Michael Bisping vs. Tim Boetsch officially set for UFC 149 in Calgary



This morning, news broke that the previously scheduled UFC 148 bout of Michael Bisping vs.Tim Boetsch has been officially moved to the UFC 149 card in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Originally thought to be part of the UFC 148 blockbuster card on July 7 in Las Vegas, Bisping will now try to work his way closer to his coveted title shot in Canada. He confirmed the news via Twitter.com:

The stage has been officially set for UFC 149 in Calgary (not UFC 148, which is in Las Vegas). Tim Boetsch is coming off of an impressive Hail Mary knockout of former title challenger Yushin Okami at UFC 144, and looks to ride this momentum up the Middleweight ladder. The winner of this bout will be viewed as a serious contender in the Middleweight division. It seems that Bisping is ever-improving, and nearly beat Chael Sonnen in his last outing. The razor-thin decision loss was controversial, and Bisping has since stated that he will best Chael Sonnen once he takes the belt from Anderson Silva this summer.

Michael Bisping‘s record of 22-4 speaks for itself; he is no doubt an excellent fighter regardless of the public’s opinion of him. His only downfall has been that when faced with a truly top-level opponent, such as Dan Henderson, he has come up short. Both Bisping and Boetsch love to throw hands, with Bisping focusing on technical striking while Boetsch employs the bombs he used to knock out Okami. Who will emerge victorious in this contest, and where will they find themselves in the UFC Middleweight division?

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  • Shame, Bisping was one of the stars on the 148 card and since the fights been moved not sure if 148 is the most stacked card ever.

  • his fight got moved to 148

  • lol i guess bisping doesn’t read any better than me

  • Bisping has too much class for this guy, that is not to say I rule Tim out, if Bisping makes a mistake he could get knocked out, if he keeps it technical he’ll win via Tko or decision.

  • In this sport, it’s often not really a matter of who might win, because anyone can win and upsets happen all the time. BUT it’s one of the biggest step downs i’ve seen in the history of the UFC MW division. Bisping’s been fighting the biggest names this divisions has and just lost a controversial decision to the number 1 contender. Tim Boetch comes off a fluke win over Okami , yeah he won but he didn’t look that amazing, he showed heart but not pure breathtaking skills. And BOOM they are fighting eachother ? Why ?

  • When are they going to give Bisping a real contender? He should be fighting Okami regardless of Okami’s loss to Boetsch, just because of his credential’s. Or someone who’s way up there. There’s alot of guy’s Bisping could fight that have more Credential’s then Boetsch, no disrespect to Boetsch but Bisping has been around for a long time kicking ass, hate’em or love’em he’s top 3-4 for sure at 185lbs.

  • Meh….

  • Tims going to have to go for the kill right from the start. From what Ive seen, Bisping doesnt do too well in a flurry of fury. If Tim lets Bisping dictate the pace, he will lose.

  • Sorry meant stars on the 147 card and then moved to 148

  • There are some fighters that just peak my interest. Tim Boetsch is one of those fighters.

  • No worse than Johny Hendricks being one fight away from the title because of a fluke KO on Fitch.

  • I hope Bisping will teach Boetsh a lesson.
    I didnt appreciate seeing Boetsch gettin lucky against Okami

  • Im sure Bispings ok with it. Many fighters wish they could earn a long time pay frame. Hes keeping his value and staying in the UFC for a long time now. He’ll eventually get that shot if he keeps winning.

  • didnt appreciate him gettting lucky…lol the funniest comment on this thread.

  • 3 years on this site and i still dont know if your serious with your comments or just trolling.

    Touche M1 global gangsta… touche.

  • IDK blunts, M1 has this innocence thing going for him that makes it that much funnier.