Michael Bisping On Losses To Belfort, Sonnen & Silva: ‘I Should Have Insisted On Blood Tests’


For nearly six years, the UK’s Michael Bisping has competed at the top of the UFC’s middleweight division, amassing a solid record of ten wins and five losses in the weight class.

Out of those five losses, three have come against Vitor Belfort, Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva; fighters who have all hit the headlines recently for having trouble with the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s (NSAC) new random drug testing program, which requires it’s athletes to submit on the spot blood tests.

Belfort failed his random test in February with elevated testosterone levels, forcing him out of his title fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 173. It’s the Brazilian’s second failed drug test after testing positive for banned substances in 2006. Sonnen was then preparing to take on “The Phenom” at UFC 175 but he also failed the NSAC’s drug test and subsequently retired.

“The Axe Murderer” hasn’t actually failed a drug test because he ran away when he was approached by the NSAC. In most peoples eyes he’s as good as guilty.

Although Bisping can’t prove anything, he’s confident the three have been using for some time now. Including their matches against him. In a recent interview with MMAJunkie, “The Count” opened up on the saga:

“They weren’t clean. We all know they weren’t f–king clean. They’ve only just started doing blood tests. People have been taking (human) growth hormone and EPO and all kinds of s–t for years. A urine sample will only show certain things, and people know when to come off stuff. It’s an IQ test. The blood test they do now will catch more people because they’re testing for more things, but they didn’t do that before.

Vitor is not going to be the same. You can already see it. His physique looks remarkably different already. Of course, since this all kicked off in when he got tested, he’s obviously been clean since then, and that was six, seven months ago and you can see the difference. It’s going to be very interesting when you see Vitor at the weigh-in (at UFC 181 against Chris Weidman) and you see his physique compared to the last few times he’s fought and the guy looked like he was in a bodybuilding contest.”

The Brit also had a few choice words for “The American Gangster” who he lost a decision to at UFC on Fox 2. Looking back, Bisping wishes he had insisted on random testing for the three fights.

“I don’t want to kick Chael while he’s down. I like Chael, but he’s paying the price and hopefully it sets an example to the younger fighters and they see the error of his ways and learn. If you can’t do this sport without taking steroids, go do something else.

It’s disgusting to me that people do that. I know they’ve done it, Chael did it, he admitted it, Wanderlei, Vitor – in hindsight maybe I should have insisted on blood tests through camp or whatever, but hindsight is a great thing afterwards.”

Recently, multiple-time jiu-jitsu world champion Robert Drysdale failed his second drug test for elevated testosterone levels after getting popped while training for his UFC debut. Bisping also voiced his opinion on the grappling standout.

“F–king Drysdale, he can kiss my ass. I’ve never met the guy, he could be the nicest guy in the world, but what I see is a guy who failed his f–king test, then was on TRT, then said, ‘Oh, I don’t need TRT.’ He came off it and there you go, that’s my f–king problem with TRT right from the get-go. You either need TRT or you don’t. You can’t get a doctor to prescribe it and say, ‘Oh, I don’t need it and I’ll come off it.’ You’re a cheat, and now he failed his IQ test. Not only is he a steroid cheat, but he’s f–king stupid.”

According to the TUF 3 champion, he’s never touched a banned substance in his life and doesn’t plan on it anytime soon.

“I’ve never done anything in my entire life. Today I was the first one to the gym. I was f–king kicking pads while people were just chatting away about what they had for dinner last night. Now the next class is halfway through and I’ve only just f–king finished. I do it the hard way and I work my f–king ass off.”