Michael Bisping UFC 159 Vlog


Michael “The Count” Bisping (23-5) gives us a peek inside his training camp for his upcoming bout at UFC 159 against Alan Belcher (18-7). This outing holds a substantial amount of weight for both fighters as they are both coming off losses. The loser will most likely find themselves out of Middleweight contention for the time being.

“The Count’s” strength and conditioning coach Scot Prohaska details some of the methods he is working on Bisping’s development, with a primary focus on working the legs for this particular session. The video also includes short interview clips of Bisping expressing his thoughts on Belcher, which he is never shy about. Enjoy.

  • I like Bisping and his training looks SERIOUS. I think he'll either TKO or win a VERY dominant decision against Belcher.

  • @Bryan,

    I agree. I've just watched Alan Belcher working the pads and his lead hand is in no mans land – I love watching Alan on the ground – however I'm not sure about his ability to successfully cover up from counter strikes.

    Am I missing anything or do you agree with my assessment Bryan?

    • Belcher has great offensive striking but I'm not to sure about his defense or his cardio. I guess we will see here

  • I doubt that Michael will beat Belcher. However, if he does, good for him. Alan would be a respectable name to add to his resume of wins.

    That said, I wonder how long Bisping would last with Uriah Hall? Actually, I wonder how any of the 185s', who rely heavily on stand-up, would fair against UH?

    On that note – I doubt it would happen or at least I'd be shocked and for a variety of reasons, but wouldn't it be awesome to see Silva / Hall?

    • Hall has awesome stand up skills but i believe he will have to keep the fights standing up or else he will get exposed by the top grapplers in the Ufc.
      I want to see him do well though because he is a very exciting fighterand seems like a very nice guy as well.