Mark Hunt vs Gary Goodridge: A trip down memory lane.


For those of you who think that Junior Dos Santos will knock Mark Hunt out at UFC 160, I suggest you take the time to watch this video of Mark Hunt slugging in out during his days in K-1. Hunt is a decorated K-1 legend, taking on and knocking out some of the best stand up fighters on the planet. Hunt took on Gary Goodridge at the k-1 GP 2003 from LV Nevada in an exciting back and forth fight.

Now although K-1 has bigger gloves, and stricter rules, Hunt’s time in K-1 really is a testament to the granite chin he posesses.

Check out the full fight video and leave your comments below.

  • Hunt has been knocked down a few times by Mirko, Semmy, Melvin, Tsuyoshi Nakasako and Jerome Le Banner. Even the ones he won would not have likely ended as wins for him in MMA since he would not have been givin a standing count and would be tko'd. He has no suspect chin but Junior certainly can TKO him or even KO him if hits him right.

    • Mark Hunt, Roy Nelson, Carlos Condit, Shogun Rua, Dan Henderson, Frankie Edgar, All of them have Granite Chins

  • "no suspect chin"? dude…this guy is known to have the BEST chin in fighting sports.
    sure he was ko'd by manhoef but he's been in over 50 wars against the best of the best. just check out his fight against ray sefo. its INSANE!!! (I'm sure you've seen it)
    his TTD is not too bad and his guard is a lot better than a few fights back. he sure needs to improve his cardio but his striking is overall better than dos santos'. If JDS has an advantage I would say its his handspeed and reach. this is a tuff one to call. I sure want the rocky story to become true…it would be so awesome if hunt beat the former champ. but it can go either way but I'm afraid JDS might take this.

    • Like I said he has NO suspect chin, I never said he had a suspect chin, I was trying to be absolutely clear that he does not have a bad chin, just that he can be knocked down and out as shown by previous fights. It was just in response to the article in which the author has an apparent stance to me anyway that Hunt is beyond KO by JDS which i disagree with and only if the author is trying to state such things. Hunt is a beast but no more than JDS and IMO JDS will win. I think JDS takes it by decision but I have no doubt he can knock out Hunt if he hits him right.

      • I agree. Also, the man he is facing has a better chin than Hunt too. Goodridge is almost impossible to KO and I have seen him on the end of some of the most vicious beatings in MMA and Kickboxing. Even in this fight he absorbs the freakish power of Hunt almost seemlessly to the body, head and legs. Anderson also has an iron chin and cow hide for skin because the guy does not cut!!?

      • Arlovski's chin is partying with Overeem's.

  • Hunt!

  • Basically this fight was a display of Goodridge's chin more than it was Hunt's??!!