Luke Rockhold wants to fight Costa Phillipou at UFC on Fox 7


Current Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold has been confirmed by Zuffa as one of the fighters who can expect to face their next opponent in an octagon.

With his sights set on the future, Rockhold recently spoke with MMA Fighting regarding his future and had the following to say regarding his debut:

“I think Costa Philippou makes the most sense right now. He’s coming off a win, and I think he’s a good opponent. Let’s get it on at [UFC on FOX 7].”

UFC on FOX 7 seems to be shaping up into a grand debut of Strikeforce’s very best. With Melendez and Cormier already getting slots on the card, it made sense to hear the reigning Strikeforce Champ equally interested in the opportunity to fight along his fellow employee’s, while making his UFC and Fox television debut in the process.

Rockhold stated that he would be paying close attention to Saturday’s main event between Bisping and Belfort. Which is no surprise seeing as how the outcome will decide the very landscape of the UFC’s Middleweight division and the future of its growing handful of contenders.

Regarding his career goals and aspirations in the UFC, Rockhold had the following to say:

“I want the fight that gets me to Anderson as fast as I can. I believe I can fight him like no one else can. I want that opportunity because I believe I’m the No. 1 contender.”

Interestingly enough, with the lack of enthusiasm Dana has had in the idea of a Belfort/Silva rematch, Rockhold and Weidman could very well be the remaining two contenders vying for the Middleweight title and their shot at Anderson. Rockhold knows this and has every intention of beating him to the punch:

“I want to fight Silva before Weidman does because I think he might beat him,”

Regardless of the outcome at this weekend’s UFC on FX 7 main event, I think it safe to say that with the recent addition of talent acquired from Strikeforce, the Middleweight division is going to be an exciting ride. Hell, every division is looking pretty exciting right now.

Looks like 2013 is off to an epic start.

  • "I want the fight that gets me to Anderson as fast as I can. I believe I can fight him like no one else can. I want that opportunity because I believe I'm the No. 1 contender."

    If that's what you want, then Costa Philippou is not the right guy for the job. Will he help you get one step closer to A.S? Sure, but you may have to aim a little higher than that, Rockhold.

    Chris Weidman being injured definitely makes things a little harder. Maybe the winner of Bisping/Belfort would make things much easier for him.

  • @Underdog….I always thought that you call out the champion….Costa has a five fight win streak but it seems more like a gatekeeper fight. Melendez steps straight into a titleshot with a seven straight win streak, while rockhold has a nine straight win streak….Then you have Cormier who is taking a fight against Frank Mir and then planning to drop weight….Melendez seems to be the biggest winner coming across from strikeforce but he has avenged his only two losses in rematches…Considering Cormier just fought, I would have liked to have seen cormier drop to 205 but I think he is waiting to see what happens to cain with title defences…If Cain loses he may consider sticking around in the division…Thats the situation right now with gilbert melendez and Nate from cesar gracie…One tries and fails then the next fighter gets the green light.

    • Dude Cormier already said he's fighting jones in the fall look it up

  • At least he's being honest and no coming in demanding a shot at the champion.

    Would be a fun fight, don't know if it's a smart fight for Luke to take but props to him for asking for Costa.

  • This is a testament to the true quality of this fighter….you see…Melendez is going right up to Bendo and this guy wants to fight Phillipou…and to be honest I beleive Phillipou beats him…

  • I totally agree costa is going to win he's way too impressive. He mad botch look like a normal guy. This guy is real.

  • I think Costa got a bit lucky against Boetsch, who did break his hand and then get his eye poked. But he's a dangerous guy and will probably be coolly handle Luke.