Michael Bisping Says Losing Is Not An Option At UFC 159


Michael Bisping is never short of pre-fight trash talk no matter who his opponent is. This time around it is Alan Belcher that will square off against Bisping at UFC 159 on April 27th, and both guys will be looking to bounce back from disappointing losses.

We last saw Bisping in action against Vitor Belfort in January in a fight that ended with a TKO loss for Bisping courtesy of a big head kick from ‘The Phenom. Belcher was last in action against Yushin  Okami at UFC 155, a fight which ended in a unanimous decision loss for Belcher, snapping a four fight win streak.

Bisping is his usual outspoken self in his pre-fight interview when discussing his opponent’s stand up skills:

“He thinks I just throw wonky punches straight down the pipe and that he’s a Muay Thai expert because he’s been to Thailand. I’ve been to Thailand as well. Do you think I don’t know how to do a flying knee? Do you think I don’t know how to check leg kicks and all that type of stuff that you think you’re gonna do? You’re living in a Dreamworld my friend. You wanna Thai box? Great. That’s what I do best. Will I win against Alan Belcher? Absolutely 100 percent. Losing is not an option. I’ve come to far in my career for it all to go wrong now. I ain’t going away. I want to be world champion and I’m not giving up and I need redemption for my last fight and that starts on April 27th when I beat Alan Belcher.”

With both guys potentially fighting for their place within the promotion this could be a great fight. It looks like Bisping has been working on his power and Belcher is not lacking in power, so we could see a real slug-fest at UFC 159.

Check out the UFC 159 pre-fight interview below and stay tuned to Lowkick for more pre-fight coverage.

  • will we ever see a ufc champion from Britain? NEVER and here is why.

    unlike in the states and in brasil, sports like Jiu Jitsu and Greco-Roman wrestling are not the curriculum in british schools.nmost brasilian and american students know basic wrestling and jiu jitsu.

    • Bisping problems is not his grappling his scambles are some of the best and his TTD is outstanding. The problem is he has no pop on his punches in bunches and his chin is not a N. Diaz chin if you know what i mean. I think he should go to a heavy Kicking attack since he has such outstanding cardio. but what do i know i like kungfu 🙂

      • @kungfurule

        i agree Michael Bisping is incredibly well rounded but he is lacking style.

    • Actually it's changing a lot now. When I was young here in Britain it was hard to find a BJJ class and impossible to find any wrestling classes. Now with the explosion of MMA there's MMA schools in almost every town in England with a bunch of very good Wrestling coaches and now some of the very best BJJ guys from Brazil.

      Give it some time and you'll see some really excellent, well rounded guys coming out of the UK. We ARE at a disadvantage now but the tide IS turning.

    • GSP didn't wrestle in highschool or do BJJ. I think he started off in karate. I wouldn't give up hope on a Brit champ, it just mike take awhile.

  • Sadly, losing is always an option and regardless of the fighter.

    • gm1

      Bisping should of said that last fight against Vitor……
      I guess he would of made himself out to be a liar…..

    • Thats a good point, has there ever been an undefeated fighter who has retired ? I mean someone with quite a few fights

      • Well, Jones is working on it, as he's never lost a professional fight. Other than that, I can't think of a single fighter whose ever gone undefeated in their professional career.

      • Rocky Marciano, Sven Ottke, and a few other boxers that hit the champion level did it.

        A loss is a loss, so Jones having the DQ will forever take away his "0" (even if it was a shitty call).

        I can't really think of a fighter today that has the skill to go his whole career without a 0 while fighting top competition.

        Cole Konrad probably doesn't count.

        • Cung Le was 17-0 in Sanshou and 16-0 in kickboxing.

        • @ Evan

          I don't recognize Jones's DQ loss to Hamill and I never will. As far as I'm concerned, the fight never happened. That fight and the call, was absolute BS and that fight and it's outcome should be over-turned. Again, it was so bad, that I simply refuse to acknowledge it.

          As far as I am concerned, Jones has yet to take a loss. He is an un-beaten Champion. I realize that the argument becomes the loss is on the books and registered, but I still don't care. Matt Hamill no more has a victory over Jones, than I have a victory of Anderson Silva. It's just utter BS.

          • @Truth you should change your name to MMA BS!

          • @ Dare

            It's not my name, it's my handle. You mean to say, that I should change my handle to MMA BS. I'm not sure if the exclamation mark is supposed to be part of the suggested change, so I omit it.

            Either way, let me think about it and I'll get back to you.

            Other that, how's your day going?

          • Heheh I was just joking since you had been using a lot of "BS" in a couple of your recent comments.

        • Floyd Mayweather…he retires after every fight for the past ten!! ;D

  • One of the things that fighters say when they are nervous about a match is "losing is not an option". Not a good sign.

    I hope Bisping does rediscover his inner animal. If he gets more aggressive, there's still a chance he might evolve up into a top tier guy…

    …or get knocked silly. But he's not a great points fighter, so more aggression could at least giive him hope of a title shot.