Michael Bisping To Luke Rockhold: If You Want To F—ing Fight Me, Let’s Do It


UFC middleweight trash talker Michael Bisping has an extensive history of making enemies in the promotion that he has fought under for the last eight years. Since winning The Ultimate Fighter 3 205-pound tourney, the brash Brit won 14 bouts for the UFC, and dropped six. Recently though, going 2-3 in his last five, things aren’t looking great for ‘The Count’.

That’s what makes his UFC Fight Night 48 bout against Cung Le all the more important, but it also suggests he should be very focused for the Sanshou master. Recently caught up in a whirlwind of banter with former Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold, it appears that Bisping is still rather easily distracted. Check out what he said about ‘Rocky’ while speaking to MMAJunkie.com:

“He’s a f–king a–hole for calling me out constantly on Twitter, he’s tweeting me constantly, he’s looking for attention, and maybe he’s trying to build his Twitter followers. I’ve got nothing against the guy. He seems like a nice enough guy. He just needs to f–king get over it. F–king guy is getting on like a vagina. I laugh my ass off; I sit there with my son laughing (at him),” Bisping said. “Luke Rockhold is going on again. He’s trying to build his Twitter followers by attacking me, and then I respond, and maybe he gets more followers. I don’t know. I don’t think about those things. He obviously does because he’s a f–king kid going around to pool parties.”

Intense beefs with Vitor Belfort, Wanderlei Silva and Dan Henderson have all seen Bisping end up with rather embarrassing losses, but you could argue that with the Chael Sonnen loss, all his recent losses have been to guys that were….well, you get the point. Now aged 35, ‘The Count’ may be experiencing the embers of his storied career, but still he anticipates a scrap with Rockhold:

“Luke Rockhold comes into the division, gets knocked out by Vitor (Belfort), beats f–king Tim Boetsch and Costas Philippou, and people are calling him the No. 1 contender?” Bisping said. “F–k me, I’ve fought the who’s who. The top guys, on short notice, I’ve always been that guy. Maybe if I played it a little more f–king cagey and picked my fights a little bit, I would have fought for the title a long, long time ago. I’m a real fighter. If you want to f–king fight me, then do it, it’s as simple as that.”

So there you have it, Bisping throws out the latest barb in a series of back-and-forth insults between the two top 15 middleweights. I’m sure it won’t die down until the two eventually meet, and when that day comes, who are you picking?

  • It's so easy to goad Bisping into a fight.

    • It's called pride… besides wouldn't it be beneficial for Bisping considering where they're both ranked right now?