Lyoto Machida Slated To Face Tim Kennedy At Middleweight This November


Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida has long been rumored to make the drop down to Middleweight. That speculation has finally proven true, as Machida will cut to 185 to fight Tim Kennedy at Fight For The Troops 3 on November 6th. Dana White appeared on Fox Sports 1’s “Fox Sports Live” to announce the bout, and UFC On Fox tweeted the news:

Rumors had Machida looking to get matched up with Chael Sonnen or Vitor Belfort, but now an entirely different bout has come to fruition. It might be the shot in the arm that Machida needs, as he recently dropped a highly controversial decision to Phil Davis in UFC 163’s co-main event. Prior to that, he won a debatable split decision over former Pride champion Dan Henderson at UFC 157.

A new weight class may provide him the opportunity to win fights more decisively, and could give him a size and strength advantage, something he rarely has at Light Heavyweight.

His opponent Kennedy, a former U.S. Special Forces sniper and Strikeforce stalwart, had also been rumored to face off against Belfort. However, when Belfort turned the bout down, Kennedy was left to look for another top-level opponent. He’s sought out a marquee opponent since his one-sided beating of Roger Gracie at UFC 162, and now he’ll face what is most likely the toughest challenge of his career. He’ll be an emotional favorite in front of his military brethren come November.

Is this the right move for Machida? More on UFC Fight For The Troops 3 as it develops.

  • I think this is a good move for machida, he was always a small-ish LHW. I always thought he was a naural MW, and with Silva losing the belt I think Lyoto will make a run for it.

    That said, very tough fight for Tim. Machida's style might give him some problems. I expect a good fight though. Tim will have the crowd behind him no doubt.

    • Odd fight for me, Tim is just so Bland, and they are going to give Machida a hard nose grinder on his first weight cut to 185?

    • I was thinking the same thing about him making a run, but does that mean Anderson really plans on retiring if he loses? or maybe a move up if he wins? They always stayed out of each others weight classes. interesting. Good fight though I think Machida will K.O him.

      • Machida will fight his way to the top and get a title shot against Anderson. They will fight a good technical striking bout and Machida will edge out a victory. After the fight Anderson will make a speech congratulating Lyoto on his victory and will be happy to see Brasil holding the belt. They will raise each other's hands in celebration and Guile's theme song will play

  • i hope machida wins, just cuz i know he still has the talent from the time he took the belt at LHW, its just if he can win those boring decisions!!

  • Now I think he is much more powerful than most 185ers, I would love to see him on the attack more often, mix it up a little, with the elusive style he has and not just wait for a counter.

  • FINALLY! We get to see Machida at MW and see if he can be ever better and perhaps more dangerous.
    I think if Machida did a good enough job in he counter wrestling against Davis, he should be fine with Kennedy. I would say easy win for Machida but if he fights like he did last time out (which I thought was fine but the judges didn't) we might see another dodgy call.

    Even with dumb judges, I struggle to see Machida lose this.
    This is probably the lowest ranked fighter he's faced since Tito in '08.

  • I for one have never seen a boring Machida fight, even when they go to decision. He's so fast and explosive, that at any second the fight can end but he relies on capitalizing on opponents mistakes.

    I would much rather see a 3 or 5 round Machida fight then a GSP one. I see this being a beginning of a slide for Kennedy.

  • I think Machida sacrificed too much of his career out of man love for Anderson Silva. Machida had the perfect style to beat Silva. He can't beat bones so he might as well come down

  • Vic

    This should be a good fight! Tim does not match the wrestling degree as Phil has, and Lyoto shrugged alot of those takedown attempts.

  • How will Kennedy get his hand on Lyoto?