Matt Brown: I Can Out-Wrestle GSP, I Can Stop His Takedowns


Matt Brown put on one hell of a show at UFC Fight Night 26, steamrolling Mike Pyle in the opening round and making his presence even more known at 170lbs. With the win came the inevitable talk of potential title shots for The Immortal, something he has certainly relished in recent interviews.

While talking to, Brown gave us an insight in to his feelings on a future title tilt with GSP:

“I know where my wrestling stands; it’s simply a matter of executing those abilities in the ring with ‘GSP.’ I can outwrestle him. I’m calling it right now.”

I know what you’re thinking, another fighter claiming he can out wrestle GSP, but Brown seems to think he has good reason behind his bold claim:

“I don’t think [St-Pierre has] ever fought anybody that can put the kind of pressure that I put on him, and I think I can stop his takedowns,” Brown said. “His best chance is to get a takedown. People haven’t seen my wrestling. I’m training with the best wrestlers in the world right now, and I’m getting pretty damn good at it.”

Brown certainly seems to be doing something right, after going 1-4 between 2011-12, The Immortal has picked up a six fight win streak. Only going to the judge’s scorecards once, against Stephen Thompson, Brown also is becoming a fan favourite.

Could this be another case of a fighter trying to talk above their payscale? Maybe, and it is a pretty big jump to assume that GSP will still be the champion by the time Brown is in line for the next shot at Welterweight.

Training out of Ohio gives Brown access to some of the best wrestling coaches/partners in the USA, but St-Pierre is a different kind of fighter. Part of me thinks that Brown is taking the Chael P approach to a title shot, where the other part thinks he may actually be the next big contender.

So what’s next? I think we should see Brown face a top 10 opponent, Pyle is a tough opponent but not quite title shot material. Let’s see Brown go against Lawler/Tarec or even Jake Shields to see if he really does have what it takes to compete in the upper echelon.

“This was the dream when I set out to start this,” Brown said. “I’ve actually surpassed my own expectations. I’ve lost some fights, and a little bit of that was a mental block, thinking I couldn’t be where I’m at now. It feels pretty good to prove myself wrong.”

  • Jon Fitch, Sean Sherk, Josh Koschek and Matt Hughes are all laughing their butts off at that statement.

    • Brown getting a title shot right now wouldn't make sense. But wouldn't be unheard of. Dan Hardy only won 4 fights in a row before his shot. And beating Mike Swick in a decision is what got him the shot.

      • But I suppose Matt Brown hasn't noticed GSP is fighting Hendricks. Or he just assumes St. Pierre will win, as the rest of us do.

  • "I'm getting pretty good at it", as a qualified description of one's wrestling skills, does not instill a great deal of faith that the one making the statement is up to the task of taking on the best P4P MMA wrestler that the UFC has ever seen. It's actually pretty laughable.

    Again, I love Matt, I think he's terrific, but he needs to worry about other fighters in the top-ten right now and stop worrying about a champion that he's 2 wins away from, and one that might not even be in the division by the time he gets the 2 wins.

    Focus Matt, would be might advice and keep your eyes on the ball; the fight in front of you and GSP is no where on his radar, right now.

    • Seriously, even saying it with the sarcasm stating that you're good at it means nothing. like you said GSP is the greatest MMA wrestler I can think of. I didn't put arguably because I don't know how you could argue it. The other statement he made that I couldn't help but laugh at was the part about the pressure he could put on him. I guess he doesn't know by coming forward constantly like he's been doing it actually makes him much easier to take down. I think Matt Brown has NO chance vs GSP. I think this guy's brain is fried. I don't think he could beat Condit, Hendricks, Rory, Ellenberger, Lawler, Maia. Hell IDK if he'd even beat Marquardt. I'd like to watch him and Diaz both with their pressing styles

      • I don't think his brain is fried at all, he is only trying to follow the current trend. Talking gets you title-shots even when you don't deserve them.
        I call myself a man but I'm still not over the Jones-Machida issue….

  • Everyone has thought they could stop GSP's takedowns and I think people actually are getting better just as Anderson Silva with with Sonnen's but what most fighters have found is that the people they brought in to mimic GSP's takedowns were nothing like the real thing.

  • D

    Brown has so many disadvantages in a matchup with St. Pierre. St. Pierre is technically better literally everywhere the fight could possibly go, and he's a much more explosive athlete. I do think Brown has the edge when it comes to toughness, durability and punching power, but he doesn't have the skills or athleticism to bring those advantages into effect.

    And that joke he made about the wrestling was hilarious.

  • GSP is too fast and quick for Matt, period.

  • Ivy

    I think Brown could knock out GSP, but I doubt he'd be on his feet long enough to find the opportunity.

  • Maybe he can, but until he does, anybody claiming that won't get taken seriously

  • I doubt it. He had a good win the other night, Pyle's a tough customer but, Brown needs a few more wins under his belt before he can realsistically be in contention for the title.

  • Sure he can stuff GSP's takedowns. Just like Kos did.

  • "…it's simply a matter of executing those abilities in the ring with 'GSP." Amazing that no one else ever figured out that was all you had to do.

    If they ever do fight, the edge in tactical thinking will be just one of the advantages GSP has.

  • Give Brown top 5, then see how he does. He's beaten NO-ONE.