Manager Ed Soares claims Anderson Silva is interested in potential match up with Cung Le


With speculation regarding who the next opponent may be for Anderson Silva, rumors have been flying around as interest from willing challengers also continues to pour in. As of late the consensus amongst fans for the most viable option seems to be Chris Weidman, Luke Rockhold and Rashad Evans.

However one other option was recently mentioned by Silva’s manager Ed Soares as a potential opponent, someone that many would not have expected, and that’s none other than talented Middleweight journeyman Cung Le.

Le was a recent guest on the MMA hour with Ariel Helwani, and after hearing the rumor he simply stated:

“If the fight would ever happen, I wouldn’t be scared because he’s pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world,” he said. “I’d be excited to see how I do, whether I get beat up or whatever. It doesn’t matter. That’s why we compete. That’s why we challenge ourselves. That’s what makes us who we are, and I love the challenge.”

“If the UFC wants me to fight after our discussion, I’m totally open for it.”

Le just so happens to be on a two fight winning streak with a unanimous decision victory over the very dangerous Patrick Cote and an absolutely brutally devastating KO against MMA superstar and former Middleweight champion Rich “Ace” Franklin.

While these aren’t exactly the credentials of a  #1 contender, you can’t argue that they’re not very far off. As old as he is, Cung Le has looked impressive in the octagon and regardless of relevance, could be considered a lock as the most entertaining matchup in the Middleweight division for champion Anderson Silva.

Although with a realistic perspective on both his time and options left, Le remains open-minded to all possibilities:

“For me, I don’t mind either way. I’m just happy that I’m in the mix. There’s a lot of great fighters out there. Chris, Luke Rockhold is another name that people should watch out for. I’m open for whatever. Whether it’s fighting, coaching or doing movies.”

While it may not make the most logical sense, a potential matchup between these two would most definitely be a sight to behold and an almost guaranteed night of fireworks. And let’s face it, we’ve seen matchups that made less sense.

  • Please set this up. Anderson vs a quality striker has to be a show!

    • What are the arguments to make him next in line before, for example, Weidman?
      Entertainment value seems to be priority, and apart from that I do not see any reason this fight should happen.
      In my eyes the UFC is slightly losing credibility coming up with match-ups like this. Let's not forget about the Hendo Machida Gustaffson vs Sonnen saga…

      • gm1

        TRUE>>>>>Soares being a piece of crap manager is something everyone already knows. How in this universe do you pull out the name Cung Le….STFU Ed

        What a Freakin embarrassment to the UFC and the FANS……

      • DG1

        I don't even see this as entertainment value. I don't even think I'd want to watch Cung Le get destroyed like that.

    • I can just see the fight preview: UFC 164 "PAD THE LEGACY".
      Tickets available now at ticketmaster or watch it on PPV

      • hahaha, now thats funny!
        I have never denied Silva being an awesome fighter, but he needs to start acting like it and stuff a sock in Ed Soares mouth.

        • gm1

          Stick him in the closet too…

      • @ Michael

        Ha! Ha!

        Pad The Legacy…lol…that's funny.

    • gm1


  • That would be better than fighting another Lay & Pray artist/ wrestler.

    • gm1

      Weidman hasnt won any fights with wrestling jackass

  • WEIDMAN is on a five fight win streak….not a two win streak like Cung lee.

    Cung lee got smashed by Wanderlie in the clinch so what do you think will happen as soon as Anderson grabs him…He will be kneeing him harder than Rich Franklin.

    i don't need to see that beating…..

    If cung Lee is No 2 ranked then he deserves the shot, but reality is HE IS NOT No 2 !!

    • He was winning the fight with Silva until he got rocked. If He were to rematch Wandy, my money would be on Le.

      • #Co-sign…

        true.. Le was bringing it to Wandy, but clearly he was not in top shape, gassed and got rocked (mainly cause his cardio was just not where it needed to be). The Le we've seen before and after that fight is a complete different fighter! that long layoff just didn't do him any good…

        • gm1

          Le has always been out of shape…he never comes ripped….horable gas tank too…

    • gm1

      He is not even in top 5-10

  • Some people call GSP a Safe Piere. From last and this fight I think that Silva should be called Andreson the Safe (not Spider) Silva!

  • 5 years ago this would have been a great match up but Le is not half as good as he was. He will get picked apart by Silva. WHy is Silva trying to pick his fights so much anyway? I thought as champ you defend who you get given.

  • When they first mentioned this fight I thought it was a joke. Silva shouldn't be allowed to pick exhibition matches, claiming they're more marketable. Cung Le is great at what he does but most people can probably think of twenty fighters who pose Anderson more problems.

  • Cung Le? Seriously?! If Silva keeps picking guys to fight who can't even smell the top 5 in the division, his time at the top of the p4p list will be over and his legacy will start to fall from it's lofty heights.

    But Anderson's strategy for having 10 fights before he retires is becoming more clear.

    After Cung Le, a rematch with Forest and then…Butterbean!

    • You forgot the much anticipated match up between him and Ken Shamrock.

  • Pathetic Soares, just pathetic.

  • This is actually a fight that I would really like to see but not until he fights Weidman. I personally think Weidman will get crushed in under 2 rounds but he is the legit #1 contender. After Weidman, the winner of Okami V Lombard should be the next MW to fight AS. After that, if Le beats someone like Boetsch or Beltcher or maybe Rockhold, I think Silva V Le would be a fantastic fight. Le will not win but I think he will do as well as anyone has and it will make a great show.

    • The Le of old would certainly make a great match up stylistically against Silva but you only have to look at the shape Le is in to know his heart is no longer fully in the fight game. I'm not sure it ever was. Le of old would give SIlva a run for his money. Le of today gets whopped gangnam sytle.

  • Sad.

    He's supposed to be the best fighter in the world, the guy that's #1 on everyone's P4P list, he supposedly strikes fear into the hearts of all. Yet, for all of his acclaim and notoriety, he elects to pick-and-choose his opponents and it seems to be more the case than not lately, that Silva prefers, what (at least) on paper appears to be, the easiest opponents he can find.

    One can only conclude that the most important thing to Silva now, is protecting his legacy and win streak. To be blunt, Silva is starting to come across as the weakest Champion in The UFC. What also seems to be clear is that Dana White is not the one in control of this situation, Anderson is.

    Might Le be a solid opponent? I don't know, but who cares anyway? As much as I respect, love and appreciate Cung, he has done precious little to earn a fight with Silva. His only claim to fame in this division currently, are wins over two opponents whom The Champ himself either crushed twice or had their leg blow out in their / a fight with Silva. And those same two fighters today, either couldn't get a top five victory @ 185 or have left the division completely.

    As far as I am concerned, comments such as this from Silva's manager, merely confirm what many have thought for sometime now, which is, that Anderson is running scared in his own division. He knows the division has changed and improved. That what's coming up the ladder are not the same old easy wins. That the days of padding his record on the sparsely, challenge-less landscape of 185, are over. With each month that goes by and each announcement that gets made (regarding who Silva will and won't fight), The Champ looks smaller and more cowardly. To prove the theory wrong, he could simply take a re-match / fight with Belfort, in May. If he's that great and all powerful, then what's the problem? He crushed Franklin twice, why not Vitor?

    I'm beginning to think Anderson is more pussy than spider. Truly, the tail wags the dog @ 185.

    On a closing note and for any that care about how title fights are (potentially) arranged @ 185, Cung Le's Twitter account has 42,779 followers.

    Other notable Twitter accounts @ 185 would be as follows:

    Chris Weidman @ 35,327…Hector Lombard @ 27, 641…Tim Kennedy 23,561…Luke Rockhold @ 17,268…Costas Philippou…3,101 ….oh, and Vitor Belfort @…729,213.

    • Totally agree, it's a waste of time and a waste of PPV money. Le has zero chance of beating Anderson. Lets get back to who DESERVES a shot and might actually give us a REAL fight.

      • @ Entity

        It's not really a question of (degree of) chance, but rather and simply, he hasn't earned it. I actually do think Silva / Le would be an interesting and fun fight to watch and I think he would have a chance. It might not be a good or a big chance, but certainly a better chance than some of Silva's other opponents ever had. However, that has nothing to do with it. Beating Pat Cote and Rich Franklin does not warrant (you) a title shot @ 185, come on. It makes no sense.

        As Enjoy321 posted – "Business has to be balanced with legitimacy…"

      • gm1


  • I suppose Anderson and Soarse think the new contract for many fights will against no competition? …."shakes head in disgust"

  • Shit, just let em fight with San Shou rules too. That's how Cung Le built his rep anyway (beating up a bunch of lower class kickboxers with zero wrestling skill).

  • Cung Le would kick Silva's ass in a movie.

  • DG1

    Cung Le was a "quality striker" 10 years ago. He is only 3 or 4 years older than Anderson Silva, but he may as well be 15 years older. He has zero chance against Silva and it would not be a good way for him to go out. Let's see a real fight – Silva vs. Weidman or Evans.

  • Keep padding Ed. What goes around comes around.


  • hopefully silva stays healthy, he'll be able to fight all the names that are getting thrown around. even though cung le is old for a fighter, hes still got fight in him. i still think silva would win but i like le's attitude when asked about the matchup, true martial artist