Machida: I Will Retire If Silva And Teixeira Hold Belts At The Same Time


At UFC 168 in December, Anderson Silva will attempt to recapture his belt from middleweight champ Chris Weidman. Glover Teixeira is waiting for a date to take on light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones sometime next year. If both Silva and Teixeira are victorious in their title fights, Lyoto Machida’s fighting future may be over.

Speaking to TATAME ‘The Dragon’ had this to say in regards to Silva and Teixeira holding UFC belts at the same time:

“If that happens, I retire, (Silva) told me he would not fight me for anything because we are like brothers. Anderson told me that he has no other goals, but let’s see how things will go.”

Machida knocked out friend and training partner Mark Munoz at UFC Fight Night 30 in his middleweight debut. After the fight ‘The Dragon’ said he will still compete at light-heavyweight if he has to. Machida is the former light-heavyweight champion but decided to drop to his more suited weight class after a loss to Phil Davis at UFC 163.

Machida is set to face off against middleweight prospect Gegard Mousasi at a UFC on Fuel TV event in February. Weidman and Silva will have squared off by the time Machida next steps foot in the cage. If Weidman is again victorious Machida could find himself fighting for the middleweight title late in 2014. If Silva is victorious ‘The Dragon’ will have to wait until Jones and Teixeira face off before he determines his future.

Do you think Machida will retire if Teixeira and Silva are both victorious? Or do you think it’s more likely ‘The Spider’ will retire to make way for ‘The Dragon?’

  • Actually it was just a joke! Copied straight from Tatame:

    Asked what he will do if the two are champions, Lyoto toyed with the hypothesis and positioned himself on the subject.

    "If that happens, I retire (laughs). Seriously, I and Glover talked about this, I'm in the middleweight, but I can make some fights at light heavyweight as a challenge or to meet any request to replace someone injured, provided there a timely manner. Anderson is on another level. He told me he would not fight with me for anything, because we are like brothers. Anderson told me that he has other goals, which has been champion for a long time and that is focused on other goals, such as supermatches, and told me that even if it would drop the belt for a fight happen between us. But let's see how things will go. "

  • Machida, the man of honour. I wouldn't make sense to retire, when you could just take non title fights until one of them loses the belt. Very unlikely scenario anyway

  • I know they will never fight. Silva likely has other plans and Machida knows it and Machida will get his shot.

  • I was about to post saying I'm sick of that bromance crap. These guys will need to quit training with possible competition if it keeps up.

  • Trying to take a page out of the AKA camp. Machida is a good dude. Hope he does well.

  • …witch will never happen!