Luke Rockhold scratched from final Strikeforce event


The injury woes as Strikeforce stumbles to its final event continue.

After lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez was forced to withdraw from his January 12 bout with Pat Healy, the final Strikeforce card titled “Champions” has just lost another one and may need to consider a new name for the event.

Middleweight champ Luke Rockhold has also been scratched from the card due to a wrist injury as reported by The MMA Corner.
Rockhold was scheduled to face Lorenz Larkin, who he was originally was supposed to face at the ill-fated November 3 card in Oklahoma City. That event was decimated by injuries as Rockhold had to pull out from a wrist injury and Strikeforce Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier saw his opponent Frank Mir also get bit by the injury bug. That event ended up being scrapped and the January 12 card is coming ever so close to being in the same kind of danger with over a month to go.

Larkin was coming off of a dominant performance against Robbie Lawler at “Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy” in his middleweight debut back in July. Meanwhile, Rockhold made easy work of Time Kennedy on that very card.

It will be interesting to see what the upper brass at Strikeforce do to save this show as two of the promotions biggest names are already off the card.

  • Strikeforce-may you rest in peace RIP

    • Ditto- what he said . . . twice.

      • Here, Here. If the show goes off, they should play "Taps" @ the end of the

  • This card is such a mess through and through. They should just let the promotion die in peace.

  • Even the promotion itself is trying to kill itself off.

  • Hey Dana ever seen Old Yeller, put the damn dog out of is misery already and pull the trigger-I would do it for you buddy.

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