Mark Hunt talks Dana White, problems with the UFC , and UFC 160 fight with Junior Dos Santos


Mark Hunt is becoming a household name within the MMA community. Last week, in Saitama, Japan, Hunt delivered an inspired performance against Stefan Struve. Since then the Internet and social media have been buzzing with appeals to give ‘The Super Samoan’ the fight against Junior dos Santos

JDS was left without an opponent after his original opponent, Alistair Overeem, withdrew with an injury. It was confirmed over the weekend that Junior dos Santos will face Hunt, at UFC 160.

Hunt appeared today on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani to discuss his upcoming bout, his relationship with the UFC, Dana White and more.

“For me it is about getting these opportunities. Very rarely do they come up, so you’ve just got to take them………I’m a straight up person, I tell the truth. Its true that I don’t turn down fights, unless I’m injured, I never have. It is a part of my make up, like I said, these opportunities don’t come up very often. You have to grab them while you can.”

When quizzed on his relationship with the UFC, Hunt had this to say;

“I felt disrespected by the UFC, but, (Dana White) he is the boss. He listened to what I had to complain about, I told him I had a problem and he fixed the problem. I’m really happy with that, he fixed the discrepancies I had. I was always down with the fight.”

Hunt went on to talk about his upcoming bout with Junior dos Santos;

“As a fighter this is the second time around for me. I won the K-1 world titles, I lost interest in fighting and then MMA came. This is my opportunity to be around the best in the world, and Junior was the best in the world. He was the champion before he lost to Cain. I’m so amped, so pumped about it.”

‘The Super Samoan’ then spoke about his recent scrap with Stefan Struve, as well as breaking Struve’s jaw;

“He is a strong kid, he will come back strong. That’s just the price you have to pay, it could have been me. That’s just the way it is. I knew I’d got him and I knew it was over, because that was a hefty shot. I knew I’d got him. I’m glad Herb stopped it because it would have been worse for him (Struve). It would have been more than one break , so I’m glad it was stopped.”

“A lot of people don’t know, but I’ve been doing the ground game for 8 or 9 years. I’m not a technician, but I’m not as easy to beat on the ground as people think I am. If (Junior) wants to take it to the ground, then fine. I want to stand and bang, to test his mettle. He was the best fighter in the world, and I consider myself the best fighter in the world. I class my striking highly and so does he. We’ll see what happens when the fight comes.”

So UFC 160 is set to be the scene of a stand up war, according to Hunt. This will truly be a tough test for both men, one which will invariably change the future of the UFC‘s heavyweight elite.

  • Mark Hunt is becoming a household name within the MMA community. sdalkfjl;aksgjasd;ojg;pajdpsgoijaspoigpaosidjgaspo ***7up ad comes up**** not able to finish reading the long post

    • I remember him from PRIDE and was a really tough guy but he was way bigger
      in weight now he is slimmed up and whats crazy is that he was bought when UFC bought Pride and he was some what forgotten one day he said man let me just do my one fight see some old friends and once he found out he still had alot of power but was faster now…. "Cinderilla Man" …..he has a really cool story and if he makes his way to the belt and gets it…would be really coool
      for all you really DIE HARD, Old School fans he is the Cabbage of this era or time

      • you have to be somewhat old schoool just to know who cabbage is as well

  • Wait a second Mr hunt, you're saying Dana white lied about you not wanting the fight because you guys had a disagreement? I find that hard to believe… /endsarcasm

    • mark hunt is going to test another knock out in he's career, he got knock out by a small dude named melvin manhoef who was knock out by ruthless robbie lawler.

      • Hunt basically ran into Melvin's counter. Getting knocked out by Melvin is nothing to be surprised at. Melvin might have the best finishing percentage in MMA. Out of like 35+ fights he's only got to decision twice (if i'm not mistaken). Either Melvin gets a KO or gets submitted. MMA math doesn't always work. JDS couldn't knock out Roy while Andrei did just that, soooo….. who's the better fighter JDS or AA?

        • Asdf: i think JDS, arlovski vs Roy was so classics, if Arlovski vs Hunt will happen ill bet for Arlovski, Arlovski is getting better this days.

  • Hunt is cool, I always root for him but…….war Junior!!!

  • Mark just naturally gets the fight hyped. I'm stoked.

  • As long as the fight is on the feet Hunt has a chance…….we all know that both these guys are stand up fighters and rarely, if ever, look to take the fight to the ground……I don't think JDS will change the way he fights because of his loss to Cain…..he did have his chances against Cain but he just was just completely shut down and wasn't throwing any punches at all…..he got back to his feet plenty of times but was just completely focused on trying to stop Cain taking him down and wasn't being offensive at all…..Anyway, i digress……i think both JDS and Hunt will keep this fight on the feet… thing we did learn from the Velasquez vs JDS fight was that JDS can take some punishment man!…..and we all know Hunt has a beard too!…..All the ingredients for an awesome stand up war!!……If anything usually lets Hunt down it's his cardio……JDS doesn't go to the later rounds often either but i'd definately give him the edge there……I also think JDS has the edge technically……On the Fuel TV 8 card both the Pride guys were underdogs……and both guys won with an impressive KO……The influx of fighters from all the other promotions the UFC has consumed just seem to be hungrier lately…..Bigfoot…..Wandy……Hunt…..and the list goes on….the UFC guys have been getting paid big money for too long……what's to fight for when you truly want for nothing?……but for the love of the sport itself……which IS enough for a lot of guys……Wanderlei for example……guys like him would fight for free purely for the love of the sport……Anyway, as much as i love Hunt i'm picking JDS in this one……most likely by KO/TKO….