Lyoto Machida: I’m Willing To Fight Belfort or Sonnen


Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida lost a very controversial decision to Phil Davis at UFC 163, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting the speculation around his next fight. Machida was rumored to be rematching Davis, then supposedly had a chance to face Nick Diaz, but that idea was deemed “dumb” by Dana White after last weekend’s UFC Fight Night 26.

The list of potential opponents doesn’t stop there, however, as Machida appeared on yesterday’s edition of “The MMA Hour” to discuss who he prefers to fight next. His choice is a popular one, stating that he would like to square off against the surging Vitor Belfort in Brazil:

“I would like to fight with him. I would like to show my technique against his technique and have a great show in Brazil. Everybody has your own reason to accept the fight. He’s a big name in Brazil and around the world. I think he’s a great opponent for me this time. It doesn’t matter for me this time, the reason he doesn’t accept this fight.”

Nothing has been booked between Machida and Belfort, but there’s a ton of potential in making that matchup. It could possibly be one of the best fights for Brazilian fans, and could serve as a good time filler for Belfort. “The Phenom” has stated that he does not want to take another bout at Middleweight unless it’s for the title. Since that belt is tied up for the time being with the Anderson Silva-Chris Weidman rivalry, a match against Machida at Light Heavyweight could be the right move to make.

But that’s only if Belfort agrees to the bout, which may be no easy task. White has appeared to grow weary of Belfort’s tactics in recent weeks, and amidst much speculation, nothing has come even close to fruition.

However, that may not matter, as Machida has many other fights that he’s willing to sign up for. One of them could involve UFC Fight Night 26’s main event winner Chael Sonnen:

“Last Saturday I saw the fight, Shogun against Sonnen, and I saw a great opportunity to fight Sonnen too. Sonnen is a great name and he’s a big name, I think I can beat him. He’s talked bad about me back in the day.”

“The Dragon” could be next on the list of Brazilian opponents for Sonnen, but “The American Gangster” been linked to a bout with longtime out-of-cage rival Wanderlei Silva. Either way, there are some very attractive bouts ready for Machida. Who is the best possible opponent for the elusive Karate stylist?

  • Sonnen vs Silva
    Vitor vs Machida
    Everyone goes home happy.

  • Vitor showed love against Bones but if he gets hold of Chaels arm ya might be seeing some MK Fatality ish.

  • No reason not to make those fights.

  • A very good reason to make those fights. Their entertaining!!!

    I'm actually wondering, CAN Chael catch the uncatchable Machida? Machida stuffs everybody and always controls the range etc. Everybody struggles to get their hands on Machida. Chael other then Jones, gets everybody down with his relentless offence.

    I always laugh the way chael could have One forearm free and he's still trying to hit the guy with it whatever free limb he has.

    Belfort vs Machida is good too. Belfort is crazy fast but the question is… is he fast enough? A great Brazil headline card.

    • I think Sonnen is a better wrestler than Tito but remember Tito's frustration with trying to catch Machida? It would be interesting to see if Sonnen can cross the distance without getting caught. If he can't take him down it will be a long night for Chael.

      Two of my fav's but I'd have to take Machida.

    • I dont think Chael can get Machida down… Machida just showcased his improved TDD a couple of weeks ago against Davis. Machida's TDD was always great but what he showed against Davis was on another level. I was very VERY impressed! I say Machida destroys Chael…. The way Chael rushes in, he'll get caught! It's the worst thing to do against a guy like Machida with his counter technique and his ability to stuff the takedowns…

      • I would agree with you guys, but Anderson boasted one of the highest TD defence in MMA. Who took Anderson down? Hendo and Lutter. Chael just short of took him down at will. Wasn't until his second fight did Anderson begin to successfully stuff Chael.

        Also Chael has a relentless onslaught of attacks. Davis maybe good, but as pure wrestlers. Chael is better. Tito and Chael are two different leagues. Multi-time all american, competed internationally. I personally have friends who have wrestling credentials 10 times better then Tito.

        Either way, we can argue forever. But thats what makes fights good. To find out. Which is why I like this fight.

  • Personally I would love to see Chael fight someone with some wrestling pedigree. A fight against Munoz would be great or even Weidman. I don't want to see Chael fight the spider again because we all know what we will get. A munoz fight is unlikely due to their new training.

    I would have Vitor fighting Anderson Silva again and Machida can stay at Light Heavywight and fight Mr Wonderful again considering their fight was "fight of the year".
    Machida's fighting style involves more line dancing than anything else.

    • wow enjoy you have zero knowledge of fighting and foot work. Its back to salsa classes for you

      • you put your left foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your left foot in and you shake it all about

  • Machida vs Shogun II?

  • I got Chael on this one against Machida, he has this sheer determination for takedowns, often seen with wrestlers but his (determination) is very impressive, I would love to see that against the elusive Machida.

  • Lyoto got robbed by Phil,let Chael fight Wandy,throw Phil to the lions( Vitor) or make Rashad vs Belfort,Rashad could also fight Glover,Hendo vs Phil is another option,both coming of questionable decisions,and let Lyoto could fight Ryan Jimmo or Feijao,no sense of him fighting Rashad,Hendo or Shogun,he won't fight tiny Nog but I don't think the fight wtih Vitor makes sense,Vitor's been smashing people left&right… excuse my diatribe! ;D

  • I'm a big Machida fan and his elusive style.
    That being said , i 'm getting tired of seeing him fight due to his unwillingness to take chances when he is in there and try to DOMINATE a fight for once , after so many lackluster performances.
    I just want to see him GO TO WAR for once , which he never will at this point i think of his career.Just playing it safe to get the paycheck.
    He and Vitor would be a very interesting fight though, i would love to see that..

  • Vic

    Machida does not fight for the fans nor for the money.
    He fights for honor!

    Hence: The Dragoan.