Mayhem Denies Racism, Dana Wants To Give Uriah Hall A Bonus


Jason Mayhem Miller was once again in the headlines this week, and this time the scuffle with Uriah Hall was the story. Miller was seen to shout racial slurs at Hall, before getting in his face and taking a shot from Hall for his troubles.

The incident raised obvious concerns for Miller’s mental state, but also there is the chance that he could just be a total racist psychopath. Miller has taken to his Twitter in the time since, to dispel the mass opinion that he is a red neck, pillow case wearing type of guy:

As much as having a scuffle in a bar, or even just exchanging words is not an infrequent occurrence; some of the things that Miller said were wrong. Whether you agree that he is a racist or not, he shouldn’t have said what he said in the company that was present.

Hall, in my opinion, was well within his rights to be angry. Maybe he should have thought twice about throwing a punch, but he was offended by a drunken jackass and these things happen. It appears there will be no backlash from his boss Dana White over the scrap, as White pointed out over Twitter:

White siding with the former favorite of TUF 17 there, and this situation has ironically landed Hall back in (kinda) White’s good books. A convincing win at UFC 168 against Chris Leben might see Hall begin to fulfil his potential.

After disappointing performances against John Howard and Kelvin Gastelum, followed by the bizarre incident with Mayhem; it has certainly been a surreal year for Hall. Facing a do-or-die scrap against Zombie Slugger Leben in December, U Hall could easily turn it in to the best year of his life.

  • Ivy

    If Hall had called Miller a "cracker", or "white boy" I guarantee there would be no mention of racism whatsoever on his part. Double standard anyone? White guilt anyone?

    • i would absolutely be defending miller if that was the case. I'm not looking at color here, like i said to you on the last thread

      • Ivy

        Do you think the "media" would report it if Hall was screaming "cracker" at Miller? Name one case where black people have been cited as racist, and then find at least 3 articles of condemnation written by black people against that person for their actions. (Something tells me you will not reply to this challenge).

        • Dude youre so consumed by me thinking that its racist because he is white, it is insane. I don't condone racism of any kind, regardless of which ignorant fool is spouting it

          • Ivy

            A Youtube video shot by someone's I-phone on a subway of an obvious crackhead and 2 Infowar articles on Charles Barkely's (a black conservative) view of the Trayvon Martin verdict where he is addressing a verdict, not an issue. Find me 3 articles within the MAINSTREAM MEDIA (CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, NY Times etc.) where a black person uses racial slurs against a white person of the white race and it is followed up by condemnation from the black community leaders.

          • Ivy

            BTW, I'm not attacking you Rory, I just think you are a little misguided by the political correctness of a liberal culture.

          • well at the least ivy, i'm glad you consider us mainstream media ;0

          • Ivy

            You're not mainstream, but you're acting like it by parroting the same sort of biases when it comes to race. BTW, are you going to respond to my challenge?

          • I'm going to say that this debate is possibly too complicated to get in to on a school night, cheers for the chatter though. squawk 😉

          • Ivy

            Is it too complicated, or that you don't know how to answer the questions honestly? My challenge stands, if I have been living in a cave then show me the light.

          • I never said anything of the sort bro, i honestly just dislike racism as a whole, it doesnt matter to me who is saying it. im not judging anyone else for their point of view as that is there god given right. all im saying on the sub matter that we are debating is as follows; i hear, and respect your opinion. I just disagree. i don't feel it warrants much further debate as it is such an immensly deep subject matter that my fingers would probably drop off before we get to a settling point in that kind of debate

          • No he's acting like how a civilized person would act.

            And no there isn't a double standard. I've been in American cities that white people will cross the street. Just so they wont have to walk on the same side walk as black people. Interracial dating is still banned in north carolina in some universities and will get you expelled. I'm even not counting how they get treated the moment they drive an hour from any major american city.

            And your crying about the plight of the white man? Really?

            ~plays the worlds smallest violin~

          • Ivy

            There are many fallacies in your argument "N.C." (North Carolina eh?).

            1. you say there is NO (as in zero) double standards on race? So, by that logic a black person is not a racist for calling a white person a racial slur.

            2. You say white people walk across the streets just to avoid black people in some cities. That is nothing short of a biased, informal and ignorant argument because it can only prove something is true by not being able to prove it is false. Makes no sense.

            A faulty assumption that a correlation between two those variables (e.g. aforementioned example) implies that one causes the other. Fact is, you are NO ONE to judge anyone's intent based on their color, but you just did.

            Are you a racist? Because you absolutely are prejudiced against whites as your own words have just evidenced.

          • 1. Yes there is a double standard. Niggaz is much higher in the insult ladder because it's linked to slavery and lynching. What is cracker associated with again? And yes, there is double standards. Just not how people like YOU think of it.

            2. Well one.
            2008 was when they issued their apology. Wasn't until 2000 was the inter-racial dating ban lifted. Thats just a quick search, theres more schools.

            Your turn. You called me on it. Now I'm calling you! You prove what I say isn't true. I lived in Kansas city and people will cross the street to avoid black people. I'm not saying it's everywhere or even most major cities. But it's still around.

            Also, what makes you think I'm black? I make no assumptions. But I just exposed that YOU do.

            "Cool story bro"

          • Ivy

            Re-read my posts bc you got it all wrong North Carolina.

            1. I didn't say the double standard was about the N-word vs. the C-word. I said the double standard is on race in general. Whites are constantly associated with racism, but everyone else gets a pass by the MEDIA.

            2. Your #2 response had nothing to with what I said. re-read my post.

            Is it true of false that Jesse Jackson stated this: “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

            And is it is true, does that make him a racist for judging non-whites?

            And btw, I never said I thought you were black. Do c&p my post and correct me if I'm wrong.

          • 1. We're not dragging the media into this are we? When is every mass murder by a muslim terrorisim and if their white they have a mental illness? Seriously? Don't bother going there. But i like how your running from the points i made.

            2. Oh wait was the proof? It's obvious by your reply that common sense will not apply to you.

            Even if i corrected you because you are wrong. Like i did above. With links to historical facts. You wouldn't comprehend it anyway.

            But you stay ignorant and mad if that serves you.

          • 1. There is no white equivalent to the n-word. The truth of the matter is that racism between the races is different. If two people punch each other in the face they are both wrong….HOWEVER…lets say person one has been beating the crap out of person two for say 200 years. There punch is not quite the same or has the same meaning as if person two were to punch them in the face. Now…I am not saying that either action is wrong….HOWEVER, to equate the actions and say that the punches are comparable is to dismiss the history of punching recieved by the other.

            Your line about correlation is also decietful because although correlation does not equal causality it is a precursor. And when there is consistent a correlation it certainly implies a relationship. IE if white people are always walking across the street,while their black couterparts do not. It is safe to say that there is a relationship between race and that avoidant behavior.

            Ivy the truth of the matter is you are trying to look at an unfair situation from the felonious assumption of fairness and all things being equal…when in fact they are not.

          • Ivy

            Correlation *can* imply a relationship indeed, but so does perception and perception is what people use to make decisions and I agree that race can def be used to make those decisions. Nevertheless it is still making asumptions about people based on skin color (in this case the white people are racist automatically for crossing the street).

            Defer to my Jesse Jackson quote if you will and let me know your thoughts. Was he a racist to say what he did?

          • Ok…then if those white may or may not be racist…but they are certainly prejudice. And I dont think they were pre-judging those people positively….therefore they were being racist. If you think those people would cross the street for a white dude you are just deluding yourself. Just like if you think there is no racial profiling by the police. Also I was being modest when I said correlation implies a relationship. Correlation IS a relationship…its in the word. You keep referencing this sense of all this reverse racism going around like it is some crazy undercover epidemic that is not being exposed.

            Jesse Jackson's statement is interesting on a few levels. 1. It reflects how racism is engrained in its victims. Not only is white superiority and black inferiority apart of white culture it is engrained in the psych of african americans. Mr. Jackson also grew up in era that was pre "Black and I am Proud".

            2. On the other hand it reflects a certain truth. Blacks are more likely to be robbed or attacked by Blacks. Conversely Whites are more likely to be robbed or attacked by Whites. It has more to do with proximity and de facto segregation.

          • Ivy

            1. So what if they were prejudice? Everyone uses prejudice everyday, esp if we don't the other person. It's human nature to use prejudice. You say the white person crossing the street is automatically a racist because they were prejudice. Define what the term "racist" means. Does it really apply and on what basis to you assume that about white people in general? It's a racist stereotype at best. I don't know all police racially profile, but I know it happens. I am a police officer by the way. I also work with 2 black cops and have a black adopted brother from Kenya.

            2. So, let me get this straight. Jesse Jackson gets a pass for being prejudice against blacks because white people taught him that being prejudice against blacks was OK, is that what you just said? That would be an argument of false cause because you can't assume that just because one thing is related to another means the first thing caused the second thing to occur.

            3. Now you're talking sense. Keep weening yourself off the Kool-aid the media has been forcing down your throat.

          • 1. Prejudice and racism go hand and hand. You are saying racism is bad but prejudice is ok. That makes no sense. Yes…they are racist because they are prejudging that there is something wrong with that Black person and therefore must stay away. Racist is having a belief that one is superior to another based on their race. Think that there is something wrong with the Black dude to the point that you need to cross the street, hold your purse or get in another elevator based solely on race fits the bill. Also before we get all high and mighty with I have two Black partners and an adopted brother line….read below about the internalization of racism…if it impact Jesse Jackson you are not immune to it. Racist views are able to be overcome when we get to know an individual. That person is no longer psychologically classified as Black…they are just John. In college one of my friends was 100% racist. lol…he use to always reference "but I cant be because we are friends"….sorry…dont work that way. A womanizer doesnt necessarily treat all woman bad.

            2. I never said Jesse is getting a pass. I am merely stating the set of conditions that led to that scenario. I am also showing how deep rooted racism is in the American Psyche…even a civil rights leader has internalized effects of it….as do ALL Americans on some level. I would like to think the newer generation to a lesser degree.

            3. What cool-aid are you referring to. I am just not buying that BS about a post racial America after Obama was elected. It just is not true. But if its easier for you to reduce yourself to name calling and using nice gimmicky words like "kool-aid" then face the facts that racism is real and Mr. Miller embodied it….well knock yourself out.

            To be honest…you sound like most White Americans…you are good person..but you have some racist mental schemas. Those two facts are difficult to maintain at the same time. So you will attack via name calling or false logic anything that exposes the dark side of you that has racist thoughts….some of which do not even appear racist until further examination…some of which you hold to be anti-racist and pro-equality. My friend…I think you are drinking your own kool aid

          • Ivy

            1. suggesting that using prejudice makes you a racist makes about as much sense as sticking your head straight up Junior Dos Santos' beaten up azz. White people cross the street when they see a black person coming, or a black thug coming? You want to mix the 2 together and make them the same. People do not cross the street based on racism, but rather prejudice born out of the need to protect themselves. What they may see is a black person coming, and it could be my adopted brother from Kenya who is the best person in the world btw, or perhaps a gangster looking thug. Prejudice doesn't tie into racism so much as immediate perception. And as a cop near a metropolis if you ever did a ride along with me on the beat with me you'd agree that perception exists for a reason.

            2. You're blaming racist white culture on Jesse Jackson making a racist statement. That's what it sounds like. Again, I defend the "good Reverend" on this one. He was not being a racist, but he was using prejudices to color his perception of the possibility of being mugged. He expressed relief when he realized it was white and not black following behind him. Could there be a reason why? Perhaps you should check into some crime statistics.

            3. Miller didn't meet the conditions of racism by defintion, maybe by proxy but not by definition. He's a douche bagger, but I don't think his comments made him racist.

            Thanks for the psycho-analysis but I don't think so. What you fail to realize is that white and black cultures are different, and in those differences mentalities are different and therefore intent can be misunderstood. No Kool aid here. Just simple science.

          • will you respond to my challenge above

          • Ivy

            I think I did already.

          • YOu responded by sayin you cant do it. There is no word that is offensive to whites as the n-word. Comparing racism against Blacks (the more prevalent and dominate form in this country) to that against Whites is ignorant in of itself. It is not apples to apples. The reality is that the majority of white people in this country can go through their entire life and never have to think or even worry about race…meanwhile EVERY African American person has to deal with it on consistent basis. Did you ever think that the reason the media does not report such stories is becuas its a NON-STORY. I will ask you directly…how many times has racism impacted your life and to what degree. Has it drastically altered your way of life….and if you think about saying the words affirmative action get ready for me to make you look stupid

          • If you were to come to California preaching all this bullsh*t, i can guarantee you that a white person will punch you in your piggy nose before a bro will.

            And sorry Bitchboy we dont go around calling white people CRACKERS out here. Talk about something else fellow cuz this is not the 1950's.

          • Ivy

            I thought you were still licking the rim of Al Sharpton's a nus. Why bother to stop in only to get your **** kicked again? Your posts aren't worth even a cursury glance they are so filled with bigotry.

        • The cracker and the n-word are not even close in terms of its implication and power. I challenge you to show me a similar word that was used while enslaving and murdering people while taking away their heritage and rights for centuries. I certainly do not think cracker fits that bill. If you can think of a similar word I am all ears

          • Ivy

            Did I ever say there were the same? I agree that they are not, but what I;m getting at is simple: the media IGNORES black people when they make racist comments against whites. Yes, or no?

          • Not certain if it happens all that often. Also as we BOTH agree it is much less of a story because they ARE not the same. Also…Black are called out on far less. Whenever someone brings up the issue of race one of the racists on FOX refers to them as a "race baiter"

      • not sure if you come off really good defending anyone for calling a black person the n-word repeatedly….not sure there is ever a case in which that is ok. Even if Hall came back at him…not only are you insulting Hall you are offending an entire race. There are plenty of other derogatory words in the English language that coudl be used in its place

    • But Hall didnt call him a cracker you racist B*tch! Who cares what Miller says, the dude was **** naked in a church, obvious he has problems. I always thought the dude was entertaining & an one word doesn't change my mind.

      I know there is aryan websites that you are more than welcome to spew your racist views, grab the few other PunkBitches who SHARP you & go there O.K.K.K.

      • Ivy

        I can't stand Miller and never been able to, and I actually like Hall, a lot. You're quick to judge hater. re-read my posts and then comment.

    • quote: "If Hall had called Miller a "cracker", or "white boy" I guarantee there would be no mention of racism whatsoever on his part."

      so…you guarantee that huh? good for you. I see it differently.
      at least I guarantee that there are "white people" who will be offended by that.
      Also I think that especially "white people" in america might wanna treat this subject extra-sensitive because of the history of their country.

      • I think if you don't live in the USA you might as well not even comment on American racial issues. Furthermore if you don't live in the south, you are probably mistaken on how things really are. I have lived in South Carolina all my life, 28 years. And it has one of the highest if not the highest percentage of black people. I have had many black friends growing up.

        However when you live down here, if you admit certain things are realities, ignorant people are very quick to call you a racist. It is just a straight up fact that racism against anyone other than black people, is totally accepted here. People are extremely open about making racist comments about asian and middle eastern people. And often hispanics too. No one cares.

        I just hate how the people that are hard working and honest and care about earning their way for their family. They get hindered by the people that are the reason for the stereotypes.

        It doesn't make national news when a minority kills a white person, especially when it's not even considered possible self defense. I believe everyone is born equal. But there are parents who ruin their kids by teaching them from the start that the government will just take care of them. Teach them how to work the system and play every card in their hand to make life as easy as possible. Almost all races include people who do this. But unfortunately in some regions, some races are more problematic than others. And it leads to racial tension.

        Just go to high school in the south and then tell me that reverse racism isn't a problem 10 times bigger than conventional.

        • I've lived in florida for 10 yrs. I know what you mean and agree with about everything you say. in the end its simple. hate causes hate. education is a good way to stop this devil's circle.

    • Really…what are you basing that off of. More importantly….despite that fact that he was called the N-word over and over he did not call him that. I am noticing a trend on the internet, on this site and on xbox live…there is this groups of white males who are feeling somehow persecuted by reverse racism. I feel sad for them because their lives are somehow shaped everyday by this unfair behavior. These dudes are not allowed to use the N-word, they are prosecuted for shooting Trayvon, whenever a black person experiences racism they are forced to hear about it, the word cracker is not taken as harmful as the n-word. Its really a shame what these poor white males are going through these days.

    • difference is, the black communities profound use of the n word is an attempt to 'take it back' with cracker and white boy we've already taken that away from its derogitory content. I for one when called things like this think 'yes, yes I am :D'

  • President of billion dollar company replies with a f bomb. Wonder why some people have negative opinion on Mma?! Dana acts too trashy.

    • President of a billion dollar company replies with a f-bom. I wonder why this is the fastest growing sport in the world?

      Perspective my friend.

      • were you dropped on head as a baby? That would explain a s few things " my friend "

  • What bisping said on his TUF season is fair. A black guy insulted his pasty white legs. So Bisping insulted him back. When confronted if Bisping was being racist. He wasn't, it was comment for comment no racial slurs used and it was dropped. Also toss in Bis comes from a country who didn't exploit them until 50 years ago. It's different.

    Niggaz is different. Its linked to their history. When they call each other Niggaz it's:

    A- used as an insult. Black people who create the stereotype for other blacks.

    B- it's used because when White people said it, its often used to their slaves and property. So it's said between friends to say that they mean that is their guy. Like if white slave owners would say "thats my niggaz" it would mean that my man who will do anything for me. So when they say it to each other. It means a similar thing.

    Now see what happens when a white guy says it?

    If thats too complicated, then its' like calling your kid stupid. You can do it cuz its your own kid. Somebody else does it and theres going to be a fight.

    • well said….In truth…I think most white guys realize this. They are just want things to be "fair" because they do not realize that fair doesnt mean the same.

      • Or why even go there?

        You can insult people a lot of different ways. Think of something better then leveraging the the ignorance of society as a weapon.

        Especially when Blacks don't have an equivalent insult back.

        Don't like some one, insult THEM. Why even bring his race into it.

        He was mouthing off. There's a lot of words he could've used. Saying in context A above. Is most likely how he says it 99% of the time. Problem is, he doesn't know the rules lol So he used it in the context of example B.

  • Mayhem N-word rant and denial of being racist. woudl be like Chris Brown saying he is a woman beater fresh off his Rihanna beatdown. C'mon son

  • Its funny how ignorant whites will use quotes from certain Blacks to justify their position. There is a great line that Damon Wayans once said in a comedy routine "…eventually will just go away. Cuz I dont want to be that n-word that bring out when things go bad. YOu will see the report come to me like this (imitates a white female report) "so Damon now that you have made 50 million dollars…and we are not counting. I have one question for you… their racism in America"….(talking in an ignorant slave voice)"No sir…if en der es I aint seen none").

    Funny how rich dudes like the Dr. you mentioned in the previous article and Charles Barkley are brought out. It reminds of the House N-gga during slave days. If you dont know what I mean go see Django Unchained and check out Sam Jackson character. I think that character was happy with the set up. He was actually upset that someone actually act like Django

  • Jcren you're the most racist person on this site. Keep it bitter!!

    • ok…if you think so. Please show me what I wrote that suggests that one race is in anyway superior to another. That is afterall what racism is. What I am to you is someone who is exposing racism and making a you think about it…therefore I am racist….because in your world it would not exist unless people like me brought up some of its ugly facts…put simply…dont kill the messenger.

      I dont like it either…but hiding from certain realities wont make things better. HOwever your comment is typical of what I have seen in the media…for example when people proposed the reason Trayvon Martin was followed was because he was Black they were accused of race baiting. For anyone who is honest with themselves we all know he was followed because of his races

    • Dont play into the BS Watermelon Fk them. You cant use rational thinking. And Rory should know better after the last thread cluster fk. Have a great day!