Mark Munoz Is Back After Impressive Win At UFC 162


Fan favorite Mark Munoz made a successful return to the Middleweight division last night, absolutely dominating Tim Boetsch. The Filipino Wrecking Machine lived up to his name, smashing The Barbarian with some seriously heavy ground and pound. All credit to Boetsch, many lesser men would have quit under such physical scrutiny.

This marks the end of a long, injury riddled lay off for Munoz, and he is once again a relevant force at 185lbs. The question is what’s next for Munoz? Well, it seemed that he may have injured his hand on Boetsch’s granite head, so let’s hope it’s not too serious.

I personally think that Munoz could compete for a title in the not too distant future, he looked super impressive in his victory at UFC 162. Check out Munoz’s post fight interview with, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • He probably hurt his hand with those SICK body shots he was giving Boetsch on the ground. I was cringing every time he got him with one of those.

  • Yeah Mark was on fire… that was a great fight! Boetch is tough though!! he took many many many HARD shots!

  • Unfortunately for the rest of the MW's, the new champ has a 1/2 inch longer reach than Silva, good wrestling and BJJ and can KO guys who haven't been KO'd 8P

    • True… I'd still pick Munoz in the rematch, cause i believe he's the better fighter. Sure they stepped into the octagon before but Munoz didn't "FIGHT" Weidman yet 😉

      • @thexperience1 I don't know how you could ever pick Munoz to beat Weidman, even if he fought badly injured. Even healthy, Weidman is a terrible match up for him

        • How so? Munoz in my opinion is the better MMA wrestler and has heavier hands. I think its the other way around, Munoz is a terrible match up for Weidman if you ask me. Because of the similar "skillset" but more dynamic and aggressive.

  • What a great MMA fight. So nice to see Munoz get back with a win and probably his best performance of his professional career! Lived up to his ************ ground and pound.

    Feel bad for Boestch though, such a tough and actually really good fighter, just can never catch a break. Either has everything go wrong for him or just doesn't have the fight go his way

    • wait…….. Dunkey Kung (spelt correct) is censored? WTF?

    • I feel the same way about Mark. To me, he looked like a man that wasn't going to be denied and Boetsch was certainly not the guy to put him to the test. The Barbarian got owned.

      One thing is for sure, Mark Munoz has unbelievable ground and pound. He really beats people up and in a very nasty way.

      To be honest, in watching the fight I thought there was a couple of moments when the ref (Mazzagatti) should have stopped the bout.

      As to Tim, he certainly can't afford another loss.