Luke Rockhold Wagers He’ll Finish Michael Bisping In One Round, Or Fight For Free


Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold has been embroiled in a feud with Michael Bisping since joining the UFC back in 2013. Now with a 2-1 promotional record, “Rocky” is being linked to a burner with former light-heavyweight champion Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida. All this, and it appears that Rockhold still has his mind on “The Count”.

Bisping is set to face off against Cubg Le in the UFC Fight Night 48 main event tomorrow (Sat. Aug 23, 2014) and Rockhold spoke with, to challenge “The Count” to an interesting wager:

Bisping is grossly overpaid, comparably to where we are. So, I bet Michael Bisping, if I don’t finish you in the first round, you can have my purse. But if I do finish you in the first round, you give me your purse. So if I don’t finish you in the first round, whether I beat you in a decision or what, you get both of our purses. But if I do finish you in the first round, we switch purses, and I get yours. Let’s see if you’ve got some balls, kid. Bring it.”

The two feisty middleweights have exchanged barbs and insults almost constantly in recent weeks, but it’s likely that they will never meet if Bisping is unable to get past Le in Macau, China. Having gone 1-for-1 in his last six outings, most recently losing a decision to Tim Kennedy in Quebec, it’s highly likely that the eight-year UFC veteran would be pretty much irrelevant with a loss against Le.

That being said, a win could see his stock rise considerably, at the least the UFC could sell him as 2-1 in his last three and looking to leapfrog Rockhold in the rankings. A loss would almost surely see the Brit knocked from his number eight spot, and well clear of the top 10 at middleweight. “Rocky” continued:

Bisping, he’s a s–t talker, and we’ve had our beef for a long time,” Rockhold said. “He said he had gotten the better of me in our training session. Let’s see about that. Put your money where your mouth is, kid.”

Well, it looks like the ball is now in Bisping’s court. We’ll see how things turn out in Macau, but don’t be at all surprised if “The Count” calls out Rockhold in the post fight interview, if he wins that is. Who knows, perhaps the original British UFC heel will leave his gloves in the cage if “Johnny Cage” is able to finish him. Either result, and Luke Rockhold would probably be pretty happy.

  • Pretty bold statement considering Bisping has never been submitted and has only been knocked out twice in 23 fights neither were in the first round and both of those were against TRT users. Considering Rockhold only has 3 knock out wins on his record and he too was knocked out by Vitor Belfort I'm not to sure this is a safe bet. However I do think Rockhold is a more talented and skilled fighter than Bisping at this point in their careers I highly doubt Rockhold would knock Bisping out in the first round.

    • Great analysis. I, on the other hand, just cannot get past Bisping's personality and would sit quietly back and cheer for Rockhold.

    • D

      I can't disagree with anything you said, but Rockhold has looked great in his two fights this year. He destroyed two top 15 guys in the first round. I believe he's still improving, and he's in his athletic prime right now at 29.

      Bisping on the other hand is coming off the worst 5 fight stretch of his career, and he's a 35 year old guy with 30 pro fights behind him. I don't think it would be a shock if Cung Le KO'd him tomorrow and left him 2-4 in his last 6 fights. I don't believe he's the fighter he once was.

      Rockhold could catch him at the perfect time in his career.

  • Rockhold is turing out to be quite a disappointment. A talented fighter like hi should be focusing on fights that get him closer to the title. What will fighting Bisping get him anyway?

  • We all know Rockhold has a hard-on for bisping. However more interestingly, something the writer of this article failed to mention was that in this very same interview, Rockhold stated he wasn't keen to fight Machida.

    Why would he not want to fight Machida, who was just recently the number one contender and a win over him would almost guarantee a title shot? Using the "he's coming off a loss argument" is bull! He clearly isn't confident he could beat Machida and is looking for an easier route to a title shot by calling out Bisping whilst getting plenty publicity off the back of him..