Michael Bisping: A Finisher






Many people have been bad mouthing for his lack of finishing ability lately, what people don’t realize is that Bisping has only gone the distance 6 times in his 23 fight career. An some might say,”Oh after Hendo sledge hammered him with his right fist Bispings gone scared”. BULLSHIT! he literally finished Kang two fights ago in the second round. IMO hes just fighting better competition so it’s just alil harder to finish these guys. Just give Bisping a chance he looked way better in the Akiyama fight setting down on his punches and all. I mean look at Akiyama he has a granite chin. Bisping will finish another guy soon. But before you get all high and mighty lemme ask you this…………would rather watch a three round strikefest or a three round wrestler hump sesh?

  • 3 round wrestler hump sesh FTW

  • This is not news or a posted fight. Generally threads are not posted on a “my butt hurts basis”. If you want to address anyone specifically PM them instead. This was ridiculous.

  • I agree- WTF is this doing on here? It’s not an article, news, or anything relevant to what a post should be. Sounds like the one fan on here that actually likes Bisping is trying to defend his so-called honor. There are plenty of threads to kiss Bisping’s butt on, so don’t waste our time with this garbage.

  • how dare he voice his opinion on this site this is atrocious thank god your here to be a penis urhype what would we do without you

  • I am sorry but I still don’t give Bisping a chance for the title with the likes of AS, Vitor, Nate and even a Chris Leben rematch will probably not bid him well.

  • In reality, Bisping has won because he’s face opponents that have just come back from loses!! Every time he’s fought decent guys, he gets his a$$ kicked.

  • This actually could have been legit if it was longer.

  • Oh yeah!!!!! Rashad really kicked his ass! That fight was close as hell Gaybe! Could’ve gone either way. He lost the Hamill fight in all honesty but it was close. He lost a close one to Wanderlei. He just got f’d up by Hendo that’s all! Be gone with your “Every time” Shenanigans! Everyone he beats who previous to the fight was sure to beat Bispin becomes a washed up, no body in eyes like yours after he wins. What a coincidence! You think Dan Miller doen’t have great potential or that Akiyama could with more time in training and more intergration of Judo F up a lot of good middleweights? Get real!

  • makes a valid point about harder to finish the top guys. Something Edgar gets accused of is not finishing but look at the LW’s he’s beat and ask who else has ever finished them. Akiyama has a granite chin and Bisping rocked him more than once. was a great fight (thanks to Akiyama’s 1 hit wonder gameplan) and Bisping fought intelligently and fought well. credit where it’s due. he may not be the best in the world, but the guy can fight.

  • answered his own question in his blog yes bisping could finish guys when he was fighting gas station attendants back in the uk but as soon as he gets some decent competetion then he cant. he looked impressive despite the lack of finish you dont have to ko guys to be a good fighter.