Mark Hunt Faces Return To Hospital After Unsuccessful Surgery


It appears that UFC fan favorite Mark “The Super Samoan” Hunt’s MMA career is in jeopardy, at least temporarily, due to complications surrounding the gruesome hematoma on his leg that lead to a staph infection.

Hunt had surgery on the leg following his UFC 160 loss to Junior dos Santos, but apparently the skin graft did not take, so Hunt may be headed back to the hospital for more surgery. He detailed the following on his Facebook page:

well troops jus wanted u guys to know the skin graph didnt survive,and i think i will be back in hospital next week,its a bummer really cause the hill song confrence is starting next tuesday i hope i dont have to go hospital,but we will see i see plastic surgeon tuesday.didnt realise how bad this is man.anyways troops will keep u guys informed roger roger over and out lol.

Sounds like quite the unfortunate situation for Hunt, who has a massive following of fans that propelled him into a spot in the JDS bout after Alistair Overeem went down with injury. Many fans want to see Hunt back in the Octagon soon, but this surgery sounds quite serious, so we will have to await the details as Hunt hopefully heals up successfully.

Before losing by KO to JDS, Hunt had racked up four straight knockout wins to put himself in the heavyweight title shot discussion. He would have most likely had one with a win over dos Santos, but now he finds himself fighting a much more dire battle with his health. We here at Lowkick are rooting for Hunt to return to full health. More on the situation as it unfolds.

 Check out the video footage of Hunt’s infected leg. WARNING: This is very graphic and disgusting!


  • "Didn't realise how bad this is"… did he see that hole in his leg?

    Anyway, good luck on getting better Hunto

  • ..I feel so sorry for Hunt. After everything he achieved to come back strong only to get injured early in the fight and lose….man, i hope he gets pass this infection….

  • Yeah that's a gruesome injury…he's had some odd circumstances lately. But he always seem to take them on with a level head, so I'm sure he will bounce back. Hope he has a couple more fights left in him, he's an exciting gatekeeper for the heavyweight division.

    • @Mike….the fact that Mark refused to walk away with a free UFC cheque tells me he is the type of stand out guy that will come out of this and be back. I'm glad the UFC finally gave Hunt the respect he deserves

  • Thank God for the UFC medical insurance. It would be great if it also came with some kind of monthly cash allowance to help with the bills and until Mark is recovered.

    I pray he's okay, man. Mark Hunt is awesome guy. Forget the fighting, I just want the dude healthy for his family.

  • Damn good attitude from Mark regarding this terrible situation. I've always seen Mark as a man's man for sure, tough as nails.

  • He is. What a tough SOB.