Lyoto Machida vs. Mark Munoz Fight Video Highlights


Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida just made a rousing debut at UFN 30 by nearly knocking Mark Munoz’ head into the third row. He was gracious and respectful of his defeated friend and opponent. Machida looked absolutely scary in terms of power at the lighter weight class. he was in amazing shape and his kicks were top notch.

“The Dragon” made a case for being an instant title contender at 185-pounds. With his good friend Anderson Silva set to take on Chris Weidman for the belt at UFC 168, Machida didn’t rule out a return to light heavyweight. How about a bout against “Jacare.” That has the potential to be awesome.

In any case, his knockout of Munoz was legendary. It adds to his already amazing highlight reel. Check out the full highlights from Fox Sports below:

  • Bitter sweet for Machida, but classy as always. Nothing but respect for Machida always.

    • lol, not quite sure how that was "weak" heheh, I sense someone with a hurtin ****.

      • "arse" haha snuck in the British term. So THERE man!

  • He was classy in victory today. One of the classiest fighters in MMA today.

  • Hope Mark is ok, physically and emotionally. Wish him all the best. Lyoto was awesome, formidable addition to the 185 division.

  • feel bad for Munoz he going to be depress for a long time.

    • lol, well he'll have to **** it up or get out of fighting. The fight game is a mental mind fk for some guys.

  • Man, Munoz claimed he was going to come in looking for the finish…but I didn't see any urgency from him whatsoever…he just stood in front of a lethal striker the entire time. You can't just stand in front of Lyoto like that. Machida comes up with something when his opponents do that, example being Randy Couture.

    • Totally agree man, but deep down, I think he knew he couldnt beat Machida, or at least felt like the lesser in sparring and was already mentally defeated. Thats my guess anyways.

      • Yeah its possible. We have seen how easily Machida deals with most wrestlers too, so it must be tough coming up with a good gameplan against Lyoto.

  • Bravooo!!What else can you say..?