Michael Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort official for main event of the next UFC Brazil


Amidst many rumors surrounding Vitor Belfort‘s next bout, it appears that one has been officially confirmed. It was reported earlier that Forrest Griffin turned down a fight with ‘The Phenom,’ but the Brazilian brawler will face outspoken Brit Mchael Bisping at an as-yet-to-be-named location in Brazil on January 19th. The announcement comes as a confirmation of earlier rumors, which were downplayed by Belfort and others.

Both fighters come into the bout on the back of fairly impressive resumes. The only knock on the two may be that they lose to truly top-level competition when faced with the challenge. This is evident by Belfort’s loss to Anderson Silva and Bisping’s to an Henderson. Bisping comes in off of one of his highest-quality wins after defeating Brian Stann at UFC 152. Belfort also fought there, facing Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones and losing by submission. However, Belfort’s stock has probably not dropped off too much, thanks to his near-finish of Jones.

The fight joins other confirmed bouts including Ben Rothwell versus Gabriel Gonzaga and C.B. Dolloway and Daniel Sarafian. Brazilians UFC events have been delivering in a big way as of late, appearing lackluster only when they are ravaged by inuries (as many cards obviously have this year). Stay tuned to Lowkick.com for more on the January event as it develops.

  • Vitor by “V-Bomb”
    Round 2

  • Instinct tells me that Bisping beating the former number 2, (Vitor) in Brazil will be a lovely way to set up the Brazilian public to see if he can beat their No1-AS in Brazil.

    If as reported it’s the main event then it should be a five rounder, (correct???). Over a 3 rounds I would give it to Vitor, over 5 rounds, I believe Bisping will take this by a split decision.

    IMO; Vitor is too heavily muscled to to keep up with Bispings pace and cardio for 5. Off course; an excellent counter argument is that if Vitor catches Bisping while he has his chin up in R1 or 2, the fight is over – agreed.

  • Vitor will win by 1st rd tko.bisping has great outside game but vitor is going to do what stann couldnt. get inside and combo him.

  • If Biisping can make this fight similar to his one with Stann, we could see a late stoppage, maybe in the 4th or 5th.

    I’ll probbaly have to take Vitor by KO though. Still have him as a top 3 MW

  • This is probably the end of Bisping’s title shot hopes / fantasies and the end of Anderson’s hopes of putting off a more serious fight @ 185.

    I give MB little to no chance in standing with Vitor. That is a recipe for disaster. And I doubt that Bisping’s wrestling is strong enough to keep him up against the cage or on the ground. And even if he can Vitor is dangerous off of his back (as we’ve recently seen) and is pretty good at getting back up. He also has pretty good TDD. To top it off, MB is not exactly known for his formidable submission or G’n P. I think VB has him outclassed everywhere. Bisping’s cardio might / probably is better.

    This could well be Vitor’s payback for the Jones fight. If I were Vitor’s camp, I’d (almost) look at this as a tune-up fight. No disrespect intended to Bisping. He has certainly improved over the years and is even likeable, now, but I just don’t see him being in the same class as VB or Weidman and certainly not Silva. I think if he fought AS, he’d get crushed like so many before him. If Vitor wins this, then he probably gets the winner of Silva vs. Weidman / Boetsch (Dec. 29, picking Weidman). And I personally would love to see Silva / Belfort 2 (assuming AS were to beat CW…tough fight for The Champ IMO.)

    My call – a repeat of the Rich Franklin fight. TKO round 1.

  • You’re overlooking two things. Firstly Bisping is only getting the decision if he dominates Belfort in pretty much every round. Secondly, the refs in Brazil heavily favour the Brazilians, look at Johnson against Belfort, that was disgusting. Not Belfort’s fault he don’t ref and he even said he’d rather win without help from the ref as he is one classy dude, but credit to Bisping for taking this in Brazil, everything says no chance but I think he’ll outclass Belfort standing, contrary to what many expect and the judges won’t have any option but to award bisping the decision, but on a 5 rounder he may even get the stoppage in the 4th or 5th.

  • PS: There is one thing however that Bisping MUST address, and that is his susceptibility to the overhand right. he has been tagged with that shot by so many fighters and he doesn’t seem to adjust his game which is wierd given his experience and commitment to the game. If he gets tagged a few times by Belfort it could very well be a stoppage as we all know Belfort has dynamite in both hands.

  • Doesn’t matter who Bisping beat you’ll never view him without your hater shades on. Dude is far better than most give him any credit for.

  • Bisping by 3rd ko …his pace will tire Vitor and his speed will frustrate him.

  • Bisping could win a decision here with his eyes closed. UFC is sure making Mr. Bisping work for his title shot. Hey Michael maybe you should do roids so you get to fight Silva, then when you lose you can call fighters out on twitter and get a 205 title shot!

  • I want Vitor to win but I also really want to see Anderson fight Bisping so that side of me wants Bisping to win. Hope its a good fight.

  • More “V-BOMB” coming to Bisping!

  • Interesting match up but I wonder if the winner will be that much closer to a title shot?

    My guess is the winner of this fight gets the winner of Weidman vs Boetsh, and the winner of that fight gets a title shot.

    Meantime, if GSP beats Condit, he’ll fight Silva

  • Bisping should be next in line already. If he beats Belfort there is no other MW more worthy of a shot than Bisping.

  • Your right that is Bisping’s biggest weakness but Vitor is a southpaw.

  • the myth of bisping’s glass jaw has been debunked he has fought almost exclusively one punch ko guys his middleweight career and only fell to a punch that would of nocked out any man that has ever walked the earth i know that alot of people will hate on for saying this but belfort is not a great striker he is a great puncher there is a difference and i think bisping will show it to us

  • @azzkika I actually agree with you Bisping dosnt get the credit he deserves, I dont hate many fighters so I like to think im objective, I think he has proven he dosnt have a glass jaw, he got hit with the Hendo bomb so that dosnt count his chin has held up against everyone else, i think Bisping will win this with his technical stand up.

  • I don’t hate Bisping, I actually kind of like him, he’s grown on me over the years. However, I think he’s a journeyman fighter and not much more. I don’t see him as being great at any (one) thing. I believe his record and the number of decision victories he’s attained (in the UFC), attests to the conclusion.

  • He deserves credit for stepping up every time, and never ducking anyone.

  • He actually has addressed it a bit by working on how he circles his opponents and how he moves in. He got caught by Hendo circling into the H-Bomb, got caught by Denis Kang jumping into an overhand right and got caught in the opening seconds of the fight against Akiyama before he could get his rhythm. He was already a good counterpuncher, but he’s improved his timing to limit that punch’s utility.

    He still has shown a bit of vulnerability if he stands in front of someone for too long, Miller landed one on him (that he seemed to not really notice), and Rivera landed one when Bisping thought he was done after the knee. For the most part though, people that go “fishing” for that one punch knockout (Miller, Akiyama after the first 15 seconds) look pretty amateur doing so.

  • Clarification: First Miller was Mayhem, second Miller was Dan.

  • DAMN IT!! why couldn’t of they just given him a wrestler, I personally just want Bisping to get his title shot loose to Silva and shut up about title’s. Unfortunately he’s most likely gonna experience another ”Out cold and stretched” moment and start all over again telling himself he can be a champion.

  • That’s a risky proposition. Sonnen’s style is similar with regards to aggressively moving forward; he had a hard time getting inside on Bisping and took a lot of punches. I think Sonnen’s got a better chin than Vitor. The Phenom might get rocked and finished early if he tries to be too aggressive.

    That said, I also think it’s the best tactic for Belfort. Swarm Bisping and attempt to overwhelm his defenses the way Wanderlei did a couple of times. If he attempts to stay on the outside and exchange, he’s playing Bisping’s game, and not many people can play it better than him. Either way, if Belfort gets really aggressive, I think their fight will have Knockout of the Night written all over it. Just a matter of who gets caught first.

  • I’ll preface this by saying that while I am a fan of Bisping, I absolutely love watching Jon Jones. Yes, Vitor is a legit BJJ black belt and almost took Jones’ arm home with him. However, BJJ has been the suspected weakness of the champ for some time now. Michael Bisping’s core is Jiu-jitsu, having about 10 years of training under world champion Paul Lloyd Davies before he ever even touched kickboxing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in danger of being submitted except for the end of the second round with Silva. Before he came to the UFC, about half his fights were finished by submission. And he was fighting bigger guys as a light-heavyweight then.

    I think it’s safe to say that Bisping’s BJJ game is just better than Jon Jones’. I would be surprised if Belfort looks nearly as good off his back against Bisping.

  • To his credit his chin is dynamite. Quite often a fighter loses their ‘chin’ after a shot like the H bomb lands clean. Arlovski is a good example, his chin is still doing orbits of Jupiter somewhere out in the cosmos since Fedor.