Matt Riddle released from the UFC, fails second marijuana drug test


And just like that one more fighter has been terminated from the UFC.

 Recreational drugs have been seeming to become an increasingly problematic issue in MMA. An issue which has left fighters like Nick Diaz and Matt “riddled” with issues. See what I did there? Thank you, I’m here all week.

 But in all seriousness, MMA Junkie first reported the news Tuesday, that Riddle had failed yet another post-fight drug test for marijuana, making this the second instance the failure has taken place since his win over Chris Clements at UFC 149.

Apparently Riddle has a medical marijuana license for the state of Nevada and has been quoted in an interview on the MMA Hour recently stating:

“I do smoke but I’m not smoking to get stoned. I’m smoking so I can finally relax, sit back and just not worry about things. People, maybe they did it in college one way, but for a guy like me, for a professional athlete that goes through what we go through, it’s medicine for me. Maybe for some little stoner sitting on the couch playing XBox, for him, it’s a drug. For me, it’s medicine.”

Because there is no athletic commission present in London, the UFC has the responsibility to act on the situation. Although they have not yet confirmed whether the win will be overturned.

  • Seriously Matt get your **** together your in the big dogs league

    • It's sad I know David. I've seen a lot of guys avoid high paying drug tested jobs to simply feed their addiction, and they are totally in denial.

      • They are just like the losers who clicked weak on your reply David.

        • I have battled my own demons so I cant judge but at least stop 30 days out so you can pass a piss test

          • I smoked as a youngster as well, so I can pass judgment. It's those who dont know anything about it that cant pass judgment. My future began after I quit, unlike most of my friends who still smoke today and havent gone any further than when they were in highschool. Thats my opinion and this thread is about Riddle and marijuana, so not out of context the way I see it. If others dont want to see opinions or are offended, request these threads are not posted. Have a good day.

          • How can these guys make weight, that's what I want to know.

          • If you don't have a future it is due to stupidity, not weed. I know a lot of very successful people who smoke every day.

          • Anyone CAN pass judgement on anyone else for anything. Doesn't mean you SHOULD pass judgement. Plus you probably don't even know what you're talking about. Just because you couldn't move into the future and smoke recreational pot doesn't mean others can't. Obviously there are some very successful people out there that smoke. It's the jobs that test for weed, but not booze that are the problem. If a person can't move forward it's not the weed, it's the kind of person they are. Look at Diaz, Woody Harrelson, Eddy Bravo, Joe Rogan, and countless other people who smoke and still have incredible discipline in what they do. For the record, I stopped smoking so I could work my current career, but it's pretty douchey to straight up pass judgement on anyone that smokes. When other legal things are so much worse. But accepted. And I'm not offended. I just have a hard time not pointing out ignorance or arrogance when I see it on here. Or being a major hypocrite. As if the future you made for yourself is so great that every smoker should follow your example. Because you got it all figured out. Everyone has a vice. My biggest one is dipping tobacco. For some people it's eating food all day. If your vice doesn't hurt anyone, then it's lame to judge like that.

      • entity

        it doesnt have to be an addiction, its just a lifestyle like drinking alcohol.
        And the most people who drink alcohol isnt addicted to it. smoking weed is faaar less addictive and dangerous as drinking alcohol or smoking cigaretts. its just about our goverments will to control our state of mind.. legalize weed!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

        • when your lifestyle consists around one of those substances that is addiction. because if it wasn't addiction your life wouldn't be based around it.

      • Addiction Entity? IT"S WEED! Have you ever sucked Di(k in a buss station for weed? No? Anyone? No still? IT ISN"T ADDICTIVE. I smoke almost everyday, am able to quit for drug tests when I know I am going to be looking for work and suffer no adverse effects. If it was addictive that wouldn't work. Real addicts don't need to avoid jobs with drug tests because heroin and cocaine and most other addictive drugs are out of the system in 24 hours or so or, like alcohol, are legal. BTW, off topic, Obama doesn't have death camps. Go wash your trans am, it's dirty.

        • @Ichokepeople. He may not have death camps but he's still a moron, and so is anyone that supports him, voted for him, likes him, etc. He's the reason so many people are getting their work hours cut, because the employers can't or won't pay for their insurance. How about we American people just do like some of us and take care of ourselves and we don't need insurance for anything other than catastrophic injury. I'm an EMT on an ambulance and literally 80% to 90 % of 911 medical calls are pure Bull. People faking chest pain to get out of work. People trying to get drugs at the hospital. People faking all the time. If we had the right to refuse transport on all the Bull calls, this country could afford to give cheaper care to the people that really need it. Instead of calling it free, and only making it free for people that don't work, and never will.

          • EMS, and the E. R. should be able to turn people away when they are only there to waste everyone's time and money. Those people are the majority that call or come in. And they are the ones that don't pay. That's why you or me will pay hundreds of dollars for an IV bag with 1 liter of saline. You get the idea. These are the people that are the root of everything wrong with this country. We should be back to survival of the fittest. Not with ****** and stealing, but in the sense of you don't work, you don't eat. Unless you're truly disabled. Which is another system often abused. But anyway, I'm just sick of having to give the parasites a free ride, with a smile, while the rest of us pay for it. Just wait till the SHTF. These same people will be the ones trying to steal your food, your house, your car, maybe your daughter or mother. True human parasites.

        • @ ICP

          I agree with everything you said.

          In terms of death camps, I'm not sure what you're discussing / referencing, but there are camps. Make no mistake about it. Google a S.F Chronicle article called …Rule, by Fear or by Law.

      • "Addiction?" Uhh no. Marijuana is not addictive. I know Riddle claims he uses it medically for whatever reason. And not to get high. But look at him. haha, that dude loves to get high. Anyway, I don't even smoke anymore these days but I would expect better from you Entity. As much as you love the Diaz bros, if someone else is smoking you'll throw them under the bus. That being said, you're right, it ***** when people have to choose between that and a better job. Considering pretty much no jobs force you to never drink alcohol. People are stupid though so what can we expect.


    • Though I completely agree with/believe Riddle when he talks about how/why he smokes "marijuana" and applaud him for taking this stand when he knows that with 80 years of propaganda working against him most ppl won't believe him. BUT… he didn't fail a drug test here, he failed an intelligence test. It doesn't matter if u agree with the rule or not u know it's a rule and still have to follow it. This is like smashing a guy with a 12-6 elbow when you couldve hit him with a legal one then saying its a dumb rule.

    • such a lousy fighter anyway.

  • sigh…

  • ***** for riddle, does this mean they bring back che mills since matt tested for a banned substance? technically doesnt that seem like the right thing to do, eventhough its not considered a PED by most? personally i thought mills shouldnt have been cut before this. p.s why isnt riddles nickname "the riddler"?

    • I second that, Che Mills is a very entertaining fighter, they need all those types of guys they can get.

  • I would love to see what happens if Nick Diaz tests positive for marihuana again… I dont think Dana can afford to loose a guy like him… we will see…

    • If Nick tests positive again Dana will cut him again. (With everything else he does to drive his boss crazy) It means he's too stupid to be in the UFC. Win or lose.

  • According to what I heard multiple times Riddle doesn't you marijuana for recreational purposes only for medicinal purposes,then again part of the purpose of medicinal marijuana is to recreate! ;D

  • Idioto! Didn't this guy get the memo? Way to make it easy for the UFC to cut you.

  • He fights soo boring that he has to smoke to watch his own tapes

  • It doesn't matter if you use it for medicine or recreation. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. So instead of keeping your job and seeking sober ways of dealing with your anxiety you find comfort in the joint, there's nothing wrong with that. Just don't be surprised when you can't hold a job. On the bright side maybe now you can train with Nick Diaz.

    • ''The road to hell is paved with good intentions'' wtf …aww you probably believe myths and all type of retarded stuff, ie: bible…….potheads can hold jobs..your living in dumb down america with that type of talk…reefer madness!! Nick Diaz rulessss!!

      • Pot support coming direct from Mexico, who would have thought?
        The UFC has rules just like many tested companies. Imagine your sureon wasted while he operates on your brain….well maybe yours did 8P

      • Haha have you never heard that phrase? If a company's rule was no bananas, would you protest that too and say we live in an anti-banana world? It doesn't matter what you support or what side you're on, the point is there are rules and if you don't follow them there are consequences. I don't know why you're turning this into some huge religious marijuana debate, but that's not what it's about. Matt smoked knowing he would fail his drug test and put his job in danger. He broke the rules and paid for it, open and shut story.

      • Why bring the bible into this? And dumb down America? Why bring race and religion into this? Talk about why you think pot is good for MMA instead and bash that he thinks it's bad.

    • He legit needs to ask Diaz what he does to pass drug tests cuz I remember Nick saying in an interview a couple years back that he quits smoking 8 days before a fight (no idea if that's still the case). Everyone will metabolize it differently but if u can only get busted twice in your career doing that then he's certainly found some legit herbal cleaners lol

    • If pot makes you stupid and lazy how do you explain guys like Ted Turner, Stephen King, Sir Richard Branson, Steven Jobs, Rick Steves, Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton. Arnold Schwarzenegger

      And athletes like; Nick Diaz, Bas Rutten, Michael Phelps, J.R Rider, Santonio Holmes, James Hunt, Rasheed Wallace, Chris Webber, Dock Ellis, Robert Parish, Warren Sapp and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar…… and me.

      I spend 10-20 hours at the gym every week, I go to work 3-4 nights a week. I build custom bikes on my free time and I hit that bong a couple of times a week. But I don't drink, not even just one beer. I stick to what is healthy, what doesn't effect my body in any harmful way. And it's just a great way of relaxing, healing your body and mind and being social.

      if hemp is a banned substance then Coffee, tea and even lettuce, tomatos and all veggies should also be banned, because they as well are plants and do good for your body. A fighter that eats his greens will have an advantage over a fighter that doesn't. And it doesn't effect you on fight day, not in a good way at least. It's just stupid that it is illegal.

  • Reading the anti pot comments and the road to hell is a good intended one, comment. Shows the sickness our current reality is in. ..@ David saucer, big dog league, true. But smoking weed doesnt mean your not a top dog… Countless of NBA NFL players smoke dont see people bad mouthing randy moss for his smoking habit. Darrell strawberry was on crackkk and played great baseball. I get it, don't do drugs. So no percocet, no aspirin and yea aspirin can kill you…no codone for pain….because after all Mary Jane gives you super strength and super mental focus.. Riddle is quite boring. But potheads dont deserve the misinformation giving by air head writers and fans..addiction can go from **** to a substance. So calling him a druggie. Shows the lack of knowledge many people have on Humans and drugs relation. We should ban music for it enchances mental focus..I don't use pot. But I know the difference between a steroid and a cannaboid effect. The comments about riddle's issue is crazy is like we live in the twilight zone..I sense a bunch of retarded Christians.

    • Shut up pot head!

      J/K 😉

      I don't care about the pot, he deserved to go when he threatened, then tried, to lay and hump his way to win in a protest regarding his last fight. Screw that guy.

      • I agree , that lay and hump game plan is boring.. And screw riddle,lol. Mills wanted to bang it out…if you are gonna use your wrestling at least use some bjj. With it. Damien mai fights are hella fun to watch… Anywwhoo, lol the misinformation against pot and pro pot is absurd…

    • Hey man, back it up, dont attack people's religion no matter what it may be.

      • By the way Mexico, the majority of Mexican's religion is Catholic. Im fine with that also.

        • BTW catholics are a result of conquest and many religions are…millions died by the pope words..doesn't Jesus say, I am not here for peace but to bring forth a sword..hmmm did not young america rationalize racism because of Christianity?

          • You really need to look into spanish/mexican history and many other hostile takeovers throughout time and realize that many different forms of religion were at hand and also many atheist takeovers as well throughout history. Britania rationalized racism through darwinism at the thought that white people were further more advanced race. Plenty want to start a war on christianity these days because now they feel they have all the answers. Hypocritical to do that.

          • darwinism doesnt state some more research, Or re read the page he wrote what your implying..

          • its REALLY HYPOCRITICAL TO ACT LIKE YOU KNOW A GOD……Britania did not rationalized racism with darwinism again thats a dubious statement because ive read the page your implying..Its in vol 1 and is page 200 leading towards 201..Darwin was a well known abolitionist and hated slavery and Thought all ''MEN WERE ALL BROTHERS''

          • Why is it hypocritical?

          • Also why make a call out to people that do believe based on a quote that has been used in many non biblical accounts?

          • I think it's hypocritical to act like you KNOW there isn't one.

        • Mexican restaurant' don't use gloves when cooking =(

      • Yea but their religious faith is used as a crutch to believe the craziest stuff..Ie: ''the road to hell is paved with good intentions". Followed by calling him a druggie…

        • Why would you bring all that into an MMA conversation anyways?, me parece, eres el tipo de persona que tiene una opinión en cuanto a todo pero lamentablemente nunca sabe donde expresarla, el que insultes a una persona debido a sus creencias, sólo demuestra tú falta de madurez, después desarrollas un tema que sabes que va irritar a mas de uno mezclando religión y nacionalidad y usándolo para atacar.

        • Don't be so touchy, I've heard quotes from the bible in BBC documentaries who don't believe in the bible. That particular quote is just a good way of saying, You're putting yourself into a lot of trouble with doing your own thing and it doesn't always pay off.

      • @ENTITY- " I've been a Christian in my young days so I can pass judgement. Only people that never practiced religion, shouldn't pass judgement. My life only started progressing when I realized what a joke organized religion is, and moved forward with life." sound familiar?

        • that being said. I don't care nearly as much about pot, as I do when people try to talk about other people going to hell. And they act as if they have an official rule book and can say I know I'm going to heaven. But he's not. This kind of idiocy makes my blood boil. By the way, I don't even care if weed is legal or not. But the people that work at their jobs, live their lives and pay their bills have every right to smoke. Without having to deal with C rap because they'd rather smoke than drink. That's really what this debate always comes down to. If people can buy booze around the corner even though it very often leads to beating wives and kids, and other terrible things. Then the chilled out people should be allowed to smoke in peace.

    • My comment was aimed towards passing the test so you can keep your job its more of a common sense issue.

      • True, its ***** but you have to be a ''professional'' and the headache Dana and lawyers would of have if they wanted to defend riddle and Jane..pot users (non smokers but use pot) have a hard time explaining it to a regular person, imagine defending riddle and dealing with drug commissions..the cut is justifiable in that sense.

    • Are you stoned right now?

      • @Michael S…..I was too stoned to decide whether I should sharp or funny your comment….so I flipped a coin and it came up funny as hell

    • Dude, I believe in God and the bible and also that pot can be used for good. Just so you know.

  • There can only be one statement made concerning Matt Riddle…and that is:

    Marijuana is more important to him than a UFC contract….

    And this comment is not a negative comment, just a reality of his choices that he has made knowing well the consequences of smoking weed and the rules of the UFC.

    marijuana is not a steroid so I can't see how it can be performance enhancing breathing in toxic smoke that alters your mind.

  • what's wrong with the world : trt is ok when prescribed (something that clearly affects your fysical output). Weed gets you trown out (something that clearly has no positive effect – looking from fighter perspective here – on your body).
    Hypocritical bullshit, that's what it is.

    • We live in a world run by fools who are elected by even bigger fools, I am sad to say.

    • @ Dude

      I couldn't agree more and I say that as a big Vitor Belfort fan.

      Everyone knows Riddle smokes, the reasons as to why are irrelevant (IMO) and that he has a license to to do so. This is not news to anyone, particularly The UFC management. Subsequently, I fail to see why it's an issue, when they are / were aware of it. It begs the question, if you know he's a smoker and it's not sanctioned by The Commissions, then why did you sign him in the first place and why didn't they cut him, prior, when he's failed a similar screening before?

      On the other hand and although I like Riddle, I'm almost glad to see him go. Why? Because I'm very tired of his attitude about pot smoking and how it's cool for him, because he's got a "medical condition" (cough, cough) and not cool for anyone else to smoke it and that they are all a bunch of X-box playing, couch sitters.

      On that issue, I would tell Riddle that some of the brightest and most creative minds in the world have, do or did smoke pot. One avowed pot smoker who leaps to mind is Carl Sagan. Sagan used to smoke dope and ponder the creation of The Universe, space and time travel. It also fails to take into consideration all the great art, music and literature, which has been created.

      It also fails to take into consideration the mind-body connection which occurs and (surely) which he must enjoy, when he smoked. Joe Rogan has spoken often spoken of this connection. About getting high and going in and practicing his BJJ. On this point, pot might actually be argued as a PED.

      Riddle can say all he want to defend his use and attack others, but its all BS. He smokes because he enjoys it and he receives a benefit from it. That is it in it's totality. For him to decry anyone else for using it and for doing it for the same reasons as he, but without the benefit of a "license", is the height of hypocrisy and for that, I for one, am glad to see him gone.

      In his defense though, I will say this, at least he didn't go out and alter his cognitive state with the legal substance known as alcohol. And at least he didn't wrap his ($200,000) Continental GT Bentley around a pole. And there are no pictures or video of him hammered and drinking in a ********** or being interviewed drunk on live TV. And the cops have never surrounded his car, pulled him out of it and taken him off to jail.

      Question – I wonder if they drug test fighters for any of the following industrially produced and medically prescribed narcotics, such as…Percocet, Ambien, Oxycontin, Zanex etc.?

      • To your last question yes they do.

        • @ David

          I thought that would be the case, but I thought I'd ask, anyway.

      • good points.
        I know (from own experience ;)) that most of our painkilling "medecine" shows up as derivatives of opium (heroin) when your pee gets tested for used substances; as that is what they are.

    • Theb ufc is just bending over for the gov't thats all.

  • i must be missing something!
    weed just makes ya wanna do **** all and eat ****, how come so many of these fighters are doing it. it must effect there training regime.
    i cut that **** out, watched what i eat and limited drink (getting smashed) to once a fortnight and my training levels have vastly improved so i dont get why these guys at an elite level where its there actual job, smoke that ****.

    • If you have a lazy personality, you will be lazy. But don't blame that on weed. Read my post above. I know a lot of people that use weed and train, mma, boxing, aerobics, body-building, yoga etc etc. Don't blame your own weakness on weed. It's the same as people who have a aggresive tendensy get violent when they drink. It's not the alcohols fault, but it's easier saying: "I'm sorry, it wasn't me, it was the alcohol.". That makes me sick, it's just so cowardly.

  • There's dumb, and then there's failing the same drug test twice dumb.

  • I think weight divisions are a thing of the past
    It think that they should have drug divisions instead:
    You wanna see some good grappling go watch he marijuana division,
    High level wrestling an GnP? That's the TRT division
    Imagine the Coke division?
    Or the meth or heroin division…..leg kicks you say?

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