Martin Kampmann: Nick Diaz still has a ton of hype, I’d love to beat his ass


Recently UFC Welterweight Martin Kampmann has been out of the news after enjoying a short run as contender of the month. Following his alarming knockout of Jake Ellenberger last June, he was put into a tough bout with new title contender Johny Hendricks. The results, as we all know, were not in his favor as he was knocked out in a mere 46 seconds.

Now, he is back , at least in audio form, appearing on today’s edition of Radio, and he’s looking to fight a man who’s been the center of attention in MMA as of late. ‘The Hitman’ came out with some choice words for Nick Diaz:

“I’d be happy to fight him,” said Kampmann. “He’s still got a ton of hype behind him, and he’s ranked in the top-10, so that would be a good win for me, and I’d love to beat his ass.”

“More than anything, I’d like to fight a top-10 opponent, so guys like Diaz, Saffiedine, but also Condit could be a possibility. We fought before and had a great match, and it would be fun to do it again.”

So Kampmann has a list of top-level contenders in his sights, and he very well may get a bout with one of them. It would be very hard to deny that a fight pitting Kampmann versus Nick Diaz or Carlos Condit would be an exciting co-main event for an upcoming card.

But can he back up his strong words of beating Nick Diaz? Perhaps Nick Diaz cannot deal with great wrestlers, but that’s never been the focus of Kampmann’s game. We can probably rest assured that it would be quite the back-and-forth striking war. Who would come out on top in this enticing tilt? Let me know what you think below.

  • Kampmann beat Carlos Condit where Diaz lost to decision.
    Kampmann lost to Paul Daley while Diaz knocked Daley out…

    Nick Diaz IMO has a much more impressive resume with a much stronger finishing rate with KO and submission victories. He has also fought big names like Bj Penn, Frank Shamrock, robbie brawler etc. Nicks team mate Jake Shields has also defeated kampmann. kampmann has been knocked out three times in his career unlike Nick.

    I give the edge slightly to Diaz based on experience, cardio, better Jujitsu.

    • Oooft – I don't think you can say much about the matchup by giving all those MMAMATH stats and such. Let's look at it as a style matchup question.

      Kampmann is well rounded with explosive, technical striking. Diaz is a unique striker with great jiu-jitsu. Honestly I would see the fight going a lot like Cerrone vs Nate Diaz went, though I would expect Nick to be less dominant against Kampmann than Nate was against Cerrone. Kampmann would likely use dynamic kicking and range to keep Diaz from closing the distance too often.

    • Kampmann was robbed against Shields though and MMA math rarely works how think, A beats B beats C beats A and so on. Stylistically i think Kam[mann and Diaz make for a fight of the night contender as both like to keep standing and trade and both have great boxing. I do wonder though if Diaz loses his next couple that will be 0 – 4 in the UFC albeit against the likes of GSP and Condit and despite bringing a ton of wolf tickets to his fights he will be on thin ice with his attitude to his paymasters and fans alike.

    • @ Enjoy

      Your MMA Math skills are most prodigious. I too, think I'd give the nod to Nick in that one.

      • @Truth….I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the cesar gracie jujitsu camp just to see what type of preparation Nick was getting in for his title shot with GSP. Hopefully we will learn soon as to what matchup if any Nick will take next… Moving towards another title shot (if Nick will ever get one again) I would think fighting rory or ellenberger would make sense for Nick in staying in the upper echelon. I noticed also Condit mentioned he would be up to fight nick again. My preference is the fight you mentionedt against Rory

        • @ Enjoy

          I wounder if we could get Nick to fight himself?

          Where you @ homie? I'm right, here, Mutha F###ER! No you aint! Am too, punk azz b%%ch!

          Ya know, with a few bucks and some science, we might be able arrange it. Winner gets a kilo of Maui Wowwie.

    • Bottom line: They are both good and it will make for an exciting matcup.

  • I love that he's calling out Nick. Kampmann is a top welterweight and you can't deny that he has also fought some top level competition. I would love to see this fight. The only thing I'm hesitant about is having to listen to Nick whine and cry and make all kinds of excuses.

    • No need to make excuses after knocking a guy out.

  • i would love to see that. could be a really interesting match up and a very exciting fight!

    good move by kampmann to call out diaz, who needs always the extra motivation to fight somebody.

  • Personally, I'd rather see Diaz / Lawler 2 and Condit / Kampmann 2. It would be great if we could see them both on the same card.

    • I'll go along with that.

    • no, i want condit vs. macdonald 2

      • That fight's not going to happen any time, soon. Their win / loss streaks are out of whack.

        • sooner or later – they will meet

          • @ PV

            I'm sure they will, it's not going to be any time soon.

  • Nick Diaz via TKO after a very exciting 1 1/2- 2 1/2 rounds.

  • have not diaz retired ? anyway hope he come back always fun to se him in the cage