Matt Brown On Facing Nick Diaz: I Can See That Being A Legendary Fight


Long struggling to gain respect in the ultra-talented UFC welterweight arena, No. 6-ranked Matt “The Immortal” Brown scored his seventh straight win with an impressive third round finish of No. 15 Erick Silva in the main event of last Saturday’s (May 10, 2014) UFC Fight Night 40 from Cincinnati, Ohio.

The win presumably earned Brown a shot at a top-ranked opponent, the only thing many feel is holding “The Immortal” back from his coveted title shot. While most thought the most obvious fight for him would be Hector Lombard, Brown recently spoke up on MMA Roasted to say he’d love to sign on for an exciting fight of a different nature (quote via MMA Mania):

“I think Nick Diaz would be more of a war than anybody else. The dude is not afraid to fight. He’s a warrior in his own right. He likes to come forward, I like to come forward … I can see that being a legendary fight, for sure. Of course that’s gonna interest me.”

Interesting to be sure, but there are many hurdles to clear before that bout becomes a reality. Diaz, despite appearing at March’s UFC 171 to call out for a title shot, is still retired until official news comes otherwise.

The polarizing bad boy was offered a fight against Lombard, reportedly showed interest, and then failed to get back to UFC president Dana White. It’s clear that Diaz only wants to come out of retirement for the massive payday that a title fight would bring.

However, being that Diaz dropped his last two championship bouts and has been out of action for over a year, it’s almost impossible to justify that given the current state of the UFC 170-pound division, which is probably the most stacked in all of MMA.

A win over Brown would be just the thing to get him right back into the title mix. Both fighters are known for their fast-paced, high-volume “technical brawling” styles, with the slight edge in power probably going to Brown and the technicality advantage most likely owned by Diaz.

One thing is for sure, neither fighter shies away from a slugfest inside the Octagon, making this bout one of the most exciting throwdowns the UFC could book for the near future.

If they can somehow coax Diaz to sign on the dotted line, should this be the test that could ultimately propel Brown to the next level?

  • yes, book that shit!

  • That would be insane. Diaz is really robbing the fans of some great fights with this whole retirement bullshit

    • I'm confused, if Diaz is robbing us of some great fights doesn't that mean he deserves some crazy paydays? Which if true makes this Dana's fault not Diaz.

  • Brown and Diaz, maybe now my two favorite fighters to watch.

  • I'd take that all day long, but it's not the fight Brown should be seeking. I think the match would be a great fight to watch. However, it makes no sense particularly from Brown's POV. He should seek a fight with Lombard or the winner of Lawler vs. Ellenberger. A win in either one of those fights should earn Brown a shot at the title.

    A fight with Nick Diaz and a win over him, would not – IMO – earn him the nod. Diaz hasn't fought in over a year, he's on a two fight losing streak to guys that are / were above Brown in the 170 standings (GSP & Condit), and Diaz is un-ranked in the class. And if he were to be ranked in the class, it's doubtful that he'd make the top ten. In short, it would be a fun fight for the fans, but one that makes no sense and would be a stupid career move for Brown. It's a meaningless match for "The Immortal", but one that could cost him his hard earned winning streak and the very title shot that he seeks.

    Brown vs. Lombard is the fight that needs to happen and if Brown did somehow managed to get Diaz – a fight that even if Diaz accepted I don't think the UFC would grant – then Brown leaves himself open to the charge of trying to avoid Lombard, and taking what many fans might see as the easier fight. Nick is tough, to be sure, but Lombard is the one on a two fight winning streak in the division and ranked No. 7, not Diaz.

    I like both fights, but given the way things lay, I'd take Brown vs. Lombard over Brown vs. Diaz. That's the fight that needs to happen.

    • I agree 100%. I think Lombard will be too much for him though.

    • Brian, you're right. That's not the fight Brown should be seeking and that is the difference between him and Nick Diaz. Brown wants the fight that is a very cool match up and a big challenge and Nick wants money

  • Matt Brown would get completely dismantled by Nick Diaz… even with 2 years away from the ring/cage.