Melvin Guillard: I Thought It Was Legal And He Was Out Already


Melvin Guillard was well on his way to adding Ross Pearson to his list of knockout victims in the co-main event of last night’s UFC Fight Night 30 from Manchester, England.

Unfortunately, a potential win was changed to a No-Contest hen the brutal knees he landed on Person were deemed illegal. The replay showed that Pearson’s fingers may have grazed the mat ever so slightly in between strikes, but was highly up to interpretation.

It was certain that a huge cut had been opened up on Pearson’s forehead and the bout was stopped. Guillard spoke up at the UFN 30 Post-Fight Show to discuss the strange stoppage and express his desire to fight once again before rematching Pearson:

“It was a close call. It could have been a hairline faster. I watched it and I thought it was legal because he went limp and was out already. I never would intentionally hurt one of my opponents. He’s a friend of mine. It’s a grey area. Rules are rules. They are there to protect us. I’ve been in MMA since before they had rules. I grew up with the sport and the rules are there to protect us. I was penalized by it and it was ruled a no contest. It sucks. I had him hurt and I could have finished him. I want to fight someone else now. I want to keep fighting. I want to fight on the December 28 card in Vegas, but I’ll fight Ross again when he’s ready. I’ll come back to England.”

Guillard appears re-motivated and ready to make more waves in the UFC lightweight division. Since a much-publicized slide from 2011-2012, Guillard nearly notched his second straight knockout last night. With it already announced that he and Pearson will rematch next March in London, “The Young Assassin” does not want to wait that long.

UFC 168 featuring Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva, Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate, and Josh Barnett vs. Travis Browne, is an absolute blockbuster of a card that would only get more exciting with the addition of Guillard. Was he robbed in Manchester? And whom should he fight if he indeed does end up on the UFC 168 card?

  • the 1st knee was borderline legal/illegal, the second one however was very illegal….

    • The second was legal, hit the chest and not the head!

      • Yes he went for the chest + when he pulled his foot off the ground Ross hand was not touching the ground yet.. that should not be ruled illegal it's BS and they really need to do something about that rule it's STUPID! Also there was nothing "borderline" about the first knee, that was a perfectly legal knee.

        I would like to see Guillard back in action asap… it makes no sense for him to be benched for 5 f*cking months, it's ridiculous. He didn't even break a sweat last night. The UFC should give him another fight, he can knock Ross out some other time down the line.

        • From the angles I saw, the first knee was certainly legal. The second and from the camera angles I saw, It was harder to tell. It looked like his hand touching the mat and that his knee might have been down.

          Fighters should learn in these situations, that they should really learn to throw the knees at the body and avoid the any area close to the head. Silva's knee of Sonnen or Evan's knee to Ortiz, would be good examples.

          It was a real shame that it happened the way it did. I think Melvin was going to own Ross and as such, cost himself an easy win. Too bad for Ross, as well. ***** to have a fight blown like that and given what I know of Pearson, he probably would have continued on, had the allowed him.

  • Meh….

  • The experience and Brian Cox, if you are having trouble comprehending the rules perhaps its not a good idea to post comments after this particular article.
    Ross clearly had his hand on the mat and was hit, full bore, in the face by an illegally thrown knee. Whats so hard to understand?
    You could probably make a good case of the first knee thrown as being illegal.

    To be honest Mike Drahota you should be writing articles from an unbiased viewpoint.
    It seems to me that you thought Melvin was not only on his way to winning but you also thought that the knees thrown were legal.
    You write that his fingers touched the mat ever so slightly between strikes, on the second knee his hand was firmly placed on the mat for a few seconds.
    Well on his way to a win? well of course it is gonna look like that after he has been struck with hard shots that were illegal, he was dazed and would probably have been beaten had the fight continued.
    All I am saying is try to keep an unbiased view when writing the articles.
    Melvin Guillard was not the guy who was hard done by, Ross Pearson was.

    • I would argue.. but something tells me i'm gonna waste my time, so i'll keep it short… "I DISAGREE"..

    • @Power of women…..Don't force me to make a Britney Spears "leave Mike alone video".

      I much prefer when the MMA writers throw out some opinions rather than sit on the fence. However, I will say this….whenever a guy needs 32 stitches in his head from a misunderstanding in rules and positioning, the MMA body probably needs to review the rules because there is the split seconds when a knee lifts, a hand grazes the mat after the knee has been executed.

  • Hey Power of the Women calm yo azz down & go cook some dinner.

    • Now the funny part….it's actually "power/of/two/men hahaha. I already had the conversation with him because I was curious. Oh well we all have opinions and sometime mine gets beat up a lot hahah

  • The first knee looked like it was legal by one frame of the tape, which is around 1/20th of a second.

    The second knee was illegal. Pearson's hand was on the canvas. Yes, he clearly put it down just to stop getting kneed in the head, but those are the rules.

    The way to avoid this is simple. If there's any chance your opponent is going to put his hand down, don't knee him in the head.

    I think Melvin is lucky he didn't get DQed and Pearson awarded the win. What difference is there between this and Sakara losing to Cote? Several hammer fists to the back of someone's head when he's rolling around on the mat isn't much different than two knees to an opponent who's hand was either on the mat or an inch or two away.

  • Maybe Pearson should have used his hand to defend the knee instead of cheaply touch the mat. That stupid rule needs to be changed anyway, standing with your hand on the mat is still standing in my books.

    At least it was a no contest and not a DQ loss for Melvin since he looked like he was about to finish.

  • The rule regarding knee strikes to a downed opponent needs to be amended. It should be that a fighter standing on his feet is never a downed opponent, regardless if his hands are touching the mat. This continues to be one area of the rules that is flawed. Perhaps Pride rules were too brutal but this nonsense is not the answer and is simply an over reaction. Name one person in Pride who ever got seriously hurt by knees on the ground.

    Regarding the fight. Melvin Guillard won the fight in my eyes. He was too fast and getting the better of Ross even before the knees.

  • I would`nt worry too much Entity, those strategically placed spaces between power, of and women tell me he is probably in on the joke.