Marc Goddard Issues Statement On Bellator 187 Incident With Conor McGregor


The MMA world was thrown into complete upheaval when UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor crashed the cage in celebration following a victory by his teammate Charlie Ward at yesterday’s (Fri., November 10, 2017) Bellator 187 from Dublin, Ireland.

McGregor was shown from many angles jumping recklessly into the cage and onto Ward, and when referee Marc Goddard gave him a slight push to let him make sure Ward’s potentially concussed opponent John Redmond was okay, “The Notorious” responded by shoving Goddard back even harder.

After doing that he left the cage but returned to slap a security guard.

The incident was only the latest in a suddenly-blossoming beef between McGregor and Goddard, as the experienced referee scolded McGregor at last month’s UFC Fight Night from Gdansk, Poland, when McGregor got too animated and close to the cage while rooting for teammate Artem Lobov while he was fighting Andre Fili.

Earlier this morning, Goddard issued a somewhat vague statement about the incident online reaffirming his commitment to the fight game and how operates based on his beliefs. McGregor was not named.

Check out his statement here:

  • brian nunziato

    If the UFC sits back and does nothing then that little fucking punk OWNS them. FUCK YOU DANA WHITE. There is a thing called RESPECT. There is none in White. All talk, nothing more.

    • FeministFriendly

      Dana doesn’t run the UFC anymore like he arguably did much more with zuffa.
      He’s just a spokesperson employee for a 4 billion dollar hollywood corporation.

      But some people dont have much else to get them through the day other then directing their own anger problems at somebody for any self imagined reason.

      Its interesting to me how you see some people in life who are always talking about “respect” from other people while they’re the rudest, ignorant jerks who’s own behavior doesn’t deserve any.

      So what do they do,
      go through life complaining about it LOUDER and MORE IGNORANTLY and deserving it even less tyrone woodley style.

      • brian nunziato

        So I guess you think that type of behavior is acceptable. And don’t let your imagination run wild. And by the way , sir, He deserves every insult he can get. Yeah I know I should never direct my opinion on someone… Like calling him an ignorant jerk or something . You just did the exact same thing you were on my case for. Who’s the real ignorant jerk here? Have a nice day.

  • Bill Wolf

    Marc Goddard did nothing wrong.

  • Lowlife pikey. The sooner he’s gone the better.

  • George Boyd

    This latest incident happened at a Bellator event and the UFC has no jurisdiction in this case. The NSAC should be the ones to punish him, and it should be harsh.