Matt Brown Thinks Jordan Mein Is More Dangerous Than Dan Hardy


Jordan Mein is riding a three fight win streak including his TKO win over Dan Miller at UFC 158. An impressive debut that didn’t go un-noticed. The former Strikeforce fighter was called upon to face Matt Brown after Dan Hardy had to pull out due to medical reasons. There are many, including Brown, who see Mein as a bigger threat than Hardy. Check out this recent interview with ‘The Immortal’ ahead of his UFC on Fox scrap with Mein, courtesy of MMA’s Great Debate Radio:

I see him as more dangerous than Dan Hardy in the sense that for one he’s more unpredictable. I don’t know as much about him,” Brown said.   “I can get probably 15 or 20 fights on Dan Hardy right now if I wanted them.  With Jordan Mein I’m looking at maybe three or four fights.  Like I said earlier Jordan, he’s an up and comer whereas Dan Hardy‘s talking about retirement. 

“You’ve got a guy that’s ultra hungry and probably trying to make a run for the title.  Where Dan Hardy has probably accepted that he’s not going to be in the title picture and he’s moved on in his career.  So, those are two completely different mentalities that you’re dealing with.  It’s not taking anything away from Dan Hardy, it’s just a different mentality.”

Brown’s striking is ever improving, as we saw with his knockout of Mike Swick, and with Mein’s raw talent we could be in for one hell of a match.

“I’m here for one reason.  I’m just going to fight and it doesn’t matter who’s standing across from me in the Octagon,” Brown said.  “All of that stuff doesn’t change a single thing when it comes down to it.  I’m here just simply to fight the best that I can, and if he wants to make a name off of me, that’s his mistake.”

It sounds like Brown is very motivated for this fight, I’m starting to think this could be one of the year’s best cards. Anyone else picking Brown vs. Mein for KOTN?


  • Jordan Mein IS More Dangerous Than Dan Hardy…

  • matt brown and dan hardy are the pure entertainers, they bring everything to the fight, its getting a beating. i love this two fighters, hopefully matt brown will win and finish jordan mein.