Melvin Guillard says there is no way for Donald Cerrone to defeat him at UFC 150


Melvin Guillard is feeling back in top fighting form after weathering a rough patch recently. After switching his camp from Greg Jackson’s to The Blackzilians, Guillard found himself on the unfortunate end of two submission defeats to Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller, respectively. Knowing that the fight game always has its ups-and-downs, the experienced Guillard learned from his faults and rebounded with a unanimous decision victory over Fabricio Camoes at UFC 148. This victory has earned him a fight with fellow Lightweight contender and former teammate Donald Cerrone. Guillard came out of his last bout unscathed, so the two will meet in the co-main event of UFC 150 on August 11th in Denver, CO. Guillard had some choice words today via about his next fight, seemingly with confidence at an all-time high:

“Things could be entirely different at this stage in my life, if I hadn’t beaten Camoes at UFC 148, who knows where I would be right now. Instead, I’m co-headlining a UFC pay-per-view for Mr. Lorenzo and Mr. Dana and all the fans, and in a fight that I think will be the Fight of Night. There is no way that Cerrone can beat me, because for the first time ever, I will be fighting at my full potential. I can’t wait for Denver. I want the fight to be this weekend. I’m already in shape and in my mind, and in strategy sessions with my coaches, I’ve already won the fight ten different ways.”

Guillard has always had the knockout potential with lightning-fast speed to match. It has always been a matter of stringing together a winning streak for him, one that is uninterrupted by a loss in a fight which he is favored. There is no doubt that he possesses a great amount of talent for fighting, now it appears he has his mental status in the same place. Still, Donald Cerrone is never an easy out at Lightweight. Who will win at UFC 150, and where will they find themselves in the crowded and talented 155 lb. division afterward?

  • Cerrone wins by guillotine, rd. 1

  • If Melvin can or has corrected his weak submission defense… then the guy could be unstoppable. Very talented… super fast/hard hitting guy. Hope he has worked on his ground game….have a feeling Cerrone will try to exploit Melvin’s weakness there.

  • Hooooooooly crap ! look at the size of Leben’s head…. sh*t

  • Come in all cOcky and dancing and see what happens.

  • I wonder how many times Melvin Guillard has said he will being fighting at his full potential for the first time.

  • Cerrone in this fight, all day long.

  • yea, what melvin meant to say was “theres no way i can beat cerrone. hes a better striker and jiu jitsu player than i am. send me back to the prelims”

  • Agreed.

  • To expand:

    I think Melvin has the tools to beat Cerrone. He’s got more speed and power, while also possessing better hips. So he should have a great shot. The problem is, more often than not, he beats himself.

  • You’d be surprised how crafty Donald Cerrone is Melvin.

  • I’ve always thought that Melvin Guillard might have the biggest unfulfilled potential in MMA.
    The guy is a good wrestler with great take down defense, good ground defense actually (when he’s not rocked) and could be the fastest striker in MMA.

    I really think when Melvin is on mentally he can beat anybody in the world at 155 – when on he has some of the best hands in the sport, perhaps the best speed with them and some of the best power P4P.

    Melvin said after his last fight he didn’t want to be too aggressive but I think he was too passive, just play it safe, and that isn’t what makes him a super talent.

    Hopefully he has sorted himself out and if he has then Cerrone could serve as one hell of a statement for him

  • The problem is that Cerrone is an amazing fighter – brilliant Muay Thai technique with a super dangerous ground game, especially off his back.

    Cerrone has the tools to beat any fighter, especially Guillard due to The Cowboy’s sick ground game and Melvin’s occasional trouble there.
    That being said, Cerrone has trouble fighting guys who can beat him to the punch and don’t suffer a disadvantage with the reach. Melvin is definitely a fast striker and his speed coming in and out could negate the reach.

    If Melvin comes in to the fight like he did against Dunham then he could be the first guy to KO Donald.

  • I think Cerrone will need a game plan to win this one.

  • melvins weakness is melvins tendency to do dumb things

  • If Melvin was less athletic he’d be a better fighter. He knows he’s more athletic than his opponents and that’s why he gets careless and overly ****y. Dude is so talented….. He’d be a monster if he could put it all together. Cowboy by sub.

  • If hes still training with jackson im sure he will have a gameplan

  • Hips? Didn’t know Salsa dancing plays a factor..

  • Playing it safe earned him this opportunity.

  • Agree, I feel if it goes to the ground at any stage for a decent amount of time he will get mentally overwelmed by a constantly attacking Cerrone.

  • I like Guillard, He is one of the most talented LW.
    However, everytime he is too confident like this , he loses….

  • Knock him out or get knocked out is the motto

  • Yeah……….there’s no way he can beat you…………..providing submissions are not allowed…….

  • I think Melvin still needs to mature as a fighter. That’s why he gets careless and overly ****y. I don’t think him losing athleticism would improve his career any bit.

  • untill he drastically improves his biggest weakness being submissions he is no threat to the top of the division. cerrone he look to take him down and sub him which he will do.