Miesha Tate Will Look To Expose Ronda Rousey’s Weakness And Get The Finish


It’s no secret that Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate are rivals; the two have a history in and out of the cage. Ever since Tate’s failed attempt at Rousey’s Strikeforce title in 2012, the heat between the two has risen to boiling point.

The recent season of The Ultimate Fighter, which was the first mixed gender edition, showcased the animosity between the two top Bantamweights. Drama and tears galore led to one of the most storied seasons of the show, and they will finally settle their beef at UFC 168. Tate recently spoke at the UFC 168 media conference call, to give her opinion on the bout:

“There’s a lot of weaknesses in her game,” Tate said at Tuesday’s UFC 168 media teleconference. “I think a lot of people build Ronda up to be this invincible person and there’s no way she can be beaten, but I don’t see it that way at all. I see a lot of holes in her game, and I see a lot of ways that she can be exploited.”

An age old tale in MMA is the challenger knowing the weakness in the Champion’s game; sometimes they prove it, and a lot of the time they don’t. Tate feels that she will fall in the category of the ones that do:

“ Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. I’m going to do something different on the 28th than anyone else has done. There’s holes in there, you saw it, I saw it. I don’t think it needs any explanation, they’re there to be taken advantage of.”

It will certainly take a lot to beat a fighter the calibre of Rousey, especially when you consider that going to the mat with ‘Rowdy’ will pretty much end the fight for you. Tate continued:

“I don’t want to just win this fight, I want to win this fight,” Tate said. “I want to finish this fight and I think that it’s one thing we can probably agree on. I’m sure she feels the same way. That’s how I know it’s going to be an amazing fight. Every day that I go into my training, I know that we’re both fighting for that same common interest. We want to beat the hell out of each other, we want to finish the fight, we don’t want a decision, I don’t want a decision. I’m motivated.”

I would be very interested to see if Tate can offer anything more than the last time the two fought, and whether these ‘weaknesses’ have been polished over and improved on by Rousey. Whatever the case, beef is being squashed on December 28th, and lets hope it lives up to the billing.


  • I'm rooting for you, Miesha.

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  • Women's Mma is so in its infancy. The women are not technical or that superb on the ground. That being said, Rhonda has plenty of weaknesses and meisha just has to exploit one of them. She needs to avoid the tangle ups and clinches, use footwork and force Rhonda to shoot in if she wants that takedown. And for Petes sake, If they hit the ground and meisha has a chance to stand up, she must get to the feet. Rhonda will out grapple her

    • Not sure what you have been watching but one of the areas women are as technical as men is on the ground. There are many high level BjJ women's mma athletes and there have been many technical mma grappling matches. Where women are not as strong is the clench standing. Except for rousey that is. And Meisha is about the same level striker as rousey which is average at best.

      • I've been watching this sport before it was a sport and yea, there are some good grapplers but still light years technically behind men. Even Rousey who's one if the better woman grapplers makes a ton of mistakes and has been in horrible positions….. I give her credit for getting out and still subbing her opponents but she's a good example of what I'm talking about

        • Really like when? When she was standing? You have no idea what you are talking about. I have been around MMA for a long time too and I have a totally different opinion. I got into sambo and Judo in 2000 and have helped corner and train takedowns for amateur and pro athletes. Women are not light years behind men by any means. I just went to a high school wrestling match where a girl won the division. Anyone gets caught and makes mistakes. Gsp couldn't finish Dan Hardy because of poor technique. So I think your judgement is pretty skewed. There are world champion Judoka and bjj female champs in the sport. Ronda is prob one of the best grapplers in the UFC. Her problem is her striking.

  • Rhonda likes to charge forward and press against the cage, then take the opponent down. Tate needs to use footwork, front kicks and punch her face in at every turn. Kick her azz Tate!

    • I used to not like Tate very much, but after this past season, I very much want her to smash Rousey.

      • Thats my story too. I started episode 1 with I can't wait to see Tate get worked, then immediately after the first episode I wanted tate to smash Ronda and that never left me.

  • Ronda has plenty of holes, she strikes like a handicapped Jake Sheilds, has zero footwork and was close to tapping in her last fight by RNC which was attained fairly easily. actually it looked like she gave a small tap and then powered through. If Meisha gets to her back she could sub Ronda and she can certainly outstrike her and if she gets top control I think she stands a decent chance although not recommended. Ronda has one really hard to stop party trick though and I hope she can't get it.

    • You said Rhonda has plenty of holes lol

  • Ronda has holes in her game? Compared to who? That's pretty funny coming from a girl who was beat in the first round when her holes were exposed. You think an Olympic athlete who has been training since grade school doesn't understand how to fix her "holes". She has had high caliber matches since she was a teenager. Fellas its going to be very hard for anyone to beat Rousey until other athletes of her pedigree join the ranks. Judo has a lot of footwork and Ronda's looks fine. Not like a kick boxer but efficient and stable. I don't think Tate has a prayer. Honestly she shouldn't even be fighting Rousey but injury and celebrity made it happen. I think Rousey has some mental issues to but come on Tate doesn't have a mug of a chance here.

    • I see what you're saying, but if she can prevent an armbar, then what does Rhonda have left? Not much besides that.

      • Really? How about more throws than anyone in the UFC. More pins than any other female, probably a ton of submissions. Bjj came from Judo so she has plenty of sweeps, chokes, and submissions. Her stand up ***** but so does Tate's. so what does Tate have?

        • I'm not so sure u can disregard Rousey's stand up either. She trains a lot with the Diaz brothers so even though we haven't seen it I'm guessing her boxing isn't too bad either.

          • Some people just can't get a knack for it though they are just awkward.

        • Pins and throws don't stop many people. Tate had her back and gave her a dusting on the feet and her only hole was the armbar defense which she did defend a couple times before getting it caught. Tate has a pretty mean sub too, look at her head and arm choke on Marloes Conen who is no submission joke herself. Meisha has 6 subs on her record. Ronda was nearly RNC'd and neck cranked by Liz Carmouche in her last outing and looked even like she gave a light thinking about it tap. If Tate can get her back again Ronda is not safe. I still would not place money on Tate yet but she can hold her own.

          • I have to disagree. Meisha never had Ronda in trouble. Throws set up pins which lead to subs. GSP beat over 50 percent of his opponents with pins. Pins take the life out of opponents and take there rythym away. Ronda has incredible sweeps. She rolls opponents around to get the armbar. Throws definetely win fights too by the way. They are also called takedowns and we all know how much the judges count those as in fights. Especially when you land on top and pin your opponent and give them ground and pound. Tate lost her last match and shouldn't even be fighting Rousey.

          • I agree with the last bit for sure but my illogical side is happy they are fighting again.