Michael Bisping Was Willing To Fight Through Detached Retina At UFC Fight Night 30 In Manchester


Perennial UFC middleweight contender experienced a huge setback when it was found that he would be forced to withdraw from his UFC Fight Night 30 main event bout with Mark Munoz due to a detached retina.

Bisping knew that legions of his U.K.-based fans were aching to see him fight at the October 26 event from Manchester, and he even went as far as to issue a heartfelt and thorough apology to his fans who had bought tickets.

But apparently Bisping was willing to do anything it took to make it to the fight, and that included risking his health in order to put on a show for his faithful. UFC President Dana White detailed Bisping’s insistence that he was okay to fight on yesterday’s UFN 29 media call:

“I heard that he was having these problems with his eye. And I care about Michael Bisping…a lot. I called him up, and I could just tell by the conversation that he was trying to fast-talk me.”

“I felt like I was talking to a used car salesman, basically telling me that he could fight, that his doctor said he could fight. And I was like, stop, stop; my doctor is going to talk to your doctor and I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna fight.” “It’s not worth it. Bisping was flipping out that he wanted this fight so bad. He wanted to fight in Manchester, but no way.” – transcribed by MMA Weekly

Indeed no one fight is worth risking one’s overall health, but you have to respect Bisping’s drive and dedication to his fans. The former heel has actually gained quite a respectable following in recent years, with many seeming to warm up to the Cyprus-born kickboxer’s antics.

“The Count” released a photo detailing the damage in his right eye, and from the look of it, he needs some time off to recover before he gets back to training, let alone stepping into the Octagon. Bisping was last seen getting knocked out by a now-infamous Vitor Belfort headkick at UFC on FX 7, so he’s eager to prove that he’s still one of the best 185-pound fighters on the planet.

Unfortunately, that chance will have to wait. Munoz will now face off with Lyoto Machida in “the dragon’s” middleweight debut. Hopefully Bisping will make a full recovery and find himself booked on a card in Great Britain much sooner than later. In the meantime, Lowkick will have all of your UFC Fight Night 30 coverage as the event unfolds from Manchester later this month.

  • I'd call that professionally dumb and (pun intended) short sighted.

    • How many fingers am I holding up?….The count: " UhOnnne…Uhtwwooo….uhthreeee….

      I guess we've seen how bad fighters want to fight before, even when at the end of their careers and many bad KO's. Dana made the right decision and I think Most of Michael's reactions are based on not losing respect or his place in the UFC. I do agree once again Brian.

      • By the way Brian, I tried to click funny and sharp but to no avail.

      • We have to give Props to Bisping for fortitude, but sometimes sucking it up or being tough / brave is the wrong way to go. I like Michael, I'd like to see him exit his career with his health intact and taking fights with detached retinas, is not the way to go.

        Stewie….got five bucks I can borrow? I'll pay ya back tomorrow.

  • No worries Bisping, because nobody misses you,

  • "uh yeah, I lost but I was only at 29%" and really only half of that because only one eye worked"

  • I was hoping to watch a ashole being donkey kongED