Luke Rockhold Talks ‘Jealous’ Michael Bisping & ‘Frail’ Vitor Belfort


UFC middleweight and former Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold has been involved in a steadily heating beef with brash Brit Michael Bisping lately, with ‘The Count’ most recently calling ‘Rocky’ out for being a ‘Douchebag’. The former TUF winner Bisping is scheduled to face Cung Le in Macau, but is keeping his enemies in the west close with his latest feud.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Rockhold spoke with our good friend Karyn Bryant over at MMA Heat, and had some choice words for the outspoken Englishman:

You know he has got a tough test ahead of him in Cung Le, so let’s see if he gets past him. If he does, I’d love to shut him up. Michael’s good at building fights, but I think he is just jealous of me. I mean hanging out at teenage pool parties? I think he is just regretting marriage, kids maybe? (laughs) I’m travelling the world at pool parties, having fun. (as far as not having an opponent booked) I’m trying to stay ready, the potential for injury is pretty high at this level.”

So the problems with Bisping aside, Rockhold may well be called upon if any of the top five drop from their scheduled bouts coming up. Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza, Gegard Mousasi, Vitor Belfort, or there could even be the potential for a fight with Lyoto Machida at some point. Talking of ‘The Phenom’ though….

You know Vitor Belfort is coming off the TRT, training for Weidman, there is probably a high chance that he gets injured. Maybe he is clean, but maybe he tries to take something and gets caught. Steroids keep you intact, and he’s probably so frail from the steroids and he will just break. You see these guys come off the steroids and they are just so fragile.”

It’s quite apparent that the wound of his knockout loss to Belfort are still open, but the number five ranked Rockhold may get the chance to settle their score, regardless of the outcome of Weidman vs. Belfort at UFC 181. Belfort wins and Rockhold could be the next challenging for the belt, Weidman wins and it could be Belfort/Rockhold then. But what about Rockhold/Weidman? ‘Rocky’ elaborates:

I feel good with my striking, I feel good against anybody. I think I’m the best middleweight in the world, I’d love to get in there and beat up Belfort, and then if Weidman is champion, I’d love to challenge him for the title. I want top level fights, and I think I’ll get them sooner rather than later. I want a big fight. I can’t really fight Machida, coming off a loss for the title.”

If big fights are what Rockhold is looking for, than perhaps a fight with Machida would make sense. With Mousasi and Souza tied up, Belfort/Weidman booked, and Anderson Silva injured, what other immediate options are out there? A future fight with Bisping would only make sense if the Brit is victorious against the unraked Cung Le in Macau.

Check out the full video interview with Rockhold above, and stay tuned to!

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