Miesha Tate Has A New Arch Nemesis: A Gas Station Clerk


Miesha Tate is rapidly becoming a world famous WMMA star. Her bouts against Ronda Rousey and stint on the first mixed gender season of The Ultimate Fighter have cast ‘Cupcake’ in to the media limelight. Her recent rematch with ‘Rowdy’ was hailed as the continuation of WMMA’s biggest rivalry.

It seems Tate has made a new arch nemesis, this time in the form of a female gas station attendant. I know, bizarre right? Check out Tate’s rant on her official facebook account:

Ok I have to vent (That’s what facebook is for right?) So I’m standing in line at the gas station to buy a spicy pickle and put the rest in the gas tank, when a fan of mine pops up and is like “oh my gosh Miesha how are you, great fight!!” I go on to thank him and its my turn at the register finally so I say clear as day to the lady, take to cost of the pickle out of the $60 and put the rest on pump 4 please” she looks at me annoyed brakes the money as th fan continues to ask if I will give him an autograph I smile politely and oblige.

 The lady goes on to help the next costume and I ask can I have my receipt please (which she should have given me in the first place but I didn’t have the chance to ask between her rush I and being cordial with my fan) so she frustratingly prints a receipt after letting me know how much check trouble that is for her. I say thanks and go to pump my gas where it is hailing outside and there’s no gas money on my pump… sooo I grab my receipt she gave me and its a receipt for cough drops… Im not amused so I walk back in through the hail again and flag her down to tell her this is the wrong receipt and she also did not put the gas money I gave her on pump #4.

Should goes on to lecture me saying that I should wait to engage in conversation until after my transaction is complete. LOL!!! I said “where is your managers number I want to speak to him, you are very rude I am the customer I can do whatever I want and Im sorry that I am nice to my fans” Then she scoffed at me, gave me the run around for the phone number then finally gave me the store number where she is the only one working tonight, so I figured we could all give GALE a call an let her know how much we appreciate great customer service! 5*&-&^$-£!*&

In case you don’t know, the censored section at the end of the rant is the gas station attendees’ phone number. Beef with a fighter is one thing, but to give a world of virtual weirdos (no offense weirdos) this shop assistants number seems rather out of line.

It appears to be a formality in the grand scheme of things, but the UFC’s code of conduct for fighters spits in the figurative face of formality. Many fighters including Matt Mitrione and Miguel Torres have landed in hot water for media slurs, could Tate be next? 

  • Go Meisha. Chick's lucky she didn't get knocked out

  • Im not surprised the least by her attitude. Through out the show she appeared to me as being phony. Sure Ronda seemed almost borderline crazy at some (many perhaps) points but at least she was being herself. Miesha to me always seemed to be "acting" and playing a persona rather then being herself – ofc I can be completely wrong but thats just how I felt watching her.

    As for this situation, when I read the tittle of the news I thought the lady in the gas station had insulted her or something along the lines. Upon reading Miesha count of the events, I think its absurd the fact that she should immediately want to call the manager, I mean, she wanted the attendant to get fired because of just that…? Than not satisfied by it, she, a "public figure", felt entitled to make a tantrum in FB and tried to convince people to harass said attendant by giving her phone number…? And for what really…? To me just seems way over-reacting and a duche move IMO…

  • Ivy

    What happened to the 50 some odd bucks she paid for in gas on pump 4? She went to the pump after handing the cashier 60 bucks and there was no money put into the pump.

    Meisha never finishes that side of the story…hmm…well in any case she can always eat my pickle.

  • Meisha had a normal experience that all of us have (unless you sit by your laptop on lowkick all day ago and don't go outdoors) with bad customer service. The clerk was out of line and rude and I have no problem with Meisha calling the manager. Posting the phone number on FB??????? That's crossing the line. She shouldn't be using her celebrity to do stuff like that……… With that said I'm going to go on Meisha's FB page and call the number right now…………..

  • That's one reason Rousey hated Tate. She's a Jack as#.

    Look, the attendant may have been wrong or whatever but you can't '' do whatever you want because you're the customer '' people make mistakes and seems like meisha was being aggressive since she was '' lectured about waiting her turn''

    Social media is what every famous person needs to stay away from more often than not you show a not so flattering side of yourself. Posting the person's name and work number is terrible and puts the person is possible danger. Let's not forget it's a Clerk at a gas station, low paying job and you encounter all walks of life and lit of weirdos and by the way, it's a dangerous job because of robberies. I'm not excusing the clerk's behavior of she was rude but it's a very stressful job and working with the public can make anyone a little grump win sure.

    Lost a lot of respect for Tate after reading this. Not that I was ever a fan to begin with, I just thought Rhonda was worse.

  • Meh, she was annoyed by bad service, we all have been. You're better than this Lowkick.

  • I disagree. The point of being annoyed or her venting is a moot point. The fact that she gave out a name and number shows that's she is very immature and spiteful