if we had a Brasilian talking Shi**t about the US like Chael did the reaction it would cause….I guess the Rihanna comments are stronger right?? BS…..Is there something less sportsman like than the punch Hendo delivered on Bisping….I did not see that bald douche complain about that……but despite all headwinds we will Always push forward….we don't learn how to quit here.

  • Brasil, you raise an two interesting points about Chael's remarks. I can only imagine if JDS or Silva spoke about America, the way Chael did about Brazil, yeah, that might have been a problem.

    However, if it's pitched or were to be pitched from a WWE…it's all an act…point of view, then it could be not only hilarious and entertaining, but very profitable for the fighter that did it. There is big business in being a "black hat" and a villain.

    And anyone making a big deal about Chael's remarks about Rhianna is just silly. It's the heavy hand of political correctness and hypocrisy, and the BS that has become our world.

    And no, there is no quit in Brasil; remarkable country and people.

  • Brian…you had me at hello….very cool!

    • Brasil, I totally mean it, man. There is something about that country and its people I've always respected and admired. It's an amazingly beautiful country and its people are unbelievably passionate and talented. An amazing crew, indeed.

      I don't know why, but I've always had a soft spot in my heart for that country.

      One day, I would love to see it.

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