Mark Hunt Planning To Leave UFC After Contract Expires


Mark Hunt has not been happy with the UFC as of late, with highly publicized barbs coming from both ways following Hunt’s removal from a main event rematch against Fabricio Werdum.

The UFC pulled Hunt from the card after the heavyweight went on record saying he was dealing with memory loss and other symptoms common with CTE, which occurs after prolonged concussions.

Things have gotten so bad that Hunt says he will be looking for employment elsewhere once his contract is up with the UFC:

“Three fights left, this will be one of them, I got two left and then see you later. That will be the end of my career in the UFC. I have two fights left and that’s it.

“You probably know the path I’ve had with the UFC, but you know, it’s business. I haven’t done nothing wrong, I just don’t like to be treated like shit – even if I’m an employee or whatever and I speak my mind about it and, you know,

“I’ll go from there. So like I said, three fights left and I’ll move on. I’m looking at going and fighting global fights for New Zealand, Australia and probably Japan. It depends on what happens. Like I said, I’m still chasing the dream of that world title.”

Hunt was originally a leftover from the old PRIDE deal, and the UFC initially wanted to pay Hunt’s contract so he wouldn’t have to fight. Hunt opted to forgo the money for a career in the UFC, where he quickly became a fan favorite, known for his walkoff knockouts and granite chin.

Now as an older fighter with a decade plus of damage, Hunt may not be the fighter he once was, but still has a sizable fan base in his native Australia/New Zealand as well as Japan, where he fought for PRIDE and DREAM FC.

  • Draven

    Good riddance, I’m sick of his whining and crybaby pouts. He can get lost but doubt he’ll ever win a world title at his age and being a one dimensional fighter.

    • Dave WC

      I would complain too if someone that was already a freak of nature was also on steroids while punching me in the head.

      • Draven

        Pffft all high level athletes usually take PEDs. That’s how they continue to compete at the highest level. Were u born yesterday or something?

        And besides, the Lesnar fight was what, a year and half ago and was eventually ruled a No Contest. What more does he want? He’s also been b*tching about being taken off a fight night card even though he admitted to having TRT like symptoms. It’s his own fault he got taken off the card while the company was doing their job.

      • deepgrim

        You probably get sick of it alright, his resume is just full of cheaters, wanderlei, josh barnett, overeem, ben rothwell, JDS, big foot, frank mir, brock and i imagine werdum is a cheater too.

    • OneFootFriendly


  • OneFootFriendly

    I guess he really doesn’t see himself EVER quitting.

    2 more good fights for a 40 something year old men could mean those last few handshakes and “we had a good time’s” off into the greener pastures of retirement for most people. I guess he really just cant picture himself retired.

    I like watching him, I’d enjoy continuing to watch him if he goes elsewhere,
    but nobody wants to see him irreparably damage himself.

    I dont have CTE (as far as I know), but it might be like drinking too much.
    Where it all seems cool and you think you should have another one,
    until you suddenly realize you’re waking up in a pool of vomit on the bathroom floor and STILL hammered. And still want another one!

    I’m assuming that he has loved ones who need to keep an eye on him and help make his decisions for him sometimes. Everybody needs friends and family to help you do that sometimes.