Machida vs. Dollaway Scheduled For UFC Fight Night 58


Lyoto Machida vs. C.B Dollaway has been rumored recently as a bout both sides were interested in after the rumored Machida vs. Luke Rockhold bout fell through. UFC officials announced Wednesday (September 17, 2014) that the fight is official and will headline UFC Fight Night 58 scheduled for December 20, 2014 in Brazil. The promotion used women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey to announce the fight via Twitter:

The fight will be a big test for Dollaway, as he is currently ranked No. 9 in the division while Machida is ranked No.4. The former light heavyweight champion was last seen in the cage on July, 5, 2014 at UFC 175. Machida went to war with reigning champion Chris Weidman for five rounds, but came up short in his quest to acquire his second UFC championship. This was only Machida’s third fight as a middleweight. Before his championship bout, he knocked out Mark Munoz and scored a decision victory over Gegard Mousasi.

Dollaway has been on a solid streak of his own as well. He has won four of his last five fights and two straight dating back to 2012. “The Doberman” last fought in May where he took a unanimous decision win over Francis Carmont. This win followed a very impressive 39-second knockout of Cezar Ferreira at UFC Fight Night 38 last March.

Although Machida will most likely come in as the heavy favorite, especially fighting in his home of Brazil, Dollaway is no easy out and this should be a tough scrap for both men.

It is also a very important fight for both each talented combatant. For Machida, a win could put him right back in the title picture at 185 lbs.

For “The Doberman” on the other hand, a win over “The Dragon” would be a career-defining win, and would shoot him towards the top of the middleweight rankings. The UFC has yet to announce weather this fight will be the main event, but there’s a good chance it will be considering Machida’s prowess in Brazil.

So who do you have in this one? I’m excited for this match-up and I think it will be a good one; however, I can’t see it going any other way than Machida’s.

Stay tuned to for more news as this event unfolds.

  • Ivy

    The UFC is trying to give Machida an easy fight with Highlight reel KO or something.

    • griffin

      was hoping theyd build cb up a little slower but you are right that is what theyre doing. CB is better than bader but the result will be the same. machida is gonna retire soon and a rematch with weidman or a fight with belfort/jacare is big money. put him in a fight that has potential to look really good and low risk so 1 last title shot can be justified down the line

    • SpaceJam

      I don’t understand why people like you are always counting fighters like CB out, it baffles me. I don’t give a flying nuns ass how damn good you are or how damn good you Think you are, NO ONE is invincible!! Machida is a tremendous fighter but he has shown some flaws. CB has looked great lately, he should be on a 5 fight win streak, this is also a MASSIVE chance for him to get to the top of the division. Isn’t this what guys like CB dream about?? The chance to get a title shot, fight the best in the world and make a great career for yourself?? Counting people out will only do One thing, make you look like a fool.

      • griffin

        ive been on the CB train since the mark munoz fight. even in defeat ive backed him. his striking has looked fantastic as of late and he is putting it all together. but this is where i draw the line. despite all his potential i dont see CB beating machida anywhere hes simply on another level that dolloway will never reach.

        • SpaceJam

          Derrrrrrrrrpppppp. You do realize that every single Major Upset, the overconfident people ALWAYS SAY, “I just don’t see so and so winning” People said the same about, GSP vs Serra 1. Weidman vs Silva. TJ vs Barao. That simple fact that anything can happen at anytime in MMA solidifies CBs high % chance of winning.

          • griffin

            any1 has a chance it wouldnt say its very high. come see me when machida smokes him.

          • movescamp

            Gsp sera 1 was well before gsp was established as a great fighter. People can have opinions. If you match up technique and history this fight doesn’t seem that hard to predict. History and technique are the only empirical inferences you can make for predictions yet you act like its witchcraft. Machida has prob the hardest career record of any fighter. Even before he was established he was facing the best the ufc had and winning. So its not in any way illogical to pick him. He has faced much harder competition than dolloway has so there is more to go off. It’s reason space don’t act like its ridiculous.

      • movescamp

        Space its perfectly reasonable for people to make predictions based on empirical evidence. You would make a terrible statistician. Machida has faced the best his entire career. Even before he was established he was fighting ufc champs. Other than history technique is another empirical evidence. Using reason and not some esoteric medium machida wins this fight. Chance (if you remember science class) is predictable statistically too. Both those sets of evidence have a low probability of dolloway winning.