Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman Talks About Anderson Silva’s Antics


Newly crowned 185lb. champion Chris Weidman shocked fans and bookmakers with his epic KO of Anderson Silva. Snapping his amazing win streak, and knocking him from the championship top spot. The win was a history making one, in all aspects of the term. It could have gone so much differently though, it was apparent by round two that Silva’s clowning was starting to get to Chris Weidman.

The All American started to look slightly, only slightly, Forrest Griffin-esque. It could have been the beginning of the end for Weidman, but as we know, he turned it around and scored a cracking knockout. Check out what the new MW boss had to say via MMAMania.com:

“You have no idea what is going to happen when you get into the Octagon. If you have any insecurities at all, [Anderson Silva] will expose that — he’s going to bring them out and make you pay. He’ll put his hands down, he’ll put his hands on his hips, he’ll talk and make you feel like you don’t belong in the Octagon with him. I knew what he was doing. I just had to remain mentally strong and confident. And that’s what I did.”

“I was prepared [for the clowning], but I did react. I was like, ‘How dare you, you’re doing this to me?’ Are you joking? I had that attitude. I’m like, ‘You’re not even hitting me — you’re taunting and taunting. Hit me in the face, I don’t care!’ That was my attitude, but then it got to the point where I’m throwing punches until I land and crack him. And that’s how I finished the fight.”

Now although Weidman may not openly admit to being phazed, he clearly was. It was probably the fact that he was a bit annoyed and frustrated that helped contribute to the win. That and a perfectly timed left hook, of course.

With the rematch set for UFC 166, it leads me to ask the question ‘what if he doesnt catch Silva next time?’. The reality of the matter is that Silva may be a bit more humbled next time, but the mind games will still be on tap.

A win over Silva will obviously boost Weidman’s confidence ahead of the rematch, but if Silva is more on his toes and can land well-it will be a long night for Weidman.



  • 'You're not even hitting me — you're taunting and taunting.'

    It won't be like that next time. Anderson will strike a lot more.

    • Yeah i hope he doesnt get comfortable and thinks its gonna be the same fight, cause i'm expecting to see some serious f*cking sh*t from Silva in the rematch. In my opinion he won the fight but did not beat Silva. Silva beat Silva with his embarrassing behavior and i'm happy he got Knocked the f*ck out for that but that belt belongs to Silva and he's coming to take it back Dec. 28th. I don't think anyone "REALLY" believes Weidman will win a rematch (not even the Silva haters) even though they'll never admit it and will weak me 25 times for this post… lmao

      • I think its crazy to think that Silva was not concentrating or his antics where too crazy or anything. He does the same thing in every single fight he has been in with maybe the exception of vitor and Leben but every other fight he has done these crazy antics and i have never heard anyone ever say that he was messing around too much or anything…. Was it because he got knocked out???? Im glad to hear fans defend their favorite fighter But I personally never really considered Anderson a real champ… To me a Champ is a fighter that is willing to take the fight where ever it goes standing or ground but we have seen Anderson take the easy way out against top level BJJ guys. To me Jon Jones is the Pound for Pound Best guy and he actually looks more promising than Anderson Silva ever would have…. Just my Opinion but i respect the fact that Anderson has achived something Great… but facts are that he was trying to duck Weidman for a long time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4aGPdo6odw

        • First of all Anderson never ducked anyone…. Weidman wanted to fight him for a long time but "did not deserve the shot yet"… still didn't as matter of fact. He just got lucky cause GSP chickened out…

          Second, if you watched the fight… U know what, never mind. You can't show a blind man a picture 🙂 my bad….

  • Not sure if i'd call it perfectly timed. I think it's generally easy to knock someone off balance and then finish them when they went 90% of the way by throwing themselves off balance, in an effort to make fun of you.

    • Enjoy your generous gift while it lasts, Weidman, you'll be taken seriously the next time around. The Champ won't be clowning around as much.

      • Generous gift my ***!!! 1st round Silva the greatest was ground and pounded,2nd round Silva the GOAT knock out! That is 2 rounds to none. In the rematch I see Weidman winning. I heard Silva auditioning for dancing with the stars.There u can cheer for him underweargreatness!

        • Zip


          Exactly! Chris is bigger, has a longer reach, and has a perfect technique/mindset for AS. I see him winning 10 out of 10 times. He simply has his number 🙂

          • They said Chael had Anderson's number too….

    • @Nemesis:

      Well said.

  • This rematch is all about respect

  • The rematch is all about respect

  • The rematch is all about hespect

  • Ivy

    Weimann is in AS' head now. IMO Weidmann again for the win.

    • That's right Weidman is in AS's head… as a permanent reminder to FIGHT when he's in the Octagon and that's why Weidman is gonna loose the rematch and AS will hold on to that belt until he retires. If anything, this learning experience was probably the BEST thing that ever happened to Silva. If it had happened earlier in his career, he would've never given Weidman the chance!

      • gm1

        what are you talking about a "Permanent Reminder to Fight in the Octagon"….
        AS does those kinds of antics all the time…in every fight….on every win…..but not this time because "He wasnt serious" …BS.!!!

        • gm1

          a little old to be learning from your mistake in the fight game….

          Now if AS is going to change the way he fights…thats a different story….

          but that is his style…Antics, show boating…not serious looking….

        • @gm1 Either you can't read or you're just that clueless, so i'm not even going to waste my time discussing this with you. I'll just wait for your eyes to be opened coming Dec. 28th. and put this silliness to rest.

  • Just as no one saw the outcome of a 2nd KO for Weidman, equally we cannot see how their rematch will go. Will Silva be respectful this time? Most likely, will this make for a different fight? Maybe. fact is Silva has the striking to take out anyone but on the flip style Weidman won two rounds clearly against him and if he can press the action and not allow Silva to keep it standing too much he will probably win again.