Mark Hunt Posts Photos Of Broken Hand, Dana White Gives Props


UFC heavyweights Mark Hunt and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva put on one of the best back-and-forth bouts in MMA history at Friday’s UFC Fight Night 33 from Brisbane. Australia.

The fight saw both fighters land an insane amount of power punches and keep fighting on. Not surprisingly, Hunt earned a trip to the hospital for his efforts. All told 8 fighters from the card were taken in for examinations.

But Hunt suffered at least one bad injury when he broke his hand in two places. Hunt put up pictures of the X-rays of his hand on his Facebook page for all to see:

UFC President Dana White tweeted his respect for “The Super Samoan:”

Hunt vs. “Bigfoot” ended in a rousing draw that should have neither fighter drop to much in standing. The classic was an incredible display of heart, determination, and overall toughness.

Hunt’s broken hand may have been the reason he threw so many elbows. They were effective and opened “Bigfoot” up. But the doctors stopped the fight to check Silva’s cut, giving him some much-needed time to recover in the fifth round.

It seemed that Hunt had Silva on the ropes and was nearing the finish, but that doesn’t really matter anymore. Hunt has been through a litany of tough injuries this year; let’s hope he returns quickly in order to put on another war in the Octagon.

  • As long as the money came in for you Dana, you tell everyone they are the best in the world. Hope that hand heals Mark. Good fight.

  • Bigfoot's head strikes again! I swear every fighter that tags him good has broken their hand.

  • Shame on you bigfoot for using your head as a weapon

  • That fight sucked. They thew down with everything they had, but I prefer fights where fighters are in shape. That fight was just a couple of overweight, small gas tanked meat bags flying around the octagon. BRING ON THE WEAKS!

    • Well it was maybe not the most technical fight, but it definitely was a very entertaining one! I had fun watching it.

    • Wasn't a technical fight, but it was 2 giant men who hit like trucks even after being gassed standing and trading. Fighting on heart alone. That is a fight.

  • Now it makes sense as to why hunt was throwing so many standing elbows near the end, tough tough dude.

  • Hunt is such a beast,imagine if he were 5 years younger! That fight will be in the top 5 for fight of the year candidate! @HolyGrimace-stick to playing with your hotwheels bud,and don't forget to clean up the basement,otherwise like your gammy says-no supper for you!

  • That ref almost ruined the fight with that stoppage in the fifth round. And he stopped it with Bigfoot's back against the cage so why did he restart them in the middle of the Octagon. I don't get that.

    • He should have allowed the fight to continue…and called the doctor once both fighters were not engaging and there was a mutual seperation…

    • Yeah that just blew my mind… he saved Big Foot cause he was DONE! 3 more seconds and that fight was over… After the ref. stopped the fight you could see Bigfoot do the chicken dance.