Mark Munoz Reported To Face Michael Bisping On October 26th In UK


For years now I have been waiting for an English UFC event headlined by two fighters that I really want to see. After a few mediocre events flew under my radar, it seems that Mark Munoz vs. Michael Bisping might be the UK based UFC event that brings my wallet out.

Sources close to have revealed that The Count and The Filipino Wrecking Machine have verbally agreed to the bout. The date is not set in stone as of yet, but an event is scheduled to take part in the later half of this year, on British soil.

Bisping is coming off a (technical) decision victory over Alan Belcher at UFC 159, a win that was a comeback after a devastating KO loss to Vitor Belfort. Similarly, Munoz came back from his brutal loss to Chris Weidman with an annhialation of Tim Boetsch at UFC 162.

For a long time, Bisping hovered around the top end of the UFC’s Middleweight division. He never received a title shot, although he voiced his opinion regularly about his worthiness, and losses to Dan Henderson, Wnderlei Silva, Chael Sonnen and Belfort have set The Count back in the queue.

Munoz was on an absolute tear at 185lbs. before meeting Chris Weidman at UFC on Fuel in July of 2012. Many were rallying for Munoz to get a title shot, an opportunity that was snatched from him by the current champion. How different things could have been had Munoz beat Weidman.

I actually think this is a very interesting fight, and one that makes sense for the division right now. Bisping is eager to start fighting at a higher level, and a win for Munoz would likely put him back in the title picture. The question is: Who takes this one?

  • I see Munoz imposing his will on Bisping and just smashing him. Only way he could possibly lose is if he stands with him and gets out pointed but I don't see him being stopped by Bisping. Munoz by tko (I hope)

  • Thats a quick turnaround for Munoz……He obviously didn't break his hand in the Tim B fight as first suspected.

    This fight is too hard to call. Bisping has showed some great take down defence, munoz has the power advantage.The two might as well fight because neither of them is getting a title shot anytime soon….

    For those who think Belfort is next, the dude is going to be waiting until December or February to see the rematch between Silva and Weidman then probably another 4 months after to get a shot.

    • Bisping learned a bit from Chael. IMO not an easy win for Munoz unless Bisping circles to the right 8P 8))

  • Bisping could ride his boxing to a decision, but I still Munoz will be able to get inside on him and make it a grinder. He'll be back in title talk with an impressive win, and I'd like to see if this new version of Munoz could actually beat Weidman.

    We didn't really see the true Mark Munoz in their first fight. Not saying he's a future champion, but he looked like a different man against Boetsch. I know Boetsch is a much lesser test than Weidman, but still.

    • I couldn't agree more Mike…there is a huge question mark over the first fight with Munoz being out of focus. I'd love to see a rematch. Its not until a guy gets smashed with those munoz donkey fists that we see what they can handle. If silva pulled from a second rematch for any reason I wouldn't mind seeing munoz jump in as opposed to Bisping…But yes, Belfort should get it first before Munoz.

  • Munoz will Donkey Kong Bisping straight back down to the Prelims…. Sure Bisping's striking is a lil more dynamic but not as powerful as Munoz and i don't think he can stop Munoz takedowns… as matter of fact i'm sure he can't! He might stuff a couple but he's going down for sure… he's got a legit groundgame too but i believe Munoz top control and GNP is gonna be too much for him to deal with.

  • gm1

    Munoz is looking good on his coming back but i do t think he will ever have it to beat Weidman. Weidman took him down on their last fight, was more aggressive on stand up. Only luck can side with Munoz on another fight with the All American

    • Isnt Weidman the guy who put him into dpression? I dont think anyone will beat Weidman for a while….anyone

  • I think Munoz is going to stomp all over Bisping and that "The Count" won't make it to the end of the fight.

    Munoz's ground and pound is some of the heaviest, if not the heaviest, G 'n P in the UFC. Bisping will not be able to keep it on the feet and he will not survive the beating once on the ground. That would be my call.

    Bad fight for Mike and by the time it's over, he's going to be further down the 185 ladder. The division is really beginning to tighten-up and I just don't think that Bisping's "point(s)" style and lack of power or a dominant wrestling game, will ever garner him more than gate-keeper status.

    I think he's a decent bloke, a good personality for the UFC and not a bad fighter, but he lacks too much to ever be champ or a (truly) serious contender. If he fought either Weidman or Silva he'd lose and Anderson would beat the holy living hell out of him in a stand-up fight. It would be very bad.

    Munoz on the other hand, the version of him that beat the tar out of Boetsch…that guy…hmm, he's a tough fight for both Weidman and Silva, particularly Silva.

  • Will Bisping talk some smack? cause we all know Muñoz is quite a nice guy. I don't see it as a one sided beatdown, Bisping is a tough dude, hopefully a TKO by Mark via bodyshots.