Mark Hunt Goes Off On Steroid Users In Emotional Rant

Mandatory Credit: Joshua Dahl for USA TODAY Sports Images

Mark Hunt has the unfortunate distinction of having fought at least three UFC fighters who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Frank Mir, Brock Lesnar, and “Bigfoot” Silva all tested positive for various kinds of steroids after fighting Hunt, and the Australian has been on a warpath against cheaters ever since.

Regardless, Hunt has become one of the most recognizable faces in the UFC, with a knockout-or-be-knocked-out mentality that has earned him fans all over the world.

Hunt wrote an impassioned statement to Players Voice about his fighting career, the cheaters he’s encountered, and the damage done:

“I’ve been fighting since I was a child, fighting to get out of my circumstances. I used to make $300 a week, struggling to put food on the table but I have become one of the highest-paid fighters in the world. I feel that’s destiny. This is what I’m supposed to be doing and if I die fighting, that’s fine. I just hope that if it does happen, it will be in an honest and fair competition.

“My body is f**ked but my mind is still here. I’ve still got my senses about me and I know what’s right and wrong, which is the main thing. Sometimes I don’t sleep well. You can hear me starting to stutter and slur my words. My memory is not that good anymore. I’ll forget something I did yesterday but I can remember the s**t I did years and years ago. That’s just the price I’ve paid – the price of being a fighter. But I’ve fought a lot of drug cheats and copped a lot of punishment from guys who were cheating and that’s not right.”

While Hunt did knock out Mir, he took some serious punishment in a loss to Lesnar and his draw with “Bigfoot” in a fight many consider to be one of the best (and most violent) heavyweight fight in UFC history.

Yet Hunt himself doesn’t feel that way, especially considering Silva popped for steroids after their draw, only to be knocked out cold by Hunt in their rematch at UFC 193.

“Everyone says the first Bigfoot fight is one of the greatest heavyweight bouts of all time, but not for me. It’s stained. That guy ruined everything. You take away his juice and he’s nothing. The first fight we had, we nearly killed each other. The second fight, when he was clean, he didn’t even last a round. He wasn’t the same person as the one that almost frigging killed me.”

Hunt placed the blame on the UFC as well, linking low fighter pay with the incentive to cheat for a bigger payday:

“Even the champion, Stipe Miocic, is asking for more money. How the hell can the champion of the world be asking for a pay rise? Gegard Mousasi is another one. He moved to Bellator and it’s because these guys aren’t getting what they’re worth and they don’t know what the company is making off them.

“I’m just speaking the truth; a lot of fighters are scared to.”

  • JamesC

    Preach brother, the reason these guys do the juice is because it pays. Think of the struggle of guys who were clean but kept fighting juicers (bisping, hunt, Cain, Cormier, shogun, etc). They each are battered and have diminished careers because of the juicers.meanwhile juicers are getting paid well.

    • steven

      Thanks for repeating what was said in the article. Most LOWKICK hipsters are borderline illiterate and can always use a translation. Thank you for your redundancy and repetition.

      • JamesC

        Thanks for not giving a response that shows you are a total moronic idiot. It must have been very hard for you.

        Quick question for you. Do you think it makes your look cool, special or above the fray to use the term “LOWKICK hipsters” or do you realize how it pretentious it comes off?

  • Draven

    Hunt is such a whining crybaby. That’s all he ever does these days.

    • JamesC

      No, he is someone who has given his soul to the sport and has KO fools.

      • Draven

        And yet he still can’t KO a top 5 after all these years because he’s one dimensional.

    • David Rios

      These guys can already hurt someone – he has every right to complain that steroids are being used — especially in MMA or Boxing. They are already lethal — you don’t need chemicals to make you more so. Its simply dangerous and unfair. So good on him that he is speaking up.

      • Draven

        It’s high level competition, everyone is using something. It’s not new news.

        All Hunt has done in the past year is whine, bitch and moan. It’s getting old and he should focus more on winning fights.

  • David Rios

    They should be test to Olympic standards. And two strikes and you are out. They should also be test everyday two weeks prior to the match. Why let a juicer fit then fine him.

    • Bill Wolf

      And if you fail the drug test after you “win,” you should lose by disqualification. (Unless your opponent tested positive too. Then it should be a no-contest.)

  • ernesto chavez

    Mr. Hunt, the lone voice calling against the wind.

    Go Hunt, go union, go fighters association. Soon I hope for the fighter’s sake.

  • Axiomatic

    I agree with Mark Hunt 100%. Pay the fighters more, and don’t cheat! Seriously UFC, PAY-THE-FIGHTERS-MORE! Or if you are unwilling to pay more then nix the Reebok deal so fighters can get their own sponsors again.

  • Bulgarian Squat

    Damn dude just quit already

  • Johnny Carcosa

    300 $ a week? I gain less than that…