Michael Bisping talks knocking Alan Belcher out, training with Chael Sonnen


Michael Bisping has had an up-and-down career in the UFC. He seems to fall at most big opportunities placed before him in the UFC. Take for example the knockout losses at the hands of Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort. Bisping has also came up short against Wanderlei Silva, Rashad Evans and Chael Sonnen.

His most recent loss to Belfort effectively took Bisping well away from the title picture. Had Bisping won that fight he may have been eying a late 2013 match against middleweight boss Anderson Silva. As things turned out Bisping will now face Alan Belcher at UFC 159.

Belcher is coming off a decision loss to Yushin Okami, at UFC 155, after compiling a four fight win streak in the UFC. A big fight for both guys and Bisping, as always, has a few words to say about the upcoming bout. 

  • I like Michael, he's grown on me and a lot of North American MMA fans, but even had he beat Belfort, he wouldn't stand a chance against Anderson. Chris Weidman is a much more serious challenge, than Bisping could ever be.

    As to his fight with Belcher, that's a tough go for MB. Belcher is no push-over. Both really need a win. I'll pick Belcher.

    • Silva vs Weidman is going to be amazing.

      • I believe it will be. I am really looking forward to it. I hope ring rust doesn't play a role in this bout, for either fighter. I want to see the best have to offer, come into The Octagon.

    • Agreed with everything until you picked Belcher

      You were this close to a sharp. Now you will be haunted by the sharp that got away….

    • its amazing when you are looked at as a Vet not only a vet but a great fighter
      and has always been in the top 10 and a vet you seem to slow down and become wiser but wasnt long ago he was passing the blame and spitting on ppl but after
      seeing how he looked on tv and there is a time were you cant believe you did
      what you did and you become respected for your skill and change the way you act and become the Veterain and think Bisping has alot has changed and as the years come he will be more and more respected

  • "The uploader has not made this video available in your country" 🙁

  • Bisping KO Belcher…lol…maybe decision.

    • agree when has Bisping ever KO anyone?

  • Omg!!!! I cant watch this video in my country!!! OMG

  • I like Belcher and when he was out-wrestled by Okami–I was not happy.

    I didn't think Okami did much beyond the takedown and top control–but on the other hand, I felt Belcher should have had better TDD and ability to get up from the bottom.

    This is an interesting fight between Bisping and Belcher.

    I hope Bisping has practiced defending the head-kick–because I suspect that is what Belcher is going to try during their fight.