Made in Japan: Bob Sapp destroys Alistair Overeem and Mark Hunt in Arm Wrestling


Despite being on a neverending losing streak, Bob Sapp proved he’s still “The Beast”. Japanese TV is well-known for bringing MMA legends together to compete in Sumo and other exotic sports. This time it was arm wrestling, as Bob Sapp defeated top-ranked UFC Heavyweights Mark Hunt and Alistair Overeem. Sapp had no problems with Hunt and Overeem, but lost to Japanese Arm Wrestling champion in the grand finale of this all star tournament.

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  • haha thanks for this

  • Bob Sapp should arm wrestle Gary Goodridge.

  • Actually pretty crazy how owned Sapp got by the arm wrestling champ.

    • Remember back to your first year of martial arts lessons when Sifu said "you can't just punch with your arms – you have to put your body behind it". Remember the whole point of Bruce Lee's "1 inch punch" – put your body into it. It's not an arm thing.

      Now watch the core involvement and body involvement in the arm wrestling champ's movement in the first 1/2 second compared to Sapp's. It starts in the last fraction of 27:04 and finishes before the end of 27:05.

      The secret is in how important the core / body is relative to the arm.

      • I concur, it's not about size or strength, it's about technique & the World arm wrestle Champ used his technique/body vs. Sapps arm = HUMLIATION!

      • Gee, thanks professor…..

  • You know Overeem was like " it's cool sapp, you got me, now try doing that on the octagon" lol

  • Sapp wins against Overeem in arm wrestling, crying and being embarrassing contests… everything else he gets destroyed.