Matt Brown Talks Potential Title Shot And GSP vs. Hendricks


Matt Brown has earned himself at top-level fight with Carlos Condit at UFC on Fox 9, by tearing through the UFC Welterweight division in 2012/13. ‘The Immortal’ holds wins over Chris Cope, Stephen Thompson, Luis Ramos, Mike Swick, Jordan Mein and Mike Pyle in his current streak; with only Thompson making it to the judges decision.

In the wake of his most recent win during Boston’s stacked Fight Night event, Brown was talked about in relation to a title shot. In Condit he faces a very dangerous former interim champ, and a win would likely score him the shot at the crown. Browne stopped by to talk with regarding his journey in MMA:

“If I’m not hurt and I have the ability to fight, then I want to be in there fighting. I don’t see the point in sitting around. I’m not getting any younger. I keep working hard and keep testing myself. I am in this sport to fight. I take a week or two off after every fight. That’s three vacations a year. That’s more than 99 percent of other jobs out there.”

On Carlos Condit: “I think we’re really similar. We’re similar in a lot of different ways. The only difference is that he has fought higher-level guys and succeeded where I haven’t. To me this is a big step up in my career and a chance for me to get into the upper echelon.”

Brown’s record stands at 18-11, with most of his losses coming to the middle to upper tier fighters on his resume. At the end of 2011 Brown was 1-4 in his last five, before he saved his contract by TKO’ing Chris Cope at UFC 143. ‘The Immortal’ has truly turned his career around, but a loss to ‘NBK’ might prove that Brown could be doomed to remain a tough gatekeeper.

“Yeah, I see him as a guy across the cage from me who wants to fight. It’s irrelevant to me if other people think I’m going to lose the fight. Obviously I think I’m going to win, so what does it matter what other people think?”

“He’s at number two and a win over him should put me at number two. A seven-fight win streak and beating the number two contender — I don’t know what else I’d have to do, really.”

Brown also gave his two cents on the GSP vs. Hendricks UFC 167 scorecards:

“I watched it, but I didn’t actually score it. I don’t know who should have won on the judges’ scorecards, but at the end of the fight I had the feeling that Hendricks won that fight. Whether he won the points, I don’t know. He won the fight.”

Brown is a thoroughly entertaining fighter, as we saw during his scrap against Jordan Mein, and I look forward to seeing him face one of my favorites; Carlos Condit. If I were a gambling man, I’d bet that they earn FOTN honors when they collide on December 14th.

  • I've loved Matt Brown since whatever season of TUF he was on; he actually stood out.

    There's no quit in this guy and I guarantee this, if he beats Carlos Condit next month, he will have affirmed himself as the real deal and if so, Lord help GSP, Hendricks and Lawler, because I think he'll crush them all if he beats TNBK.

    As a GSP fan, I have to say this…retire soon, because the backlog of fighters that I have come to love is beginning to hit critical mass.

    For me as a fan, Rush needs to reinvent himself as a 170 version of Vitor Belfort (sans the TRT) or get out of the way, of a bunch of hungrier fighters. Sadly, many of those fighters that are looking to shove him out of his way are not new or younger, but of the same generation and simply starving for the attention that Rush has had all too himself, for the last (nearly) six years.

  • Happy to see brown moving forward. I think the media and ufc has hyped him up bit, we'll see how he does against one of the best fighters in the world.

    • Condit will destroy him, he has had success against low ranked opponents and Condit's toughness, athletisicm and diverse range of attack will counter his plod forward with punches style. That said, it should be a great fight on an absolutely stacked card

  • I love Matt Brown…he is a guy who I will pay to see fight. That being said…he is a exciting gatekeeper…but still a gatekeeper.

    Carlos' one weakness is lack of wrestling…and Brown's wrestling isn't good enough to expose this in him. Carlos is one of the few fighters who can match Matt's heart. I just don't see how he wins this fight. This does have fight of the night written all over it. I am happy because Matt works his tail off and if he won't be champ…it nice to see him get a bonus like that.

    Matt Brown to me is Chris Lytle 2.0.

    With that said…after he loses…that would set up a great fight versus Diego Sanches which will be the greatest fight in the UFC