Mark Munoz Tweets Before And After Pictures Of His ‘Battle With Obesity’


Mark Munoz has been inactive since his brutal KO loss to Chris Weidman, at UFC on Fuel in July 2012. The loss snapped Munoz’s four fight win streak, and sent him in to a spiral of injury and depression. The Filipino Wrecking Machine ballooned to 261lbs. after his surgery for a broken foot.

More than 70lbs. above his fighting weight, and in pretty bad shape, Munoz needed to do a u-turn. Check out the pics from Munoz’s Twitter account:

I’ve always been a Munoz fan, and I’m glad to see that he has managed to turn this in to a positive situation. He looks in great shape, my only hope is that the division hasn’t moved too far in his absence. He will face a tough battle in his octagon return at UFC 162, facing Tim Boetsch at Middleweight.

The Barbarian is coming off a loss to Costa Phillipou which snapped his four fight win streak. He lost by TKO in the third round of the UFC 155 scrap, and will be looking to bounce back in a big way. I do think that Boetsch is a tough challenge for Munoz, he has a great chin and heavy hands.I remember his awesome comeback knockout of Yushin Okami and the crazy reaction from Joe Rogan was a bonus.

Judging by the photos of Munoz, he looks to be in terrific shape, and I hope he comes fully prepared to face Boetsch. It will be a must win situation for both guys, which usually brings out the best in fighters.

  • Dude !!! Where is that video ? I gotta see Chris Weidman knock himself out !!!

    • Can you Wiedman Testicle Ride'n fans answer this question for me please?

      If Wiedman's the Complete Package because he beat up this garbage f**k, name me 3 outa the last 10 Silva victims WHO would have lost to Munoz…the winner gets to sniff Entity's fanny pack, yes the light purple one.

      • I see you're still as big an idiot as ever.

      • By the way, did you ever get rid of that racist chip on your shoulder?

      • Love-Fascist…:-)

        As a Chris Weidman fan, his genitalia aside (left or right) I accept your gauntlet of challenge and will address it tomorrow, as my post for the day.

        I accept and defend, not only on behalf of the "All-American", but also and on behalf of Entity and his light-purple fanny pack. Which, I should remark, is both practical and stylish.

        I look forward to your comments, as per my riposte.

        I shall see you tomorrow on the LowKick's, pre UFC 162, Silva vs. Weidman fans duke it out online, as to HATEOCRACY'S question, of"

        "name me 3 outa the last 10 Silva victims WHO would have lost to Munoz."

        Until tomorrow, Sir.

        Quoting Jose Wales…."Dyin' ain't much of a living, boy." 🙂

        • I see the "drive-by troll" disappeared.

        • Doh!

          Sadly, I realize I misread Hate's post. He posed his question regarding Munoz not Weidman.

          I erred. Sorry, Hate. My bad.

          • Still doesn't matter. He took the liberty of attacking Munos who has battled back from depression and attacked a member here. Simply for the sake of hating. He's made totally racist comments in the past and doesn't even come here regularly. He's always been a jerk and sadly will continue to be. Just my 2 cents. 2ndly making gay slurs about people and can't quit thinking of me everytime he comes by. I think he's infatuated with me but I deny him that fantasy.

    • P90X

    • P90X

  • Thats a pretty crazy transformation… !!

  • holy crap.. i saw him joking about letting himself get out of shape when he was injured but damn… you would never think he's a professional or even amateur athlete, crazy.

    What a brilliant recovery in to shape though

    • Keith, you should hear what Roy Nelson has to say about it.

  • First world problem.

    This one is for the gold though. Only in the UFC you have fighters complaining they don't get paid enough. And fighters complaining they get too much bread. LMAO!

  • Props to Munoz though.

  • he went from looking like mark hunt to looking like trt belfort. good job mark hope he wins

  • Obese? He was fat, yes, but I wouldn't have called him obese.

    Here's the scary thought as far as Munoz goes, I think another 15 pounds could be sucked out of him for between fat and water and that he could well fit into the 170 division. If so, he'd be a problem for a lot of welterweights.

    He's a nasty bit of business in a man's guard. Truly, he knows how to deliver punishment from above.

    • Mark Munoz out of shape = Roy Nelson in shape

      • Again, you read my mind.

        Please, get out of my mind. 🙂

        You truly are scary, man, but in good way. 🙂

  • He's got to train Roy Nelson!

  • He was the size of Daniel Cormier. Except DC is 2 inches shorter then Munoz. (NO lie, look it up.)

    Swear, next time I hear Daniel Cormier complain about the cut being too hard. I'm gonna send these photos and tell him to hire Munoz for his training camp to teach him how to cut.

    • I couldn't figure out how to vote, sharp or funny, so I went with sharp.

    • True, but DC already suffered liver damage, so he has to be extremely careful not to ruin his fight career or life for that matter.

  • we are on 2013!!! it exists photoshop and all kind of crazy stuff… it was the same when bj penn put his video shadow boxing. he looked really in shape and people start telling he was going to destroy rory. the weigh inns came and he was fat and the day after got destroyed
    stop being so naïve guys. he probably was a little fat but im sure that he easily exaggerate those pictures a little bit. its not like it is rocket science