Miesha Tate To Appear In ESPN The Magazine’s ‘Body Issue’


Ronda Rousey made quite a splash when she flaunted her toned body on the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s “Body” issue. Now, her archrival Miesha Tate is set to do the same. Tate will appear in the fifth edition of the issue that features athletes wearing nothing but their birthday suits.

Tate has a golden opportunity lined up, as she will face off against Rousey at the TUF 18 finale in a rematch of their March 2012 bout. There, Rousey nearly ripped Tate’s arm off on her way to claiming the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight title. Filming for the season is taking place right now, and Dana White has noted that the two genuinely do not like each other.

Cat Zingano beat Tate with a third round TKO at the TUF 17 Finale earlier this year, but was unfortunately forced to withdraw after suffering a serious knee injury during training. Tate was the logical replacement and should provide fight fans with an entertaining season building up to the fight.

However,  on July 12th, many will be focusing on “aspects” other than her fighting skills. She will join high-profile athletes such as Colin Kaepernick, John Wall, and Vernon Davis.

But I doubt fight fans will be lining up to buy it for a glimpse at those pictures.

  • Best *** in mma – thats for sure! I feel sorry for Ms Zingano but with Tate in the show it is gonna be just so much more entertaining.

  • Ready for Ronda to say she did it 1st….

  • Sorry I always forget since I´m a foreigner…… I meant bon-bon/whoopie cakes/Bum Bum or whatever is politicly correct.

  • I guess there are alot of people seeing this article that no longer consider themselves vegetarians…MEOW

  • That dress…… Jesus Christ.

  • She has the best legs in all of WMMA.

  • That dress is like the label on a bottle of beer

  • Whoa – I'd bang Miesha until my $$$$ falls off. Damn – My bro was right, I have a thing for $lutty women. Lol – Just grabbed my lotion.

    Very kissable legs.

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          • You, sir, are spot on – lol. Also, don't forget the 30 minute nap I had to take on my desk after it was all done.

          • I'm dying lol

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  • I know man just playin. We all thought it

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  • She's hot. I get it, beauty is common though and I don't like her. She's a nasty person and her BF is a loser and the Cat Zigano situation where her BF elbowed Cat told me all I need to know about her. Yep she hot but a loser in life.

  • Problem is, you know, when you are on top, and she brings it home, you are probably gonna suffer a broken rib or two when those juicy-jitsu thighs squeeze uncontrollably .

  • I used to like her the most and respect her for her toughness. She never tapped. But her attitude is just crap. At first I thought it was Ronda over reacting. But I under appreciated how much they all interact in the back room. Seems like it is true. She's not as nice a person as we would like to believe.

    I liked Kat's story and Kat is more inspiring. She comes across like she'd be very Nog like as a coach. Super supportive and helpful. I rather have seen two positive coaches building a womens div then eye candy. If i wanted ***$ and A$$ I wouldn't go to a MMA show or site to find it.

    • Watch it. The nerds on this site will weak you for saying the truth about Miesha.

  • Rousey could never wear that dress because you would be able to see her cokk hang down below it.

  • i wonder if Tate's boyfriend is going to try to elbow Rousey on the back of the head like he did to Zingano haha naw but really that was some dekcuf up stuff man. kcuf Miesha Tate!

  • watermelon fresh IS CORRECT! READ HIS COMMENT UP THERE ^^ i missed it first time reading this thread.

  • Didn't Mesha basically say Ronda was a sluut with no class when she appeared in the magazine?

    Either way that's fine with me, sluuts with no class are my type!

  • Nice Keith