Mark Hunt Feels Cheated By The UFC, Wants A Pay Raise


Mark Hunt is the latest MMA fighter to sound off about UFC pay, or the lack of it. Tim Kennedy recently compared the life of a MMArtist in the UFC to that of a garbage man, although his pay check at UFC 162 would beg to differ. Hunt has had problems in the past with the UFC, Dana White originally wanted to buy Hunt out of his Pride FC contract and let The Super Samoan ‘Ride off in to the sunset’.

Hunt eventually got his way, was signed to the UFC and became a huge fan favorite. Only thing is, Hunt is still unhappy with the UFC’s payscale. Check out what he had to say via his official Facebook page:

“well i don’t now bout where they got there figures from but it must be true lol this is really crap man i need a pay rise. how can some of these other gooons get more than me hahahahai been cheated again,why anyone would want to be a ufc fighter if this is how much we get paid.”

Following his UFC 160 fight with Junior Dos Santos, Hunt was payed a cool 160k, not bad considering Chris Weidman was payed 48k for knocking out the GOAT. Hunt’s comments serve as evidence that the UFC is leaving bitter tastes in a lot of fighters mouths.

It being the number one, largest MMA organization on the planet-Zuffa/UFC don’t really have to worry about fighters being poached by higher paying promotions. That may not be the same forever though. With the recent success of Women’s MMA and MMA as a whole, we may start to see more and more big shows coming out of the woodwork.

Check out the MMA Manifesto for yourself if you want to see what Mark Hunt was referring to.

  • Mark Hunt has every right to demand a pay raise considering he is the main draw…
    He is also one of the most exciting fighters, can take a beating and deliver one too.

  • Dude is getting 160k, he hasnt been a UFC champ and he just lost….. SHUT UP!!

    • @experience…UFC should offer you a job on their payroll team. You would be getting bonuses every month

      • Lol…. yes you're right! You know why? cause if i sign a contract and i know the conditions i wont complain like a lil biaaatch! I'll do my job and do it well, so i'll get promoted and climb up the ladder like everyone else. I'm tired of hearing these fighters complain about money while they signed the f*cking contract. Nobody forces them to do it and especially fighters like Mark Hunt that make 160k a fight, which is more money most people can dream of EVER earning. He needs to sit his *ss down, have a coke, a smile and shut the f*ck up! He's no Anderson Silva, so he's not gonna make Anderson Silva money! Period….

        • Experience, you are so passionate about the UFC's cheapness. I

          I respect that.

      • Snap!

        That's, my Enjoy.

    • Seriously 160K for a loss is toward the top of the payroll. if he fights even 3 times a year I don't want to hear S-H-I-T about his training expenses and such. He's making a killing competing in what should be his dream job. the dude is a fan favorite but he's a bunch of hype. Any top 5 fighter would make him look pathetic. Cain V would put him on his back and smash him worse than he did Big foot in the 1rst fight. JDS, well we already seen what JDS will do. Cormier could do what ever he wanted to him. Frank Mir would submit him whenever he felt like taking him down and ending it. Travis Browne would whoop on him. I think even Roy Nelson could beat him standing and if he seen a problem submit him. This dude would have trouble with Gonzaga and possibly even Herman who was just knocked into next year. HE'S NOT NEARLY AS GOOD AS HIS PAY STOP COMPLAINING

      • Silva of the streets- Very few fighters are able to compete three times a year. That line Dana pushes routinely about three fights per year reached by less than 20% the fighters.

  • Ok , first I will admit, I never watched boxing, just a major heavy weight bout here and there, but….didnt boxing have less fights per event ? maybe like 4 or something ? maybe because of the longer rounds, and less fights equal more pay per possibly. Still in boxing, lower level dudes did not make crap either, and Hunt is maybe mid level, becoming more a favorite of late while still under the initial contract he signed. Last time I watched a boxing match was probably late 90s or early 2000..

    • I would agree that they do deserve more, especially if the percentage is average lower than boxing, like someone said boxing fighters got 70% UFC 17% goes to the fighters…I dont know, but if that is the case, that is ridiculous, as the UFC is a profitable company now, and well, straight percentage is just that, which would put less on the bottom line of the company profit if the other guys (Fertittys and Banana White ) kept theirs the same, but they rake in way more. Share a little and be thankful .

    • I can imagine how the phone call would go if Dana called and tried to chew him out…Hunt: "Careful Dana, I'll come see you and whoop your azz son, watch your mouth baldy"

    • Boxing PPV's are $70 if I'm not mistaken. Maybe that's only when big names are on the card. IDK because I could careless about Boxing, I know they're super expensive and almost ALL that money goes to the top 2 fighters on the card. It's been around forever and those guys still don't make top $$ unless you're a top guy. Similar to UFC only difference is the few TOP guys in Boxing obviously make FARRRRRRRRRR more than the top guys in the UFC. We'll see for how much longer.

      • Mayweather is the only person that charges 70. Manny has only had one that was 65. The rest are on the level of the UFC.

        The whole boxing main card usually makes more than the UFC's entire card. Average vs. Average at least.

    • They usually have the same amount of fights per card.

  • 160 plus another 50 if he can get knock out of the night, which is how he fights. So he can make 200k about 3 times a year and hes acting like nobody would want to be a ufc fighter for that money?
    Is he on crack?

    • @highkick…the way i see it, the UFC should hold out the biggest pay packet for the main event which Hunt participated in followed by the co-main event. Everyone on the main card should recieve a small cut of the PPV revenue with the main event guys recieving the higher percentage. $160,000 is alot of money however its not when there is a 3 million dollar gate plus all the fox money and PPV that the ufc make. UFC may have made 15 million dollars for the event and one of the main guys on the card gets $160,000 seems a pretty low percentage.

      • Not to mention it's 160K before taxes and expenses.

  • Welcome to the club!

  • How much do the other promotions pay their fighters? I don't even know I imagine it's not that great either. Then again I could be wrong.

  • A.-hole Silva should have to divide his $600,000 among fighters like Hunt, who go out there to put on a show, not try to show off…….

    • It is hard to imagine he got paid like that for that performance, guess the Maia show was excessive as well.

  • I'm amazed by the irrational statements coming from fighters about how the UFC is bad for not paying them enough. They have no understanding of labor markets. If they are worth more than they are getting paid, then surely another organization would be able to pay them more. They voluntarily agree and sign a contract to fight for that amount of money.

    • Walk a mile in their shoes….my guess is you haven't.

    • By the way, Hunt has a severe infection in his leg from the last fight, if it got much worse he could be handicapped.

      • At least he has UFC health insurance….
        Soon he'll have Obamacare too!

        • Nuclear…

          He may have UFC medical insurance, but I doubt that insurance comes with a monthly cash payment, because he can't fight.

          So, by my thinking, he should receive cash until he's healthy enough to train for a scheduled fight.

  • There is a small window of opportunity to make serious money in the UFC, along with any other combat sport. Two words of advise, "Financial Adviser"

  • The more guys that are coming out is awesome, but it really is on them to get together and demand changes.

    In the end, complaining is just going to fall on deaf ears if they don't decide to change things themselves (which is a lot easier said than done as it would probably involve a huge fight with Zuffa).