Martin Kampmann: I’ve Got Five Rounds To Get The Finish And I’m Confident I’ll Get It


UFC Ultimate Fight Night 27 headliner Martin Kampmann will face a stern test, as he squares off against Carlos Condit for a rematch of their 2009 bout. The Hitman has received criticism for being a slow starter, and taking too much punishment in fights; an opinion that Kampmann is certainly aware of, and agrees with.

He spoke with regarding the matter:

“I haven’t been ready for the game,” he said. “I’ve been a slow starter that had to get punched way too many times in the face before I started fighting. When I fought Jake Ellenberger, I got knocked down from the get-go and came back and knocked him out, but sometimes, you don’t get that comeback. Even if you do, it’s not a healthy way to fight in the long term.”

The biggest strength in any athlete’s game is their weakness, or ability to develop from that. If Kampmann can up that part of his game, he could find himself renewed as a fighter.

“Condit’s one of the best guys in the welterweight division, so of course, it’s a big challenge,” he said. “But I feel confident I’ll beat him. I beat him before. I don’t put too much into the first fight. This is a different fight, but I feel very confident I’ll beat him again.”

Kampmann is certainly right; this is going to be a very different match from the first one. Condit has evolved light years, too much for even a tough challenge like Kampmann to deal with (my opinion).

“So I feel mentally better and ready to fight from the get-go instead of having to get knocked down first. I’ve got five rounds to get the finish, and I feel confident I’ll get it.”

It will be great to see these two healthy, and on top form. A decisive win for either fighter will be huge at thuis stage in their respective careers. Condit is coming off his first ever two fight-losing skid, and even Kampmann has admitted that his head hasn’t been in the game lately.

I’m rooting for NBK, but in the unpredictable world of MMA; anything can happen.

  • Not happening…..

  • The first fight Kampmann was controling with his wrestling and Condit was spending too much time on his back (his problem in general). I Hope Condit can pull the trigger and get the W – one more lose would not look good on his resume

  • Martin Kampmann is one of my favorite fighters! Very fluid boxer and likes to get on his bicycle, excellent footwork (boxing 101), great wrestling game (Xtreme Couture). I wish he wins this fight coz I got 20 bucks on you buddy! I just want to put it out there. Man-crush.