Nate Marquardt says he will fight GSP if necessary


Regardless of what happens in his upcoming Strikeforce title fight with Tarec Saffiedine this Jan 12th, it’s more than likely we’ll end up seeing Nate Marquardt back in the octagon following the promotions final show.

After being ejected from the UFC early last year, Marquardt’s punishment has become a long road and struggle getting back to the big leagues. This journey has led him to a position that now begs many questions, some of which we may already have the answers to and others we’ll likely be finding out very soon.

Will the UFC jump at the chance to unify the Welterweight title as they recently have with the Lightweights? And if they do, is Marquardt willing to fight his long time training partner, friend and teammate George St. Pierre?

Find out what Marquardt had to say on the matter below.

  • "Nate Marquardt will never fight in The UFC, again". Dana White.

    Well there goes another declarative statement we can (thankfully) throw on the DW hyperbole pile. Few more super-fight guarantees and the pile will be, yet, another man-made object that would be visible from space. Second only to the Great Wall of China.

    But in all seriousness, I've always liked Mark he's a great fighter and I'm glad he'll be back in The UFC 170 division. And it's nice to hear that he'll take a fight with his good friend (GSP) without any qualms. As he should. As I'm sure GSP will. And if that's doable, then GSP / MacDonald is also, doable. I think at the end of the day, these fighters will put their friendships aside and fight. That's great for the division and for GSP's legacy, should he survive the additional onslaught of challenges from Marquardt and MacDonald. Both would be good challenges.

    However, without getting ahead or ourselves, he's hoping he beats Saffiedine on Saturday. A repeat performance of his last outing would be awesome. It would be a great segue into The UFC Welter Weight Division.

    • I stopped taking notes on Dana's promises a long time ago, still waiting for my money back from Abu Dabai from him lol. Anyway Nate is a monster at 170 and so is Maia they will give GSP a run for his money and the rest of the WW division.

      • David I agree completely. With the addition of Marquardt I'd say the Welterweight division is now the most stacked division in the UFC and quite possibly the most competitive division in MMA history.

        McDonald, Hendricks, Kampann, Maia, Marquardt, Condit, GSP… They're all killers. No other division has this many legit contenders.

        • I sustain your comment, Mr. Fontez.

        • Diaz, Koscheck, Ellenberger and Fitch are also very talented fighters.

        • Fitch, Alves, Diaz, Ellenberger Jake Shields (should be fighting at welterweigh)t. Matt Browns won 4 straight! John Hathaway's 7-1 in UFC. Matt Riddle's won 3 in a row. Paulo Thiago, Rick Story, the list goes on, Welterweight Division is insane!

  • Unification bout, LOL. That's a joke. IF they even let you back in Nate boy, get the 'F in line like the other middle of the road Welterweights.

  • What does he mean if necessary? Wouldn't you be wanting to become UFC champion? There's a top 10 list of guys who want to fight GSP and your'e not even thought of yet Nate Marquardt. Get in line, make your weight and earn a shot like everyone else.

    • He means if GSP is still on top when it's his time for the shot.